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First Submitted: 2017-12-14 09:38
Last Updated: 2021-08-19 15:08

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rku commented on 2021-08-16 09:20

Package fails to build. I was told by looking-glass maintainers that in-source builds are not supported and that may be a reason.

[ 49%] Built target displayservers
make  -f renderers/EGL/CMakeFiles/renderer_EGL.dir/build.make renderers/EGL/CMakeFiles/renderer_EGL.dir/depend
make[2]: Entering directory '/home/rk/.cache/yay/looking-glass-git/src/looking-glass/client'
make[2]: Circular renderers/EGL/shader/splash_logo.vert <- renderers/EGL/shader/splash_logo.vert dependency dropped.
make[2]: Circular renderers/EGL/shader/basic.vert <- renderers/EGL/shader/basic.vert dependency dropped.
make[2]: Circular renderers/EGL/shader/cursor.vert <- renderers/EGL/shader/cursor.vert dependency dropped.
make[2]: Circular renderers/EGL/shader/cursor_mono.frag <- renderers/EGL/shader/cursor_mono.frag dependency dropped.
make[2]: Circular renderers/EGL/shader/cursor_rgb.frag <- renderers/EGL/shader/cursor_rgb.frag dependency dropped.
make[2]: Circular renderers/EGL/shader/damage.frag <- renderers/EGL/shader/damage.frag dependency dropped.
make[2]: Circular renderers/EGL/shader/damage.vert <- renderers/EGL/shader/damage.vert dependency dropped.
make[2]: Circular renderers/EGL/shader/desktop.vert <- renderers/EGL/shader/desktop.vert dependency dropped.
make[2]: Circular renderers/EGL/shader/desktop_rgb.frag <- renderers/EGL/shader/desktop_rgb.frag dependency dropped.
[ 49%] Creating #defines from /home/rk/.cache/yay/looking-glass-git/src/looking-glass/client/renderers/EGL/shader/desktop_rgb.frag
cd /home/rk/.cache/yay/looking-glass-git/src/looking-glass/client/renderers/EGL && grep ^#define /home/rk/.cache/yay/looking-glass-git/src/looking-glass/client/renderers/EGL/shader/desktop_rgb.frag > /home/rk/.cache/yay/looking-glass-git/src/looking-glass/client/renderers/EGL/shader/desktop_rgb.def.h
make[2]: *** [renderers/EGL/CMakeFiles/renderer_EGL.dir/build.make:218: renderers/EGL/shader/desktop_rgb.def.h] Error 1
make[2]: *** Deleting file 'renderers/EGL/shader/desktop_rgb.def.h'
make[2]: Leaving directory '/home/rk/.cache/yay/looking-glass-git/src/looking-glass/client'
make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/Makefile2:566: renderers/EGL/CMakeFiles/renderer_EGL.dir/all] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/rk/.cache/yay/looking-glass-git/src/looking-glass/client'
make: *** [Makefile:136: all] Error 2

Netboy3 commented on 2021-07-23 12:16

You are correct. My bad.

Omar007 commented on 2021-07-20 09:02

@Netboy3; I'm not pulling/building against master submodules or otherwise diverting those definitions to commits not specified by upstream. Each git repo defines the submodule version/commit being used. That means (at the time of writing) for looking-glass it's using cimgui@83f729b (a.k.a. cimgui 1.82), which in turn uses imgui@64aab84 (1.82 + 2 extra). This isn't functioning any differently from the submodules it had already; PureSpice and LGMP.

Netboy3 commented on 2021-07-20 01:57

Thx for adding the new cimgui/imgui dependency. Only thing you should consider is that the devs are currently building against version 1.82 of cimgui/imgui and you are pulling cimgui master which seems to be quite active and might cause LG builds to break or be inconsistent with the way the LG devs use it.

Svenstaro commented on 2021-07-18 23:09

Working patch:

diff --git a/PKGBUILD b/PKGBUILD
index 8cf7662..5876f77 100644
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ pkgname=("${_pkgname}-git"
 pkgdesc="An extremely low latency KVMFR (KVM FrameRelay) implementation for guests with VGA PCI Passthrough"
@@ -17,8 +17,10 @@ makedepends=('cmake' 'git' 'fontconfig' 'spice-protocol' 'wayland-protocols'
              'libgl' 'libegl' 'libxss' 'libxi' 'libxinerama' 'obs-studio')
-        "PureSpice::git+")
+        "PureSpice::git+"
+        "cimgui::git+")
+            'SKIP'
@@ -36,7 +38,8 @@ prepare() {
    git submodule init
    git config submodule.repos/LGMP.url "${srcdir}/LGMP"
    git config submodule.repos/PureSpice.url "${srcdir}/PureSpice"
-   git submodule update
+   git config submodule.repos/cimgui.url "${srcdir}/cimgui"
+   git submodule update --init --recursive

 build() {

Ghosthree3 commented on 2021-07-18 05:49

Latest commit(s) break build.

CMake Error at renderers/EGL/CMakeLists.txt:44 (add_library):
  Cannot find source file:


  Tried extensions .c .C .c++ .cc .cpp .cxx .cu .mpp .m .M .mm .ixx .cppm .h
  .hh .h++ .hm .hpp .hxx .in .txx .f .F .for .f77 .f90 .f95 .f03 .hip .ispc

CMake Error at renderers/OpenGL/CMakeLists.txt:9 (add_library):
  Cannot find source file:


  Tried extensions .c .C .c++ .cc .cpp .cxx .cu .mpp .m .M .mm .ixx .cppm .h
  .hh .h++ .hm .hpp .hxx .in .txx .f .F .for .f77 .f90 .f95 .f03 .hip .ispc

CMake Error at renderers/EGL/CMakeLists.txt:44 (add_library):
  No SOURCES given to target: renderer_EGL

CMake Error at renderers/OpenGL/CMakeLists.txt:9 (add_library):
  No SOURCES given to target: renderer_OpenGL

CMake Generate step failed.  Build files cannot be regenerated correctly.
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().

Builds successfully from --recursive cloned source independently.

Netboy3 commented on 2021-02-20 15:38

Dependency on glu was removed. Please see commit:

xiretza commented on 2021-01-20 09:59

Now requires makedepends=('libxss') and depends=('libxss') in package_looking-glass-git():

xiretza commented on 2021-01-17 16:39

requires makedepends=('wayland-protocols').

Netboy3 commented on 2020-08-07 16:32

Hi @Omar007. Now that the MinGW cross-compiler toolchain mingw-w64-gcc and all it's dependencies are available in the community repo, you might want to consider adding building the looking-glass Windows host executable to this package.