Package Details: wayland-docs-git 1.18.0.r18.gef611a80-1

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Package Base: wayland-git
Description: A computer display server protocol (git version) (documentation)
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Licenses: MIT
Conflicts: wayland-docs
Provides: wayland-docs=1.18.0.r18.gef611a80
Submitter: None
Maintainer: dbermond
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First Submitted: 2009-09-21 16:14
Last Updated: 2020-06-05 14:50

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dbermond commented on 2021-07-23 19:38

@tallero I cannot support pentium4 architecture, sorry. Arch Linux is currently for the x86_64 architecture only.

tallero commented on 2021-07-23 19:19

please add pentium4, x86_64 arch

dbermond commented on 2020-01-26 14:17

@linkmauve Meson support was added to master branch only 2 weeks ago. No need to rush on using it.

The commit message adding meson support says that "The goal is to maintain feature parity of the Meson build with the Autotools build", so it's clear that it's not the default build system. Just at the contrary, the current readme file instructs to use autotools.

linkmauve commented on 2020-01-22 12:25

Please switch to meson, as it is now merged and the preferred build system for this package.

Lone_Wolf commented on 2018-04-04 12:44

updated mesa-git without wayland_egl posted.

Lone_Wolf commented on 2018-04-04 08:55

Thought about it, and this isn't the first time my mesa-git needs something that hasn't been released or not made it into extra yet (libdrm comes to mind).

I'll remove wayland-egl support from mesa-git soon, probably today.

Lone_Wolf commented on 2018-04-03 18:27

Ok, issue understood. I do remember seeing a discussion about glvnd for egl libraries and that would be easier if wayland-egl was not provided by mesa, so this change does make sense.

changing mesa-git to not build wayland-egl is easy, but there's a catch. my AUR mesa-git is intended to work with extra and community.

If I remove wayland-egl my mesa-git will no longer be usable with stock wayland.

My first feeling is to create a transition package, say mesa-git-nowayland, but if looks like next stable wayland release will have wayland-egl and is very close to being released. A transition package for 1 or 2 weeks seems overkill.

I'll think some more about how to do this.

klusark commented on 2018-04-02 21:07

Also, see " - Final planned release to ship wayland-egl. Now provided by wayland."

and "libwayland-egl is now part of wayland, and will presumably be removed from mesa sometime after the 1.15 release."

I feel that mesa-git should stop shipping it instead of wayland-git as this is the final location for it.

klusark commented on 2018-04-02 21:01

@Lone_Wolf: I just saw

So it's just in both now? No sure how we're supposed to package either one then if they both have their own version of the same file. Maybe mesa is waiting on a wayland release to remove it?

Lone_Wolf commented on 2018-04-02 11:17

AUR mesa-git maintainer here.

Klusark, i'm not aware of files moved from mesa to wayland.

All mesa and mesa-git packages for archlinux i'm aware of have those files.

See below for [extra]/mesa , my AUR mesa-git, Lordheavy mesa-git . I also checked mesa 18.0.0 in [testing], it to provides wayland-egl files.

Where did you find wayland-egl was moved ?

$ sudo pacman -Fys
[sudo] password for panoramix: 
:: Synchronizing package databases...
 core is up to date
 extra is up to date
 community is up to date
 multilib is up to date
 llvm-svn is up to date
 LoneVVolf is up to date
 mesa-git is up to date
extra/mesa 17.3.7-1
multilib/lib32-mesa 17.3.7-1
LoneVVolf/lib32-mesa-git 18.1.0_devel.101298.afde9294b5-1
LoneVVolf/mesa-git 18.1.0_devel.101307.31881079af-1
mesa-git/lib32-mesa-git 101290.e8e3aa68d6-1
mesa-git/mesa-git 101290.e8e3aa68d6-1