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dpeukert commented on 2020-04-10 12:34

The PKGBUILD for this package is hosted here (contributions are welcome!):

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boogerlad commented on 2014-05-05 17:16

Is it possible to turn on openmp and sse if available on the host machine? I know at least has optimizations there.

jakebailey commented on 2014-05-03 07:39

I have the same issue. I think this coincided with the upgrade of gcc to 4.9.

d7s2qmspe7q48 commented on 2014-05-02 13:17

I got a VERY strange problem when linking. I got the following message:

Frame.cpp:(.text+0x61df): undefined reference to `wxCommandEvent::Clone() const'

After some routine checks about having all dependencies installed correctly, I started playing with the code and found that removing the following lines from src/dolphin-emu/Source/Core/DolphinWX/Frame.cpp made the program link:

else if (IsHotkey(event, HK_DECREASE_FRAME_LIMIT))
if (--SConfig::GetInstance().m_Framelimit > 0x19)
SConfig::GetInstance().m_Framelimit = 0x19;

However, I also noticed that (1) from the context, it doesn't make any sense that those lines are causing the problem, and (2) randomly playing with the file made the error return or go away, so it looks like a compiler or linker bug? I'm in testing BTW, maybe that's why.

Just commenting in case someone else knows about this or is also affected by the same problem.

alucryd commented on 2014-04-05 13:53

Builds fine without indeed, nuked. Thx!

bluerider commented on 2014-04-04 19:07

Dolphin upstream has removed opencl support (cited noone cared about maintaining it). Opencl-headers can probably be removed from makedepends

bluerider commented on 2014-03-27 01:45

I just wanted to say that the windows managers really have a big effect on dolphin emulation. I just switched to the i3 windows manager, and I'm getting 50fps SuperSmash Brothers Brawl playback on my sandybridge i3-2105 (integrated gpu) at 1080p.

alucryd commented on 2014-02-03 10:55

breed808: Thx for the heads up, I've switched to github.

Anonymous comment on 2014-02-02 11:31

It looks like development has moved to a github repository ( The Google Code repository is sitting at 4.0.r720.5d1db5d, while the github repo has been more recently updated (4.0.r773.70f66ad).
The commit links are pointing to the github repo as well.

alucryd commented on 2014-01-04 09:28

I can't reproduce your problem, SDL2 works fine here. My 360 controller and my older Saitek gamepad are both recognized fine and work fine ingame.

oangelo commented on 2014-01-04 02:27

I recommend use SDL and not SDL2 as dependency.
Because of the problems discussed here: