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alexdw commented on 2015-08-10 19:44

@Geistesblitz: I'm not sure I fully understand what you're getting at, or how it relates to this AUR oss package.

Similarly, I can't find a new version of oss that would mean this one is out of date, so I've removed the out-of-date flag.

Geistesblitz commented on 2015-08-10 13:55

I really can't do a thing. The scripts should be more powerful for a noobie as me because the kernel's always changing and the compatibility is not always full.
I wish that the autobuild system:PKGBUILD should do more things, better, with a richer log in which we could learn exactly the entire steps that are needed to use this professional sound system in our lives.
Offtopic: I wish that Linus should implement OSS by default , entirely , because as I think it is : there are better maths in the code that there are in ALSA, maybe I'm completly wrong but that's what I've heard...
The FreeBSD guys would be happy if the porting system would be far easier.
Still Offtopic : why ARchlinux have lost the allmightlypower rc.conf ...
That was something , the BSD hierarchy is far more simple : rc.conf, loader.conf and you almost done . You should really fusion with this guys: Arch+Gentoo+FreeBSD = DeathofMicrosoft.

doru001 commented on 2015-06-26 18:49

@alexdw: Thank you, it works. The kernel update from 4.0.5 to 4.0.6 was required. The change of mirror I'm not sure.

alexdw commented on 2015-06-25 20:47

@doru001: That looks like an issue with the particular mirror rather than anything with this specific package. I just tried and this package works for me (with latest kernel: 4.0.6).

doru001 commented on 2015-06-25 10:27

sudo /usr/bin/pacman -U /home/user/bin/aur/oss/oss-4.2_2011-3-i686.pkg.tar.xz /home/user/bin/aur/oss/libflashsupport-oss-4.2_2011-3-i686.pkg.tar.xz
error: failed retrieving file 'linux-headers-4.0.5-1-i686.pkg.tar.xz' from : The requested URL returned error: 404

alexdw commented on 2015-06-01 22:47

Updated (4.2_2011-3) with a patch for gcc-5.
See: (the part on "extern inline")

alexdw commented on 2015-05-31 09:53

Correction: building OSS is broken with current gcc version - thanks @ruegerjr for the information.

alexdw commented on 2015-05-27 21:48

OSS appears to be broken again in latest (4.0.4) kernel. If I have time over the weekend I'll try to work out a patch for it.

alexdw commented on 2015-05-07 20:01

Updated (4.2_2011-2) with patch by "oss117" from OSS forums:
This should fix the compile error for 4.x kernels (tested as working for 4.0.1).

alexdw commented on 2015-05-07 19:54

Updated (2011-2) with patch by "oss117" from OSS forums:
This should fix the compile error for 4.x kernels (tested as working for 4.0.1).