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eggz commented on 2019-12-10 16:37

I have placed this kernel on the 5.4 kernel version with intend of staying there (since 5.4 is expected to be an LTS release)

If you have newer AMD (CPU!) hardware, I welcome you to use my aur/linux-amd package, but for raven ridge, this is the end of the line.

eggz commented on 2019-04-02 20:17

Tired of compiling? Use this binary repo instead! Add this at the end of /etc/pacman.conf :

Server =$repo/$arch
SigLevel = Optional TrustAll

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markuschaaf commented on 2020-04-20 11:39

That was fast! Reboot und shutdown are working again on my 2400g. (Still the occasional green screen after suspend, though.) You are a terrific maintainer!

eggz commented on 2020-04-19 21:24

The suggested patch is implemented. I would love some feedback on this one, because I do not encounter this bug on any of my AMD systems. If its any good, ill implement it on my linux-amd kernel aswell.

Thanks again Markuschaaf.

eggz commented on 2020-04-19 21:20

Markuschaaf, Good catch. I will implement it asap.

markuschaaf commented on 2020-04-19 18:54

Please apply until it's in upstream. This is a very annoying bug.

eggz commented on 2020-04-19 09:58

Ah yes, I had complaints about the suspend before. Didn't knew about the dri2 workaround though! I dont really use suspend myself.. But I probably wouldn't know where to look unless I'd spent way too much of time on it!

garfi commented on 2020-04-19 09:45

I placed the dri 2 option because I have a problem during a suspend-resume of the machine. During a summary the freeze screen and I no longer have access to the X server. With the dri 2 option I no longer have a problem but graphic degradation in 3D. It is the only solution that I found to have the possibility of making a suspended resume. It will therefore be more a problem of video drivers with the vega8 than a kernel problem.

eggz commented on 2020-04-18 08:26

For me, when I specify the option for dri2, it disables dri3 since it is the default. So that means when i specify dri3 or dont specify anything, it loads dri3.

I tested with other kernels with other versions and the result was the same. Here is the full disclosure:

Im a bit curious, why do you need dri2? dri3 is the new default now, as stated over here:

Extra info: I tested this with a dedicated VEGA64, but I guess the architecture for this test should be somewhat the same...

Honestly I dont think its the kernel since I did not modify amdgpu at all. It should have the same result as any kernel since amdgpu didnt change that much for vega even with the newer versioned kernels. For vega based hardware, nothing should have changed at all. Thats the sole reason I pinned this kernel on an LTS version.

garfi commented on 2020-04-17 22:11

@eggz thank you for your work and the repo that i use (amd-raven).

I am having a problem with my IGPU vega8 (ryzen3 2200G). I have to pass an option to X so that it uses dri 2.

I know it's probably a problem with video drivers, but do you think that another kernel could solve the problem?

vinceKahn commented on 2020-02-12 17:03

Thank you!... after 3 days of troubleshooting terrible tearing when doing anything on any desktop (gnome, kde, xfce) I randomly came across a post this morning on a Manjaro forum referencing this package. I gave it a try and all my video issues went away. I have an AMD 3400G APU.

BTW all of the following kernel packages fail, only yours worked: Linux 5.5.3.arch1-1 Linux-lts 5.4.19-1 Linux-zen 5.5.3.zen1-1 Linux-amd 5.5.v.3-1

EDIT: Just tried your linux-amd 5.5 package and it appears to be working without issue. I must have tried the previous build, it looks like you just updated it yesterday.

Not sure what I'm going to do post this kernel?

eggz commented on 2020-01-29 18:48

@broken.pipe, Well normally it should still work, but guaranteeing the same quality would be impossible, I have seen newer kernels act really bad for older AMD GPU's in the past and thats the reason im splitting the package in a mainline and a LTS!