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Submitter: oxalin
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First Submitted: 2020-05-12 13:00
Last Updated: 2020-11-22 22:21

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DDoSolitary commented on 2020-11-16 07:44

The vcs_version.h error has been fixed in v1.5.3:

sl1pkn07 commented on 2020-08-14 13:57

@sl1pkn07 : with the official PKGBUILD, do you have a vcs_version.h file created under ./src/vmaf-1.5.2/libvmaf/build/include ? This is what your error message is pointing at.

that is because try to build the code outside the source tree. the "configure" script execute git, and not found the sources in the build folder

oxalin commented on 2020-07-12 05:51

@sl1pkn07 : with the official PKGBUILD, do you have a vcs_version.h file created under ./src/vmaf-1.5.2/libvmaf/build/include ? This is what your error message is pointing at.

oxalin commented on 2020-07-12 05:39

@sl1pkn07 : this is not a proper fix. This reverts the library and executable packages split, re-enables useless check(), uses arch-meson which I prefer not to use (it is a wrapper over meson), etc.

Reinstalling the packages did not show any problem on my system. I'll have a deeper look at this in the next few days. Stay tune.

sl1pkn07 commented on 2020-07-06 15:00

fixed with

# Maintainer: Alexandre Demers <>

pkgdesc='Perceptual video quality assessment algorithm based on multi-method fusion (32 bit)'
#        'meson-cross-x86-linux-gnu>=1.0.4'

prepare() {
    mkdir -p "vmaf-${pkgver}/libvmaf/build"

build() {
    export CC="gcc -m32"
    export CXX="g++ -m32"
    export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/usr/lib32/pkgconfig"

    arch-meson "vmaf-${pkgver}/libvmaf/build" "vmaf-${pkgver}/libvmaf" \
        --prefix=/usr \
        --libdir=lib32 \
        -D enable_docs=false

    ninja -v -C "vmaf-${pkgver}/libvmaf/build"

check() {
    ninja -v -C "vmaf-${pkgver}/libvmaf/build" test

package() {
    DESTDIR="$pkgdir" ninja -v -C "vmaf-${pkgver}/libvmaf/build" install

    install -D -m755 "vmaf-${pkgver}/libvmaf/build/tools"/vmaf_{feature,rc} -t "${pkgdir}/usr/bin"

    # Use the same naming scheme as the one in the lib32-shaderc-git package for coherence
    # Arch wiki suggest to use the "-32" suffix for 32 bit executables:
    for i in "${pkgdir}/usr/bin/"*; do
        mv "$i" "$i"-32

    rm -r "$pkgdir"/usr/{include,share}

    install -D -m644 "vmaf-${pkgver}/LICENSE" -t "${pkgdir}/usr/share/licenses/${pkgname}"

sl1pkn07 commented on 2020-07-06 14:46

[45/88] /usr/bin/meson --internal vcstagger ../include/ include/vcs_version.h 1.5.2 /tmp/makepkg/lib32-vmaf/src/vmaf-1.5.2/libvmaf/include @VCS_TAG@ '(.*)' /usr/bin/git --git-dir /tmp/makepkg/lib32-vmaf/src/vmaf-1.5.2/libvmaf/../.git describe --tags --long --match '?.*.*' --always
fatal: no es un repositorio git: '/tmp/makepkg/lib32-vmaf/src/vmaf-1.5.2/libvmaf/../.git'

FAILED: src/25a6634@@vmaf_rc@sha/libvmaf.rc.c.o 
gcc -m32 -Isrc/25a6634@@vmaf_rc@sha -Isrc -I../src -I../src/third_party/ptools/opencontainers_1_8_4/include -I../src/feature -I../src/feature/common -I../src/third_party/ptools -Iinclude -I../include -fdiagnostics-color=always -pipe -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -Wall -Winvalid-pch -Wextra -std=c99 -O3 -D_GNU_SOURCE -march=native -O2 -fno-plt -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -fPIC -pthread -pedantic -DOC_NEW_STYLE_INCLUDES -MD -MQ 'src/25a6634@@vmaf_rc@sha/libvmaf.rc.c.o' -MF 'src/25a6634@@vmaf_rc@sha/libvmaf.rc.c.o.d' -o 'src/25a6634@@vmaf_rc@sha/libvmaf.rc.c.o' -c ../src/libvmaf.rc.c
En el fichero incluido desde ../include/libvmaf/libvmaf.rc.h:27,
                 desde ../src/libvmaf.rc.c:26:
../include/libvmaf/feature.h:24:1: aviso: la definición de datos no tiene tipo o clase de almacenamiento
   24 | vmaf_feature_dictionary_set(VmafFeatureDictionary **dict, char *key, char *val);
      | ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
../include/libvmaf/feature.h:24:1: aviso: el tipo de dato por defecto es ‘int’ en la declaración de ‘vmaf_feature_dictionary_set’ [-Wimplicit-int]
En el fichero incluido desde ../src/libvmaf.rc.c:33:
../src/model.h:63:3: aviso: redefinición de la definición de tipo ‘VmafModel’ [-Wpedantic]
   63 | } VmafModel;
      |   ^~~~~~~~~
En el fichero incluido desde ../include/libvmaf/libvmaf.rc.h:25,
                 desde ../src/libvmaf.rc.c:26:
../include/libvmaf/model.h:22:26: nota: la declaración previa de ‘VmafModel’ estaba aquí
   22 | typedef struct VmafModel VmafModel;
      |                          ^~~~~~~~~
../src/libvmaf.rc.c:38:10: error fatal: vcs_version.h: No existe el fichero o el directorio
   38 | #include "vcs_version.h"
      |          ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
compilación terminada.