Package Details: unix-runescape-client 4.3.8-1

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Package Base: unix-runescape-client
Description: RuneScape client for Linux and Unix (RSU-Client,Legacy)
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Keywords: games osrs runescape
Licenses: GPL2
Conflicts: runescape-client-bin
Submitter: ivan_p
Maintainer: kmk3
Last Packager: kmk3
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First Submitted: 2012-05-18 13:08
Last Updated: 2019-04-06 22:01

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kmk3 commented on 2019-04-06 22:51


The FunOrb files were removed, so a clean build is recommended[1]:

makepkg -C

Then, either move or remove the prms dir, to prevent them from appearing in the launcher dropdown:

mv "$HOME/.config/runescape/share/prms/" "$HOME/.config/runescape/share/prms_old/"

The language bar and copyright footer are finally always removed[2].



ivan_p commented on 2016-03-19 16:17

If you have missed it, the NXT client is available here:

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ivan_p commented on 2015-03-29 21:54

Just remove it from the depends array:

Stif commented on 2015-03-29 17:24


Yes, if I can play without problems, I don't need the GUI

How can I install it without perl-wx?

ivan_p commented on 2015-03-29 12:02

There is nothing I can do here, the problem is with 'perl-wx' package.
But since it's only needed for GUI, you can meanwhile install this client without it.
It'll work, but you'll have no GUI.

Stif commented on 2015-03-29 01:16

I can't install it because I have a problem with perl-wx

I have this problem with perl-wx

PERL_DL_NONLAZY=1 /usr/bin/perl "-MExtUtils::Command::MM" "-MTest::Harness" "-e" "undef *Test::Harness::Switches; test_harness(0, 'blib/lib', 'blib/arch')" t/*.t
t/01_load.t ........... Failed 5/6 subtests
t/02_inheritance.t .... ok
t/03_event.t .......... ok
t/04_userdata.t ....... ok
t/05_timer.t .......... ok
t/06_loadxpm.t ........ ok
t/07_overload.t ....... ok
t/08_ovl_func.t ....... ok
t/09_create_delete.t .. ok
t/10_oor.t ............ ok
t/11_twostage.t ....... ok
t/12_pod.t ............ skipped: Author tests
t/13_nbksizer.t ....... ok
t/14_eh_die.t ......... ok
t/15_threads.t ........ 01:59:46 PM: Debug: Failed to connect to session manager: SESSION_MANAGER environment variable not defined
t/15_threads.t ........ ok
t/16_stream.t ......... ok
t/17_thread_evt.t ..... ok
t/18_unicode.t ........ Use of the encoding pragma is deprecated at t/18_unicode.t line 8.
t/18_unicode.t ........ ok
t/19_overlay.t ........ ok
t/20_ctx_threads.t .... ok
t/21_locale.t ......... ok
t/22_interface.t ...... ok
t/zz_distrib.t ........ skipped: Author tests

Test Summary Report
t/01_load.t (Wstat: 139 Tests: 1 Failed: 0)
Non-zero wait status: 139
Parse errors: Bad plan. You planned 6 tests but ran 1.
t/04_userdata.t (Wstat: 0 Tests: 65 Failed: 0)
TODO passed: 25, 49, 57
Files=23, Tests=784, 8 wallclock secs ( 0.16 usr 0.02 sys + 2.72 cusr 0.25 csys = 3.15 CPU)
Result: FAIL
Failed 1/23 test programs. 0/784 subtests failed.
Makefile:1274: recipe for target 'test_dynamic' failed
make: *** [test_dynamic] Error 255
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in check().


ivan_p commented on 2015-03-27 12:49

Look at the output of
$ pacman -Qm | grep perl
You'll have to build at least all of this packages again in the same way that you have installed them in the first place:
Using AUR helper or download and rebuild the package from AUR in the usual way.

brunorozendo commented on 2015-03-20 14:40

I am new in arch (or linux), how I rebuild all the local perl packages ?

ivan_p commented on 2014-06-17 18:40

Then you should subscribe to [arch-announce] mailing list (or, alternatively, the news feed) - this knowledge was in the news ;)

Everdras commented on 2014-06-17 07:10


Ah, rebuilding perl-wx fixed it. Excellent, thanks! I didn't know I had to do that with the perl version bump.

ivan_p commented on 2014-06-16 19:34

After updating the perl package, did you rebuild ALL the local perl packages (aka AUR packages)?
And are you using non English locale?

My problem with perl was non english locale.
My fix is posted at 'perl-wx' AUR page:
$ export LANG=C
before building 'perl-wx' and launching the client, or with:
$ env LANG=C runescape

But due to perl version bump, you should first rebuild ALL local perl-related packages, if you have not already.

Everdras commented on 2014-06-16 19:22

I also can't get the GUI to launch. Here's some stats and my findings from about 5 mins worth of poking at it:

Installed versions:


Using the desktop icon results in nothing happening.

Running "runescape" from the command line causes it to return 0 in:

real 0m0.216s
user 0m0.177s
sys 0m0.033s

Running runescape -v, -h, or --help causes it to output:

WARNING: Running in fallback mode!
rsu-queries will use the system perl so some API calls
may not work until you install certain modules

and return 0.