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First Submitted: 2021-07-12 11:00
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ANDRoid7890 commented on 2021-07-12 11:02

This is a c u s t o m kernel with some patches included.

This is NOT a Manjaro-specific package.

Please, read the description carefully before filling a deletion request.

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theriddick commented on 2021-08-07 11:02

It seems games on NTFS run via wine/proton will fail in %50 or so of system boot ups due to kernel glitch. Only thing someone can do is keep rebooting until it works. (5.13-6, could be related to using NTFS and not NTFS3...)

UPDATE: I manually updated the PKGBUILD to 5.13-8 myself and set my NTFS drives to use NTFS3 driver and everything has been working just fine so far. Keep in mind any symlinks placed on the NTFS drive will need to be remade. (compatdata for example)

davemurray-gr commented on 2021-07-30 14:28


if [ -z ${_compiler+x} ]; then _compiler=gcc fi

is not working for me if i choose to change it with "clang" or use clang with 98) Intel-Native optimizations autodetected by GCC or in any combination. im opening second terminal, issuing top. there is only cc1 when compiling and not clang-12 for example as should... so there cannot be clang build and lto with that pkgbuild...

theriddick commented on 2021-07-29 22:56

5.13-6 is out and should solve any NTFS fsync related file read problems with Wine/Proton. (touch wood).

theriddick commented on 2021-07-26 21:35

UPDATE: Fell back to 5.12-16 and all games work without any issues. Was related to games on NTFS drives.

ANDRoid7890 commented on 2021-07-26 14:30

theriddick, Just playing GTA V with proton 6.3 without any problems

theriddick commented on 2021-07-26 02:38

As it turns out, there is some odd bug within xanmod that caused my wine/proton issue which is being fixed. Maybe the next update will have that fix I do not know.

theriddick commented on 2021-07-25 11:02

This 5.13 broke WINE and Proton for me, all games fail to launch. Roll back to previous and no problems. Could be related to NTFS stuff, I do not know (games on NTFS). (Issue not present in normal manjaro 5.13).

Just a warning. Never had issues in past. I will try to recompile and see if it works the second time.

Command used: env _microarchitecture=14 use_numa=n use_tracers=n use_pds=n use_ns=y yay -S linux-manjaro-xanmod-headers linux-manjaro-xanmod

UPDATE: Apparently its related to Futex2 being too new..

cysm commented on 2021-07-21 03:29

thank you - any plans for 5.13?

theriddick commented on 2021-07-19 03:59

So what your saying is this can be used on other ARCH distro but with Manjaro patches? (optimizations and fixes)

I looked at the Manjaro gitlab and it does look like most is opt+fixes, nothing specific to preventing it from running elsewhere. Is this a correct assumption?

FabioLolix commented on 2021-07-12 16:00

Because it also include patches used on Manjaro