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Submitter: AlD
Maintainer: spradlim
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First Submitted: 2014-07-23 09:45
Last Updated: 2020-02-19 22:31

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spradlim commented on 2019-03-19 13:37

Yes, I am still working on this. I will try and update it today. Made some progress, trying to as I get time. I see he switched over a new build system so I am trying to make sure everything is correct.

mfulz commented on 2019-03-14 23:23

Are you still maintaining this aur? There is version 18.2.6 out already and I'd like to help updating if you need assitance :)

deep_thought commented on 2019-02-26 09:49

another thing: running '/usr/lib/bareos/scripts/bareos-config initialize_local_hostname' and alike should happen after copying the files into /etc/bareos (at least, that's the location, where the script looks). So maybe you should just print the instruction for the sysadmin to execute after he set up those files from the templates?

deep_thought commented on 2019-02-26 08:30

Can you please add --with-hostname='XXX_REPLACE_WITH_LOCAL_HOSTNAME_XXX' --with-dir-password="XXX_REPLACE_WITH_DIRECTOR_PASSWORD_XXX" --with-fd-password="XXX_REPLACE_WITH_CLIENT_PASSWORD_XXX" --with-sd-password="XXX_REPLACE_WITH_STORAGE_PASSWORD_XXX" --with-mon-dir-password="XXX_REPLACE_WITH_DIRECTOR_MONITOR_PASSWORD_XXX" --with-mon-fd-password="XXX_REPLACE_WITH_CLIENT_MONITOR_PASSWORD_XXX" --with-mon-sd-password="XXX_REPLACE_WITH_STORAGE_MONITOR_PASSWORD_XXX" --with-basename="XXX_REPLACE_WITH_LOCAL_HOSTNAME_XXX" --with-hostname="XXX_REPLACE_WITH_LOCAL_HOSTNAME_XXX" to the configure options? Otherwise, bareos has this stuff fixed at compile time. (hostname of build machine may be different from host name of machine where bareos will be installed; having the passwords in the packages is also a bad idea)

The above list was derived from!topic/bareos-users/rQ4i5oHoKGQ - maybe there is some stuff missing or superfluid (I know close to nothing about bareos).

Cheers, deep42thought

icebal commented on 2018-10-05 10:02

By default, bareos runs under the bareos user, but the /usr/lib/bareos/scripts/ directory is owned by root:root causing bareos not able to usw the mtx-changer script. Can you update the pkgbuild to chown that directory to bareos:bareos, or atleast preserve the ownership when updating the files?

Edit: actually, looking further, it now looks like all bareos files need to be bareos:bareos, including /usr/bin/bareos-*

rafael.castellar commented on 2018-06-21 10:37

Fixed! Tks!!

rafael.castellar commented on 2018-06-19 10:09

I'm getting the same error: ERROR: Package contains paths with newlines Is there any tip?


icebal commented on 2018-06-12 06:41

with all bareos packages, they are getting the following error via yay and trizen. Packages to test error with are bconsole and storage-tape packages. ==> Checking for packaging issues... ==> ERROR: Package contains paths with newlines /opt/Git/bareos/pkg/bareos-director/usr/share/bareos/config/bareos-dir.d/fileset . .

Edit: looks like the file responsible is this one, created from the makepkg:


spradlim commented on 2018-04-02 13:41

Latest Change:

  • Support armv7h and aarch64
  • Fix systemd service files to create /run directories automatically.

spradlim commented on 2018-03-22 13:13

Hello Freaknils.

Yes armv7h and aarch64 work. I should add them.