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Package Base: wxlua
Description: A set of bindings to the wxWidgets library for the Lua programming language.
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Licenses: custom:wxWindows
Conflicts: wxstedit
Provides: wxstedit
Submitter: farvardin
Maintainer: caleb
Last Packager: caleb
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First Submitted: 2009-02-12 21:21
Last Updated: 2019-08-26 05:36

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Lastebil commented on 2015-07-03 14:13

I'm in favor of renaming this to wxlua-2.8, applying the changes migerh made, and then renaming wxlua-svn to wxlua.

I see a packagebuild for wxlua-svn that migerh suggested, , and I'll try to adapt that after this stupid summer flu is over and my brain works again.

caleb commented on 2015-07-02 16:39

I, too, have uses for this outside of zerobrane-studio (whatever that is) and need it to compile on stock Arch Linux -- which has Lua 5.3 (even the dependencies for this package call for that). If it only compiles on 5.2 that needs to be setup in the dependencies and the package needs to use that. Otherwise if there is a patch to make it work on 5.3 that should be added to the package here. Baring either of those options this package is non-functional as far as I can see.

Lastebil commented on 2015-06-29 06:30

Well, zerobrane-sudio(git) certainly isn't the only use of this, and as I recall we'd talked about using wxlua-svn and zerobrane-studio-git together, so if you can get this to build for the earlier package I don't see why we wouldn't leave this as "old code, not suitable for zerobrane, suitable for your own work."

If you've got a working packagebuild I'll check it/merge it in.

migerh commented on 2015-06-28 07:04

I can build it against 5.2 (building against 5.3 is not possible without patching, the build script won't allow it). But I guess most users only use it for zerobrane-studio(-git) and the studio relies on API that is present only in wxlua-svn but not in wxlua-

src/editor/editor.lua:1102: wxLua: Unable to call an unknown method 'GetUpdated' on a 'wxStyledTextEvent' type.

Lastebil commented on 2015-06-19 21:27

I'm fairly sure this isn't going to build without using the svn version, based on the number of deprications reported, even when building against version 5.2 .

I'd suggest at this time using Hollander's svn package, and I'll talk to him about merging these two. (As the only real way I see to fix this is to fork the 2013 package and start making changes, which is essentially what the svn version is...)

Lastebil commented on 2015-06-19 20:28

From old aur, which didn't populate to here:
daurnimator suggested:
Not building. Might be trying to build against lua 5.3 headers instead of 5.1?

I then replied that I hadn't checked this yet, as I had not had time. I am now checking it (and posting to the new AUR + git system.)

If you happen to pop in _right now_ while I'm checking on it, it may b0rk badly. I'll flag it out of date here as well until that's fixed.

hollunder commented on 2015-01-03 09:13

A user of wxlua-svn suggested that the webkitgtk2 dependency is missing. I think he is right and I assume it is missing for this package as well.

Lastebil commented on 2014-12-28 00:48

We've come to an agreement concerning these 4 packages (wxlua, wxlua-svn, zerobrane-studio and zerobrane-studio-git) and maintaining, and I'll go ahead and adopt.

Lastebil commented on 2014-12-25 19:02

I mailed hollander to discuss the package status.

Lastebil commented on 2014-12-25 18:45

I did say I could take over this package, but as hollander has created another package (wxlua-svn) and the one thing that uses this package (zerobrane-studio-git) is currently maintained by hollander, I'm not sure it's a good idea to maintain 2 copies.

Ping me if you feel this is neccesary (at the moment, I'm rebuilding zerobrane-studio, non-git version, and it uses the svn package - so I'm not even currently set to update this myself. Again, I said I would, so if anyone else is needing it, I'm willing to do the work.)