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goldensuneur commented on 2020-03-02 19:00

I finally had time to investigate the issue. It looks like that as of 11.5, the DesktopVideoHelper.service has to be running for the capture card to work properly.

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Alexander-Prime commented on 2017-06-13 12:42

The build script seems to be looking in the wrong place for the sources after downloading them. Changing the pkgver in PKGBUILD to "10.9.3a2" allows it to continue installing.

LIONHEART commented on 2017-06-12 01:06

Having trouble with the pipeline in gstreamer. Any tips getting this working would be greatly appreciated,

$ gst-launch-1.0 decklinkvideosrc device-number=1 connection=1 mode=16 ! xvimagesink
Setting pipeline to PAUSED ...
ERROR: Pipeline doesn't want to pause.
Setting pipeline to NULL ...
Freeing pipeline ...

$ gst-launch-1.0 decklinkvideosrc ! videoconvert ! xvimagesink
Setting pipeline to PAUSED ...
ERROR: Pipeline doesn't want to pause.
Setting pipeline to NULL ...
Freeing pipeline ...

Houtworm commented on 2017-06-06 11:06

Just installed 10.9.3-1 and for me it does not work on the latest kernel.

It says no desktop video device connected (PCIE Device)

I am going to install linux-lts linux-lts-headers and nvidia-lts remove nvidia and try again :)

Edit: It also does not work on LTS Kernel any more, Software is installed and runs but i only get a black screen in media express and OBS

I will spend the day puzzling hope i can find the problem, How is this AUR Package working for others?

daren commented on 2017-06-05 19:28

Version 10.9.3a2 got released, got it working on the latest kernel.

fthiery commented on 2017-05-12 14:45

@Houtworm nicely spotted, i trusted Firefox's "copy as curl" (and i shouldnt have). Now the AUR should download back automatically (but not if the file is already downloaded).

They have added user agent and content-type checking

curl '' -H 'User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:53.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/53.0' -H 'Content-Type: application/json;charset=utf-8' --data '{"country":"us","platform":"Linux"}'

Houtworm commented on 2017-05-10 21:58

I am Using the LTS Kernel, If you want i could try the Non LTS version. I am upgrading to a m.2 ssd anyway :)

Alexander-Prime commented on 2017-05-10 09:44

@fthiery, your request JSON is malformed. Fixing it:

{country":"us","platform":"Linux"} <- before
{"country":"us","platform":"Linux"} <- after

Seems to give the desired response.

fthiery commented on 2017-05-10 07:46

@Houtworm are you using the lts kernel or the latest one ?

Houtworm commented on 2017-05-09 23:47

Thanks fthiery,

It works perfectly now.

Capturing with my Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4K on Arch :)

fthiery commented on 2017-05-09 14:50

I replaced the broken download method by a static path (redefine pkgsrc_file after download, by default /tmp/Blackmagic_Desktop_Video_Linux_10.9.tar).

Tried to fake the POST request to (supposed to return the actual download url) but it always ends up with a 504 GATEWAY_TIMEOUT error.

curl '' -H 'Host:' -H 'User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:53.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/53.0' -H 'Accept: application/json, text/plain, */*' -H 'Accept-Language: en-US,en;q=0.5' --compressed -H 'Content-Type: application/json;charset=utf-8' -H 'Referer:' -H 'Content-Length: 35' -H 'DNT: 1' -H 'Connection: keep-alive' --data '{country":"us","platform":"Linux"}' -v

The request is supposed to return a url like:

If anyone succeeds in programmatically getting this url i'll happily integrate it instead.