Package Details: v4l2loopback-dc-dkms 1:1.4-3

Git Clone URL: (read-only, click to copy)
Package Base: droidcam
Description: A tool for using your android device as a wireless/usb webcam
Upstream URL:
Keywords: Android webcam
Licenses: GPL
Submitter: marquicus
Maintainer: AwesomeHaircut (LevitatingRein, invidian)
Last Packager: invidian
Votes: 84
Popularity: 4.99
First Submitted: 2011-06-29 20:31
Last Updated: 2020-09-19 17:25

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Alad commented on 2020-05-27 08:57

Manjaro is spam here, and the maintainer already said he can't install a different distribution just to support some users. Manjaro users: Please refrain from making further comments and use Manjaro support channels instead.

grazzolini commented on 2020-05-25 16:06

Upstream switched from putting versioned files on their website, to using a fixed name that has no version information. It only says "latest". So, everytime they update their version on the website, the checksum on the PKGBUILD will be outdated. This is not an issue with the package itself, but with the way upstream release. I plan on changing to a pure source package soon, once I get this building from source but, until then, if you get a checksum error, download from their website and change the PKGBUILD.

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invidian commented on 2020-09-19 12:35

jonseitz I suspect that happens, because you have "." in your PATH, so local "install" script takes precedence over "global" "install" binary. I'll fix that, it seems like a reasonable case.

jonseitz commented on 2020-09-19 01:26

Ran into an issue installing just now, getting the following error:

==> Starting package_droidcam()...
~/builds/droidcam/src/droidcam-1.3/linux ~/builds/droidcam/src
Invalid parameters: '-Dm755' and 'droidcam'
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in package_droidcam().

It seems that the issue is that the calls to install ... in the package scripts were referencing the install script in src/droidcam-1.4/linux/, instead of /sbin/install. I was able to get it working by changing the PKGBUILD to:

diff --git a/PKGBUILD b/PKGBUILD
index 5dd52df..61cf9d4 100644
@@ -54,12 +54,12 @@ package_droidcam() {
   pushd ${pkgbase}-${pkgver}/linux

   # Install droidcam program files
-  install -Dm755 "${pkgbase}" "$pkgdir/usr/bin/${pkgbase}"
-  install -Dm755 "${pkgbase}-cli" "$pkgdir/usr/bin/${pkgbase}-cli"
-  install -Dm644 icon2.png "$pkgdir/usr/share/pixmaps/${pkgbase}.png"
-  install -Dm644 "../../${pkgbase}.desktop" "$pkgdir/usr/share/applications/${pkgbase}.desktop"
-  install -Dm644 "../../${pkgbase}.conf" "${pkgdir}/etc/modules-load.d/${pkgbase}.conf"
-  install -Dm644 "$pkgdir/usr/share/licenses/${pkgbase}/LICENSE"
+  /sbin/install -Dm755 "${pkgbase}" "$pkgdir/usr/bin/${pkgbase}"
+  /sbin/install -Dm755 "${pkgbase}-cli" "$pkgdir/usr/bin/${pkgbase}-cli"
+  /sbin/install -Dm644 icon2.png "$pkgdir/usr/share/pixmaps/${pkgbase}.png"
+  /sbin/install -Dm644 "../../${pkgbase}.desktop" "$pkgdir/usr/share/applications/${pkgbase}.desktop"
+  /sbin/install -Dm644 "../../${pkgbase}.conf" "${pkgdir}/etc/modules-load.d/${pkgbase}.conf"
+  /sbin/install -Dm644 "$pkgdir/usr/share/licenses/${pkgbase}/LICENSE"

 package_v4l2loopback-dc-dkms() {
@@ -68,22 +68,22 @@ package_v4l2loopback-dc-dkms() {
   local install_dir="${pkgdir}/usr/src/${_pkgname}-${pkgver}"

   # Copy dkms.conf
-  install -Dm644 dkms.conf "${install_dir}/dkms.conf"
+  /sbin/install -Dm644 dkms.conf "${install_dir}/dkms.conf"

   # Set name and version
   sed -e "s/@_PKGNAME@/${_pkgname}/" -e "s/@PKGVER@/${pkgver}/" -i "${install_dir}/dkms.conf"

   # Install module loading configuration
-  install -Dm644 "${pkgbase}.modprobe.conf" "$pkgdir/etc/modprobe.d/${pkgbase}.conf"
+  /sbin/install -Dm644 "${pkgbase}.modprobe.conf" "$pkgdir/etc/modprobe.d/${pkgbase}.conf"

   # Install module source
   cd ${pkgbase}-${pkgver}/linux/v4l2loopback

   for d in $(find . -type d); do
-    install -dm755 "${install_dir}/$d"
+    /sbin/install -dm755 "${install_dir}/$d"

   for f in $(find . -type f ! -name '.gitignore'); do
-    install -m644 "$f" "${install_dir}/$f"
+    /sbin/install -m644 "$f" "${install_dir}/$f"

Possibly it's something specific to my system, but dropping this here in case anyone runs into the same.

Amirmohammad commented on 2020-07-13 20:02

Hello, first, I wanted to thank the maintainers. Secondly, there is an easy fix for manjaro users. You just need to install kernel headers specific to your kernel version. So after installing linuxXX-headers, reboot and then install droidcam.I've tested it and it works perfectly fine. Best of luck!

acutbal commented on 2020-07-09 10:19

@LenLord That's the problem, I've already did this before to try the installation of DroidCam: [albert@ThinkPad ~]$ sudo ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/libusbmuxd-2.0

And the build still the crashes...

UPDATE: I've found the issue, it missed the .so in libusbmuxd-2.0

Regards and thank you very much!!

LendLord commented on 2020-07-09 10:03

@acutbal As I wrote early to link you need to specify location where is libusbmuxd and execute "sudo ln -s YOUR_LIB_LOCATION /usr/lib/" replace YOUR_LIB_LOCATION with your path

acutbal commented on 2020-07-09 09:56

@LenLord Thank you very much for your help, I've found libusbmuxd.

I've searched on the Arch wiki how to link a file from an AUR package but I haven't found it. Please, could you suggest me a place where to learn it? Thank you very much and regards.

LendLord commented on 2020-07-09 09:42

@acutbal Try to find in your system and link it. Command - whereis libusbmuxd

acutbal commented on 2020-07-09 09:40

@LenLord Yes, it's installed, v.2.0.1-1. Weird...


LendLord commented on 2020-07-09 09:37

@acutbal did you install libusbmuxd? if not install and link it, if needed.

acutbal commented on 2020-07-09 09:32

@LenLord I've tried your suggestion but it doesn't work, the build still crashes. I've searched on my system the file "lusbmuxd-2.0" and it doesn't exist.