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chrisjbillington commented on 2021-03-21 02:49

Looks like my polite nudge on the bugtracker had the desired effect :p

Once GNOME 40 is here on Arch, if there hasn't been a release of Yaru with GNOME-40 support, I'll include the relevant patch with this package so that it will keep working for us until there is a release.

chrisjbillington commented on 2021-03-20 09:15

@coxackie I didn't realise Ubuntu was holding back for a release, I actually assumed Yaru 21.04.1 was designed for GNOME 40 and was pleasantly surprised it "still worked" on 3.38.

But breakage with the shell themes in GNOME 40 seems likely, and it looks like the Yaru devs are planning to sync the relevant changes once GNOME 40 lands in Ubuntu (presumably they mean the in-development Ubuntu 21.10 after 21.04 is released):

So yeah, shell themes here might be borked until they make those changes.

There's already a GTK 4 theme in the current package, so I think it is intended to work already (though if it's new then rough edges are to be expected).

coxackie commented on 2021-03-20 09:00

@chrisjbillington many thanks for the update. Since you have looked closely, I wanted to ask, preemptively, whether the theme will be usable with GNOME 40 and GTK4. I know Ubuntu is holding back until October to update, but these updates will arrive in Arch in a month or so.

chrisjbillington commented on 2021-03-20 02:22

Package has been updated for 21.04.1.

There are now metacity and gtksourceview theme packages.

The shell themes have been renamed. They were previously "Yaru" for the light version and "Yaru-dark" for the dark version. They are now "Yaru-light" for the light version" and "Yaru" for the dark version. You'll need to update your selected theme in gnome-tweaks accordingly.

chrisjbillington commented on 2021-03-19 23:37

@drakkan if you are happy to leave it to me, I'm figuring out the minor restructuring needed to get this and the -git packages working with the latest changes.

Seems like the changes are the addition of a metacity theme and a gtksourceview theme, which should probably be split off as separate subpackages, and the location/names of the shell themes having changed slightly.

chrisjbillington commented on 2020-10-22 22:46

@coxackie I haven't seen any issues like that, no. I installed scummvm just to try, and it didn't segfault. I'm running GNOME under X, perhaps is specific to your WM/DE?

coxackie commented on 2020-10-22 12:27

@chrisjbillington ok, thanks, another question: The yaru cursor theme appears to play badly with some apps. For example, scummvm segfaults (something related to with yaru cursor theme, while it is perfectly fine with adwaita cursor theme. I asked upstream, but they do not see this in Ubuntu. Anyone faves similar problems?

chrisjbillington commented on 2020-10-21 22:55

@coxackie it's for the yaru-unity-theme package, without that flag it doesn't build the unity theme.

coxackie commented on 2020-10-21 14:26

Maybe this is nitpicking, but what is the reason that -Dubuntu-unity=true is passed in the build system? It is supposed to "build Yaru with Unity assets", but I do not see why this is relevant.

chrisjbillington commented on 2020-09-25 00:37

I see some commits in Yaru about syncing with the new release of gnome-shell. Last time this package was updated out of sync with gnome-shell there were some issues, so I think this package should be held back until gnome-shell 3.38 hits the Arch repos.

Please flag Yaru out of date again once gnome-shell 3.38 is in the Arch repos, if I don't update it before you notice.