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First Submitted: 2017-11-10 09:12
Last Updated: 2020-11-08 16:19

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z3ntu commented on 2019-05-16 14:12

Please remember, that this package uses DKMS for building the kernel module and as such requires the kernel headers for your kernel installed. See also

Another manual step that needs to be taken is adding your user to the plugdev group, e.g. using the command sudo gpasswd -a $USER plugdev.

You can find a few tips for troubleshooting an install at

This package has 1 AUR-only dependency, python-notify2 which you might need to install manually as AUR helpers often have problems with this package.

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WhyNotHugo commented on 2021-01-06 18:53

If you still have packages which you built with Python < 3.9, you need to rebuild them.

You can get a list of packages with: pacman -Qoq /usr/lib/python3.8.

quenyen commented on 2021-01-06 15:11

Arch has moved to python 3.9 so nothing works anymore will there be an update to force it to work.

knishofdeath commented on 2020-10-21 00:03

Like DJ9 and others, it's still telling me it can't find python-notfiy2. I update using pacman -Syu checked my pacman.conf, the extra repository is there and not commented out, but still can't find the package. Any fixes?

Edit: found a fix that worked:

WhyNotHugo commented on 2020-10-17 07:36

The package is not missing, it's here:

Looks like your local package database is severely out of date.

Before reporting bugs, please make sure you system is up to date:

DJ9 commented on 2020-10-17 00:34

This package currently has a issue regarding missing a dependency for pyton-notify2.

If you try to install the package as recommended on and follow the Arch recommended install via pacaur, here's the outcome:

:: Package openrazer-meta not found in repositories, trying AUR... :: resolving dependencies... :: no results found for python-notify2 (dependency tree: openrazer-daemon python-notify2)

So, yes.. this is a bug WhyNotHugo. Also, I have the extra repository enabled, still the same.

WhyNotHugo commented on 2020-10-14 09:09

There's nothing to fix. Just install the package normally.

Skalli84 commented on 2020-10-13 16:33

So how will it be fixed?

z3ntu commented on 2020-10-13 15:04

python-notify2 has been moved to the [extra] repository which is why it's no longer available in the AUR.

Skalli84 commented on 2020-10-13 10:41

Ok, so apparently the package python-notify2 doesn't exist anymore. But there is one called python2-notify2. Since the package is missing I can't install this package. yay -S python-notify2 -> Could not find all required packages: python-notify2 (Target)

evolze commented on 2020-07-27 02:59

@Spixmaster: I was experiencing the same issue as well. I was able to get around this and get the AUR package installed by using:

yay -S python-notify2

From there, I followed the rest of the installation instructions, and I was good to go! I hope this helps.