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eggz commented on 2019-12-10 16:37

I have placed this kernel on the 5.4 kernel version with intend of staying there (since 5.4 is expected to be an LTS release)

If you have newer AMD (CPU!) hardware, I welcome you to use my aur/linux-amd package, but for raven ridge, this is the end of the line.

eggz commented on 2019-04-02 20:17

Tired of compiling? Use this binary repo instead! Add this at the end of /etc/pacman.conf :

Server =$repo/$arch
SigLevel = Optional TrustAll

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bulio commented on 2020-10-31 22:21

Alright. I'll give it a try and then I'll report my results after a while. Thank you so much! <3

eggz commented on 2020-10-31 11:26

I have added 'COMPRESSION="lzop"' in the mkinitcpio preset of this kernel. I find this balanced compression for the ramdisk alot faster for installing, and booting from it. Please check your preset file in /etc/mkinitcpio.d/ to make sure that this change is adopted (as there is probably a pacsave file created there instead). Also make sure you have lzop installed.

bulio commented on 2020-10-26 18:35

I forgot to mention that kwin_x11 is usually the process that consumes a lot of RAM. I say usually since plasmashell is also another process that can take a lot of RAM for no apparent reason. It seems like disabling all of my eye candy in kwin makes no difference.

eggz commented on 2020-10-26 09:19


Thank you for the kind words. I am amazed that my kernel could trigger a memory leak somewhere on a specific DE. Though when that happens, shouldn't it be very easy to pinpoint where its coming from? you know, like $(ps aux|sort -n -k4| tail) or something?

bulio commented on 2020-10-26 09:09

Hi! I really love this kernel since it's the only one I can use without ever having a black screen after suspending my laptop and also it's the only one where TLP doesn't give me issues with my WiFi. However I have one issue with Plasma. It seems like after suspending my system, it starts consuming more and more RAM the more times I suspend it. It only happens when I boot with this kernel. It doesn't happen at all with the normal LTS or the stable one. It's such a weird thing so I have to reboot every couple of days or my system starts consuming 3.5GB+ of RAM without doing anything at all. I don't have this issue when I use i3-gaps. I think I should test other DEs to see if I have issues in those as well. Thank you so much for this kernel :)

eggz commented on 2020-10-20 08:35

@ejohn Thanks for your kind words! I'll try to keep it up. :-)

ejohn commented on 2020-10-20 04:00

Hello eggz, thank for all your work, I think the kernel is working really great in my setup. I installed it and ran a game and thought the performance improved.

Thanks and if I can help in anyway just ask.

eggz commented on 2020-07-31 09:32

Small update: I declared the linux.install file, it was a bit confusing it was not in the sources list (but it was in the git so the PKGBUILD could still use it) I also trimmed some more stuff.

take care, guys.

eggz commented on 2020-06-03 07:26

We temporarily have to moved our hosting from ovh to digitalocean. And judging by the way OVH support is treating us... Maybe even permanently.

Let me know if the (new) repo gives you any trouble.

eggz commented on 2020-06-02 14:11

Our hosting provider (OVH) is having some major difficulties: renewal of our service has been rejected and results in errors. Its out of our hands. Comment the repo in pacman.conf until OVH solves our problem ...