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First Submitted: 2016-07-05 23:22
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bytemonger commented on 2016-12-17 20:06

Even after adding keys as suggested per @m3thodic I am still getting signature verification errors and failed builds. Running on Macbook Pro 11,5, Latest install. Any suggestions? Thank you!

bradpitcher commented on 2016-12-05 19:34

Can you change the kernel config to compile in HFS+ support (rather than have it as a module)? I'm trying to export a shared HFS+ drive with NFS and I'm getting this error:

exportfs: /media/mac-drive does not support NFS export

From what I've seen in forums, compiling HFS+ support into the kernal should fix the issue.

EDIT: I've edited the PKGBUILD, config/config.x86_64 to test this and I still get the same issue trying to use the drive with NFS. I'll let you know if I get it working. The changes I made were to change this:
to this:

toastercup commented on 2016-12-01 16:01

I can reproduce the freezes consistently (10+ times, for good measure) when having a browser + IDE open + trying to compile the kernel. It'll kaboom after about 10-15 minutes of compilation. Could mbpfan be causing any issues with heat management? Does anyone who's experiencing the freezes have mbpfan running?

Tom_B commented on 2016-11-29 15:08

I haven't had any freezes but could it be a temperature issue? What do you see in `sensors`?

The flickering issue may be related: An overheating GPU. Does (as root)

echo battery > /sys/class/drm/card0/device/power_dpm_state

have any affect on stability?

anoctopus commented on 2016-11-26 03:11

I have also started experiencing freezes today despite no recent changes, and I'm using 4.8.4. Audio loops several seconds of output, in case that helps with debugging.

Tom_B commented on 2016-11-22 19:34

This patch does not appear necessary any more. On My MBP11,5 I can suspend and reboot perfectly with the stock kernel (4.8.10) and without disable_mode=1. However, I am getting the screen flicker issue. I have replied to the thread with more observations.

Derin commented on 2016-11-21 14:09

I'm still on 4.8.6 and I, too, am experiencing random freezes (have to reboot the machine to get it to restart). They just started happening today, and I haven't installed anything, so I'm curious as to what's causing them. I'll report back, here, if I find anything.

Ram-Z commented on 2016-11-18 13:39

I don't see any graphical glitches with 4.8.8, but I've been experiencing some random freezes.

Running AwesomeWM with radeon driver on a MacBookPro11,5.

Ram-Z commented on 2016-11-17 13:57

I'll be testing 4.8.8, reporting back when it's done building.

Instead of using `makepkg -g >> PKGBUILD`, you should be using `updpkgsums`.

gnunn commented on 2016-10-27 13:21

My freezing issues seem to have abated as I haven't had one since Friday (21 October). I'm not sure what fixed it though, none of the packages updated that day seem like obvious candidates. There was the 4.8.4 kernel update on Saturday though, maybe I just got lucky on Friday?