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Tech1 commented on 2020-05-30 01:05

Ok. Thanks! Will give it a try.

IsaakAleksandrov commented on 2020-05-30 00:42

@Tech1 First, note that if you're going to use this package and not the nvidia-340xx-lts package, then you'll need to use the resulting -dkms package, and will also need to have the linux-lts-headers system package installed. For the error, upgrade your GCC package. The kernel's been built by a different GCC version. Run pacman -Syyu, then try and build the package again.

Tech1 commented on 2020-05-30 00:18

Appreciate your hard work in producing these packages. I have extremely slow performance with my older NVIDIA card - GeForce 8200M G. Have great hopes that this might really speed things up!

Unfortunately I got an error during the makepkg for nvidia-340xx 340.108-7

This is the error message:

cc1: error: incompatible gcc/plugin versions cc1: error: fail to initialize plugin ./scripts/gcc-plugins/ make[2]: [scripts/ /home/paul/nvidia-340xx/src/NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-340.108-no-compat32/kernel/nv.o] Error 1 make[1]: [Makefile:1695: /home/paul/nvidia-340xx/src/NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-340.108-no-compat32/kernel] Error 2 make[1]: Leaving directory '/usr/lib/modules/5.6.15-arch1-1/build' NVIDIA: left KBUILD. nvidia.ko failed to build! make: *** [Makefile:201: nvidia.ko] Error 1 ==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build(). Aborting... [me@hplaptop nvidia-340xx]$

I am using the most current linux-lts kernel (just released yesterday 5/28).

uname -a

Linux hplaptop 5.4.43-1-lts #1 SMP Wed, 27 May 2020 23:42:34 +0000 x86_64 GNU/Linux

I successfully installed these:

nvidia-340xx-utils (a dependency to building nvidia-340xx)

linux-headers Version 5.6.15.arch1-1 (Required dependency for the makepkg of nvidia- 340xx)

More detailed makepkg output:

<textarea rows="5 cols="78"> [tech1@hplaptop nvidia-340xx]$ makepkg ==> Making package: nvidia-340xx 340.108-7 (Fri 29 May 2020 02:44:27 PM EDT) ==> Checking runtime dependencies... ==> Checking buildtime dependencies... ==> Retrieving sources... -> Downloading % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed 100 36.9M 100 36.9M 0 0 3570k 0 0:00:10 0:00:10 --:--:-- 3652k -> Found 01-fix_multi_core_build.patch -> Found 02-unfuck-for-340.108-build-fix.patch -> Found 03-unfuck-for-5.5.x.patch -> Found 04-fix_message_in_dmesg.patch -> Found 05-unfuck-for-kernel-5.6.x.patch ==> Validating source files with sha256sums... ... Passed 01-fix_multi_core_build.patch ... Passed 02-unfuck-for-340.108-build-fix.patch ... Passed 03-unfuck-for-5.5.x.patch ... Passed 04-fix_message_in_dmesg.patch ... Passed 05-unfuck-for-kernel-5.6.x.patch ... Passed ==> Extracting sources... ==> Starting prepare()... Creating directory NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-340.108-no-compat32 Verifying archive integrity... OK Uncompressing NVIDIA Accelerated Graphics Driver for Linux-x86_64 340.108........................................................................................................................................................................................................... patching file dkms.conf patching file uvm/nvidia_uvm_lite.c patching file uvm/Makefile patching file nv.c patching file nv-linux.h patching file Makefile patching file patching file nv-drm.c patching file nv-linux.h patching file nv-procfs.c patching file nv-time.h ==> Starting build()... NVIDIA: calling KBUILD... make[1]: Entering directory '/usr/lib/modules/5.6.15-arch1-1/build' test -e include/generated/autoconf.h -a -e include/config/auto.conf || ( \ echo >&2; \ echo >&2 " ERROR: Kernel configuration is invalid."; \ echo >&2 " include/generated/autoconf.h or include/config/auto.conf are missing.";\ echo >&2 " Run 'make oldconfig && make prepare' on kernel src to fix it."; \ echo >&2 ; \ /bin/false) make -f ./scripts/ obj=/home/paul/nvidia-340xx/src/NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-340.108-no-compat32/kernel \ single-build= \ need-builtin=1 need-modorder=1 cc -Wp,-MD,/home/paul/nvidia-340xx/src/NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-340.108-no-compat32/kernel/.nv.o.d -nostdinc -isystem /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/9.3.0/include -I./arch/x86/include -I./arch/x86/include/generated -I./include -I./arch/x86/include/uapi -I./arch/x86/include/generated/uapi -I./include/uapi -I./include/generated/uapi -include ./include/linux/kconfig.h -include ./include/linux/compiler_types.h -D__KERNEL__ -Wall -Wundef -Werror=strict-prototypes -Wno-trigraphs -fno-strict-aliasing -fno-common -fshort-wchar -fno-PIE -Werror=implicit-function-declaration -Werror=implicit-int -Wno-format-security -std=gnu89 -mno-sse -mno-mmx -mno-sse2 -mno-3dnow -mno-avx -m64 -falign-jumps=1 -falign-loops=1 -mno-80387 -mno-fp-ret-in-387 -mpreferred-stack-boundary=3 -mskip-rax-setup -mtune=generic -mno-red-zone -mcmodel=kernel -DCONFIG_AS_CFI=1 -DCONFIG_AS_CFI_SIGNAL_FRAME=1 -DCONFIG_AS_CFI_SECTIONS=1 -DCONFIG_AS_SSSE3=1 -DCONFIG_AS_AVX=1 -DCONFIG_AS_AVX2=1 -DCONFIG_AS_AVX512=1 -DCONFIG_AS_SHA1_NI=1 -DCONFIG_AS_SHA256_NI=1 -DCONFIG_AS_ADX=1 -Wno-sign-compare -fno-asynchronous-unwind-tables -mindirect-branch=thunk-extern -mindirect-branch-register -fno-jump-tables -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks -Wno-frame-address -Wno-format-truncation -Wno-format-overflow -Wno-address-of-packed-member -O2 --param=allow-store-data-races=0 -fplugin=./scripts/gcc-plugins/ -fplugin-arg-structleak_plugin-byref-all -DSTRUCTLEAK_PLUGIN -Wframe-larger-than=2048 -fstack-protector-strong -Wno-unused-but-set-variable -Wimplicit-fallthrough -Wno-unused-const-variable -fno-var-tracking-assignments -pg -mrecord-mcount -mfentry -DCC_USING_FENTRY -Wdeclaration-after-statement -Wvla -Wno-pointer-sign -Wno-stringop-truncation -Wno-array-bounds -Wno-stringop-overflow -Wno-restrict -Wno-maybe-uninitialized -fno-strict-overflow -fno-merge-all-constants -fmerge-constants -fno-stack-check -fconserve-stack -Werror=date-time -Werror=incompatible-pointer-types -Werror=designated-init -fmacro-prefix-map=./= -fcf-protection=none -Wno-packed-not-aligned -DNV_MODULE_INSTANCE=0 -DNV_BUILD_MODULE_INSTANCES=0 -UDEBUG -U_DEBUG -DNDEBUG -I/home/tech1/nvidia-340xx/src/NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-340.108-no-compat32/kernel -Wall -MD -Wsign-compare -Wno-cast-qual -Wno-error -D__KERNEL__ -DMODULE -DNVRM -DNV_VERSION_STRING=\"340.108\" -Wno-unused-function -Wuninitialized -fno-strict-aliasing -mno-red-zone -mcmodel=kernel -DNV_UVM_ENABLE -D__linux__ -DNV_DEV_NAME=\"nvidia\" -DMODULE -DKBUILD_BASENAME='"nv"' -DKBUILD_MODNAME='"nvidia"' -c -o /home/paul/nvidia-340xx/src/NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-340.108-no-compat32/kernel/nv.o /home/paul/nvidia-340xx/src/NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-340.108-no-compat32/kernel/nv.c cc1: error: incompatible gcc/plugin versions cc1: error: fail to initialize plugin ./scripts/gcc-plugins/ make[2]: [scripts/ /home/paul/nvidia-340xx/src/NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-340.108-no-compat32/kernel/nv.o] Error 1 make[1]: [Makefile:1695: /home/paul/nvidia-340xx/src/NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-340.108-no-compat32/kernel] Error 2 make[1]: Leaving directory '/usr/lib/modules/5.6.15-arch1-1/build' NVIDIA: left KBUILD. nvidia.ko failed to build! make: *** [Makefile:201: nvidia.ko] Error 1 ==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build(). Aborting... [tech1@hplaptop nvidia-340xx]$ </textarea>

