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appadeia commented on 2020-09-23 12:41

Manual intervention required updating eclipse from * -> 2:4.17-3: remove eclipse-common; the package is no longer needed and will conflict.

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appadeia commented on 2020-05-11 21:58

I've reverted changes that allowed multiple versions of Eclipse to be installed alongside eachother to investigate a less buggy method of allowing that.

kanehekili commented on 2020-05-11 21:48

This version always loads the "default" eclipse workspace. No chance to activate the workspace prompt. Rolled back to the last arch version 4.15.1. The ini files are root, so you can't save any settings... Changing them to ugo+rw did not help. They used to be in user space.

masx13 commented on 2020-05-11 16:02

For me it does launch most of the times, but i cannot browse for files and cannot even open the Eclipse Marketplace.

re-l commented on 2020-05-11 10:52

I can also confirm the issues mentioned by @benjarobin. Eclipse (Java in my case) fails to launch, which is the most pressing issue. The 'p2' directory in my home directory is also annoying but not critical.

coderkun commented on 2020-05-09 20:54

I can confirm the same issues as @benjarobin. With this package Eclipse (jee) is unusable for me.

issue_no1 commented on 2020-05-09 20:34

requires eclipse-common=4.15-5

benjarobin commented on 2020-05-09 12:47

eclipse fail to launch (crash when browsing for file), after debugging I found the root cause: "unshare -U" which launch eclipse with nobody:nobody user/group.

I simplified the scripts, and remove from /usr/lib/eclipse-c++-helper and from /usr/bin/eclipse-c++ the "unshare" parts, and only realize once the fuse-overlayfs call by first checking if "/run/user/$1/eclipse-c++" exists.

if [ ! -d /run/user/$1/eclipse-c++ ] ; then mkdir -p /run/user/$1/eclipse-c++; fuse-overlayfs -o lowerdir=...; fi

There is also another problem, eclipse creates (with or without my modifications) a "p2" directory with an "artifacts.xml" file at the root of my home directory...

benjarobin commented on 2020-05-09 10:57

yay or any AUR helper cannot resolve the dependency correctly because the .SRCINFO is invalid (

It is missing "depends = "...

lifestronaut commented on 2020-05-07 17:49

@appadeia - Thanks! Installing eclipse-common before eclipse-java worked. I was mistakenly under the impression that yay would handle all the dependencies.

appadeia commented on 2020-05-07 16:09

You need to have eclipse-common installed before you install eclipse-java. Most AUR helpers seem incapable of resolving the dependencies correctly when pacman would be able to resolve them correctly.