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Submitter: alexdw
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First Submitted: 2013-06-23 13:17
Last Updated: 2020-12-29 17:36

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seschwar commented on 2013-09-26 13:52

I my previous modification of the PKGBUILD I accidentally dropped the change to make OSS install its modules in Arch's correct location. This PKGBUILD fixes that and makes OSS install its modules to /usr/lib/modules/$KERNEL/extramodules/oss, where they belong:

talonz commented on 2013-09-06 10:08

seemed to have fixed my issue by installed oss from the repos then reinstalling from aur

talonz commented on 2013-09-06 00:29

i seem to be having issues with oss again after updating the kernel to 3.10.10 and 3.11 emailed alexdw and he couldnt see the problem, was just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue as well

sudo soundon
modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'osscore': Exec format error
Loading the osscore module failed

edit sorry alexi forgot to post the error i got in email ;\

talonz commented on 2013-09-06 00:27

i seem to be having issues with oss again after kernel 10.10.10

seschwar commented on 2013-08-26 15:01

Yes, it always worked for me. Do you have libflashsupport-oss installed? What is the output of

ls -l /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/oss/lib/

dflt commented on 2013-08-26 14:03

Does Flash plugin in Firefox works for anybody? If flash has audio I always get "Pluging crashed" message before any audio starts to play.

seschwar commented on 2013-08-26 13:38

I have to perfect my PKGBUILD a bit: It's probably not a bad idea for the lib/modules sed to be idempotent. You could change the respective line to:

grep -IlrZ '\<lib/modules\>' . | xargs -0 sed -i 's,\<\(usr/\)\?lib/modules\>,usr/&,g' --

And FTR, I also noticed that the package installs its modules to /usr/lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/oss instead of /usr/lib/modules/extramodules-*-ARCH/kernel/oss, like the community/oss package did. This is not really a big deal. I just had to search a bit, when fiddling with OSS.

alexdw commented on 2013-08-24 15:51

Updated (4.2_2008-8) to apply the latest kernel patch for 3.10.7 and above (instead of just for 3.11 and above):

alexdw commented on 2013-08-24 15:29

Updated (4.2_2008-7) with seschwar's cleaned up PKGBUILD file. Thanks seschwar - it's much improved and easier to understand and maintain.

seschwar commented on 2013-08-24 13:14

I cleaned up the PKGBUILD significantly:

- more concise definition of architecture dependent source and md5sums arrays
- use build() and package() correctly
- remove any comments inherited from original community/oss PKGBUILD
- build and install
- use noextract and then bsdtar xf the source tarball in package(); bsdtar is in libarchive, which is a dependency of pacman
- download linux-3.*.patch from OpenSound forum; they can be dropped from the source tarball
- more concise usr-move fixes
- build libflashsupport-oss split package, since it doesn't hurt
- remove superfluous quoting
- remove superfluous curly braces in variable names
- add a few comments

All this makes for a cleaner and much more readable PKGBUILD, which makes it easier to use.