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eggz commented on 2020-10-26 18:15

GCC11.1 is mainlined in arch, so this means znver3 support can kick off on this kernel. The gentoo patches have been updated too.

This kernel now natively supports the znver3 arch, but this kernel will most likely keep working on all AMD ryzen hardware. It's better to be able to address certain small perks or issues per architecture now and in the future.

If you use znver2 based hardware, please use linux-amd-znver2
If you use raven based hardware, please use linux-amd-raven

eggz commented on 2019-11-10 15:23

Tired of compiling? Use this binary repo instead! Add this at the end of /etc/pacman.conf :

Server =$repo/$arch
SigLevel = Optional TrustAll

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linuxergr commented on 2020-07-31 12:16

Does not boot either...

linuxergr commented on 2020-07-31 11:20

Thanks for you answer.

The case is that any source of the overhead cannot be easily spotted. (CPU Usage has instantly peaks of 1% to 2% usage)

I have the same OS and DE + Applications on my intel i5 laptop, without any such issue.

This is the reason that I am searching if this is caused by the kernel(s).

I will try the linux-amd-raven too.


eggz commented on 2020-07-31 11:07

This CPU has MZEN2 optimisations because it is aimed at the latest AMD hardware. You can use linux-amd-raven for MZEN(zenver1) hardware. This is not some random mistake, see (EDIT) for more info.

Enabeling options like that does not change anything for other hardware.

None of the optimisations or ACPI options will have anything to do with CPU usage. A kernel, apart from system calls and some overhead, does not generate work for your CPU, unless it's overhead is legendary (which probably no kernel ever will be. Hopefully.) ALso, changing from module to internal will have almost no effect at all, and certainly not "50% cpu usage", you can take my word for that.

Perhaps it is more wise to first pinpoint where the overhead is coming from (userland or system) and then what proces or kmodule, instead of concluding it must be the kernel :-)

linuxergr commented on 2020-07-31 10:33

@eggz, I found out that the untrimmed config file at, has the following line enabled.


Q: shouldn't be disabled and the following to be enabled instead? CONFIG_MK8 is not set

Any further help will be appreciated, because I have a high idle 50% of CPU Usage, with all other kernels (zen, ck-k10, lts and default), and this is my main reason that I am trying to find a solution.

eggz commented on 2020-07-31 09:31

Small update: I declared the linux.install file, like linuxergr issue pointed out, it was a bit confusing it was not in the sources list (but it was in the git so the PKGBUILD could still use it) I also trimmed some more stuff.

take care, guys.

linuxergr commented on 2020-07-31 08:56

@matbonn, this is awful. At least you are sound and safe.

@eggz, I am a rather old user but never had to compile any kernel, lol. Yes, we are not using systemd. The message I get and stack on boot is exactly the Loading initram... The relative images exist at /boot/ folder

eggz commented on 2020-07-31 08:51

@matbonn omg that sounds so horrible! Good thing you had an extra-extra heavy PC though... This opens up new perspectives for anti theft of pc cases: stuff them with heavy gear!!

@linuxergr oh, I thought you were an old user! And only now I see your distro does not use systemd. I'm not completely sure the kernel supports non-systemd distros, but actually, it should. Here is a question right off the bat: Did your distro make a ramdisk? Also, what exactly do you see on your screen? pitch black right after grub?

matbonn commented on 2020-07-31 08:01

Just an update on the SSR / Chromium / OpenGL audio sync issues I was having. I did a new build that evening of the 13th and it appears to be fine now. Sorry for my late reply. They stole my dual 4k monitors at 3am...taken a while to get a replacement. PC was too heavy to carry ;).

linuxergr commented on 2020-07-31 07:29

Packages build with untrimmed config version Ok.

But still does not boot, on Artix.

eggz commented on 2020-07-30 16:34

well the file is there, and building the kernel works on this end (obviously) so I don't really know what to tell you...

you can run this to verify: git clone ; ls -l linux-amd/linux.instal