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Description: A lightweight approach to removing Google web service dependency
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Submitter: ilikenwf
Maintainer: seppia
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Last Updated: 2019-11-10 19:53

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seppia commented on 2019-04-07 18:31

There have been made some changes in ungoogled-chromium and there now is a separate git repository handling archlinux packaging and building. There are some concerns about the decisions that must be done reguarding the versioning scheme in paritcular. You could read about it in details here . I've always followed upstream versioning because that was ideal, also for AUR PKGBUILD, but now, as already stated, some concerns have been risen. I'm honestly a bit confused and it's not very clear to me which solution would be better to adopt. I would like to know your opinion in merit, what this community thinks about it and I encourage and very much appreciate any direct involvement from anyone interested on github repo and issue.

seppia commented on 2018-12-12 21:34

Please do NOT flag this package as out of date in relation to official chromium releases.

This is NOT Google Chromium and new releases come after additional work of the ungoogled-chromium contributors, so they may not be ready, nor available for days or even weeks after a new version of official chromium is released.

Please refer to for ungoogled-chromium releases. Use those and please flag this package as out of date only if a newer release is present there. I will update the PKGBUILD as soon as I can every time a new release comes out.


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JstKddng commented on 2019-11-11 20:19


Another thing to add to the list is that chromium is faster that FF, also, once google releases the new changes it will probably take some time for ungoogled chromium to catch up. And maybe at that point ungoogled chromium will start to diverge a lot from upstream chromium.

bsdice commented on 2019-11-11 16:20

@MasterOne Concerning Firefox's drawbacks I can only offer a rather personal list:

  • Privacy concerns, like sending all DNS traffic to Cloudflare
  • Tracking on by default (hyperlink auditing)
  • The bundled Cliqz crapware affair
  • No VAAPI hardware acceleration for video (doubling or tripling power usage)
  • Abandonment of XUL two years ago led to alot of functionality breakage
  • Using same profile with old/new versions will corrupt the profile
  • Trying to nudge users into a privacy-hostile Firefox Account for their profile
  • Much less rigorous auditing of code base (or how to explain CVE-2019-15903) compared to Chromium's manpower, including Project Zero
  • Even for seasoned developers building binaries is most painful
  • Ads on the start screen
  • Other breakage like the expired add-on certificate, disabling add-ons (that one hit the Tor Browser Bundle users hardest)
  • 90% or more of Mozilla Foundation's revenue is coming from Google through their search engine preference deals. Google does not need this, considering Firefox' small market share (3-5% depending who you ask). IMO they are keeping Mozilla only alive to be able to thwart off browser antitrust allegations, should they arise in the future. "What do you mean there are no alternatives!?". In case the stack of lobbying money in Washington D.C. fails to provide the expected return on investment.

Sounding a bit like RMS or deraadt here, apologies. Also only tangentially relevant for this package, again apologies. I would donate 50 bucks to keep ungoogled-chromium alive with all its plugins. My fallback plan is the Palemoon browser, a Firefox fork, also available here in AUR.

MasterOne commented on 2019-11-11 14:45

@bsdice, thanks for the information and quite a bummer. Hopefully these changes really can be reverted!

I agree with your statements about the claims by Chromium + Google Developers and Pi-Hole users, but I'm not so sure what you mean concerning Firefox. Can you please elaborate on that?

I currently have ungoogled-chromium and Firefox installed, but after some playing around, I am only using Firefox, mainly due to the possibility to use containers (Multi-Account Containers + Facebook Container + Temporary Containers).

I really wanted to go for ungoogled-chromium, not only for HW accelerated video support, but I just didn't get comfortable with it, especially with Extension Manifest V3 looming over its head.

Sorry for OT and I know this is not a discussion forum, but I'm always looking for some more info and I'm curious why others prefer a Chromium-based browser over Firefox. ;)

bsdice commented on 2019-11-11 13:14

Just a heads-up: "Google Begins Testing Extension Manifest V3 in Chrome Canary"

This change is sabotaging the efficient filtering of web content by browser extensions for security purposes, i.e. to deny known-insecure servers execution of their code on your machine. uBlock Origin and uBlock Matrix are affected. Related:

I am hoping this change will be reverted by Eloston, Debian and us here on Arch.

Claims by Chromium and Google developers that this change and its "32k rules limit" leads to a "more secure web browsing experience" are false.

Claims by users that Raspberry-Pi-based "Pi-hole" DNS filters in your home network are "offering equal functionality" are false.

Claims by Firefox users that their browser is offering equal functionality, stability, security or compatibility are false.

seppia commented on 2019-09-26 08:26


The 22px logo just seems to have been removed from the sources, even the chromium PKGBUILD from official repo just removed it from packaging so I did the same.

a_manthey commented on 2019-09-25 21:10

I get an error in package():

"install: der Aufruf von stat für 'chrome/app/theme/chromium/product_logo_22.png' ist nicht möglich: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden"

fixed it by renaming of file "chrome/app/theme/chromium/product_logo_22_mono.png" to "product_logo_22.png".

MasterOne commented on 2019-09-23 13:14


I've just sent you an email before the discussion here gets out of hands ;-)

This is important to me, because I want to actually use ungoogled-chromium with Intel hardware acceleration without having to manually check and fiddle around with updates in the long run.

The best solution to this problem may win!

JstKddng commented on 2019-09-23 12:29


obligatory xkcd:

MasterOne commented on 2019-09-23 10:59


That's exactly that I want too! So all we need is (another) AUR package to fulfill all these needs?

bsdice commented on 2019-09-23 10:56

@MasterOne To add some more to the confusion, there is AUR chromium-vaapi{,-bin} and that includes the patch which is needed on top of normal chromium. Eloston carried that patch for a while, but at one point has disabled it. No idea why. I don't want any Google phonehomium though.

My problem is, I want everything. Push the envelope security- and feature-wise of what is possible. I want my browser fully ungoogled for data privacy, I want working VAAPI hwdec acceleration, I need it up-to-date, I don't want to fight compilation errors, I want extensions managed by myself using chromexup (to lower risk of getting auto-updated extension malware installed in case an extension author's account is taken over). Also I want state of the art subpixel font rendering on non-retina displays with a bunch of infinality stuff from cairo-ubuntu thrown in, so websites look terrific. Better than Windows 10 at times I think.

Got all that working. Only thing missing imho is auto-update through AUR.