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dpeukert commented on 2020-04-10 12:34

The PKGBUILD for this package is hosted here (contributions are welcome!):

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SuperIce97 commented on 2016-03-16 04:45

@Neros: You're not the only one. I literally just bought a Gamecube to USB adapter to play Metroid Prime and I tried the game again and it's running much slower than it did a month ago. I tried reverting to nvidia-352 but it ran the same. I even tried an older kernel and that didn't help. I'm not quite sure how to fix this, but one thing I noticed is that dolphin is only using one CPU thread, when it should be using 2. Does anyone have any ideas on what this could be or how to fix it?

Neros commented on 2016-03-09 17:14

It seems that dolphin doesn't work good with the last nvidia driver 361.28. All the games are as slow as if I was using the Intel card...
Am I the only one?

Martchus commented on 2016-02-29 14:34

Thanks for the reply. Seems I accidentally used an old version of the PKGBUILD.

I also read the comment from the Dolphin dev about the pie flag. Seems I'm luckily not immediately affected by the bug.

That the Qt GUI is currently broken is not a big deal since there haven't been a lot of features implemented yet.

rubic commented on 2016-02-29 07:18

Those changes appear to already be in the PKGBUILD.

However, DolphinQt2 is broken in the latest PKGBUILD as -fno-pie is enabled.
Qt requires pie and we are waiting on a pull request that ensures the -fno-pie flag is not applied to it.

Martchus commented on 2016-02-28 22:23

Dolphin devs seem to call the Qt GUI now Qt2.

and Binaries/dolphin-emu-qt is now Binaries/dolphin-emu-qt2
which has to be removed within package_dolphin-emu-git():
rm -rf "${pkgdir}"/usr/bin/dolphin-emu-qt2

linkmauve commented on 2016-02-26 11:24


Please remove the -DENABLE_SDL=TRUE, as it’s been deprecated on Linux, so libevdev will be used instead.

Also, have a run of namcap on the generated packages, you are missing things like hicolor-icon-theme or a .install script to run xdg-icon-resource.


Yann.O commented on 2016-02-02 21:39

Thanks for adding the "-fno-pie" flag. I've been relying on customize-pkg to patch the PKGBUILD for a while now seeing as this modification was previously refused.

Now Dolphin-git can be compiled and run without this annoying bug.

alucryd commented on 2016-01-21 14:20

Thanks for the explanation, we do have ASLR enabled by default, I guess my play sessions were just never long enough to trigger the error.

Sonicadvance1 commented on 2016-01-21 08:21

Due to how memory allocation works, especially on a system without ASLR enabled. You may get lucky up until a point and it would be allocating memory in the virtual memory space <4GB.
Eventually this memory space will be exhausted and then at that point Dolphin will spit out an error.
So there is a variety of factors that can cause it to break immediately or still take a decent amount of play time due to luck.

alucryd commented on 2016-01-21 07:33

Thanks for the info. I still can't help but wonder, if it completely breaks CPU emulation, why is it I have never experienced the issue nor got any bug report for the stable package in [community]? Does it really affect everyone or only a subset?

FTR, I have never explicitely enabled PIE, it's on by default, you might want to consider disabling it by default on everything not AArch64.

Anyway, just pushed an updated PKGBUILD.