I noticed there were AUR builds for nvidia-340xx-lts and nvidia-340xx-lts-dkms and others with 'lts' included in the package name. Would any of these be useful here? In the comments I noticed references to broken builds and waiting on patches for nvidia-340xx-lts 340.108-2.

Another thought was the linux-headers. Wondering if version 5.6.15 might be too new.

Any ideas?

Thank you!

laggykiller commented on 2020-04-12 04:11

@osvxos Problem solved! The directory that contains 'nvidia-340xx' has blank space, this explains why the directory looks funny. Solved by renaming directories such that they don't contain blank space. Thank you!

osvcos commented on 2020-04-11 21:31

@laggykiller - How are you building the package? (makepkg/chroot/aur helper) According to the logs you provided, you seem to be building in the "nvidia-340xx" directory inside your home directory, but this line

make[1]: *** No rule to make target 'Nvidia/nvidia-340xx/src/NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-340.108-no-compat32/kernel'.  Stop.

indicates that there is a "Nvidia" directory preceding "nvidia-340xx". The error is because the Makefile in the kernel sources cannot switch back to 'Nvidia/nvidia-340xx/src/NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-340.108-no-compat32/kernel' because it is a relative directory. It should be something like '/home/user/nvidia-340xx/src/NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-340.108-no-compat32/kernel'.

laggykiller commented on 2020-04-11 18:21



Also, not sure if related, but installing driver from nvidia ( does not work in linux kernel 5.6.3.arch1-1 as well. The driver installed and ran without any problem in linux kernel 5.5.13-arch2-1. Here is the log file from /var/log/nvidia-installer.log

osvcos commented on 2020-04-10 21:43

@laggykiller - Builds well here. What is the error?

laggykiller commented on 2020-04-10 20:40

Does not work on linux 5.6.3.arch1-1 kernel even with the latest patch provided.

graysky commented on 2020-04-07 13:21

@osvcos - Thanks for the patch!

osvcos commented on 2020-04-07 05:30

@VijayPleo - Place the patch in the same directory than the PKGBUILD. Then with a text editor edit the PKGBUILD source array:


and then in the sha256sum array:


then save the file and run makepkg