Package Details: tvheadend-git 4.3.r1428.gbef96c5d2-1

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Package Base: tvheadend-git
Description: TV streaming server for Linux
Upstream URL:
Licenses: GPL3
Conflicts: hts-tvheadend, hts-tvheadend-svn, tvheadend, tvheadend-git
Provides: tvheadend
Submitter: zman0900
Maintainer: zman0900
Last Packager: zman0900
Votes: 24
Popularity: 0.84
First Submitted: 2015-08-10 20:59
Last Updated: 2018-10-04 17:43

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luciferin commented on 2017-04-06 14:01

I started up a wiki page for Tvheadend. Input and help is welcome.

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zman0900 commented on 2018-06-01 21:55

DVB descrambling is enabled now. I also enabled hdhomerun.

mercora commented on 2018-06-01 11:36

DVB descrambling IS a commonly used feature. Please do not just disable it. I am pretty sure more people have to edit the build file now then the amount of people who would "benefit" from not installing/building libdvbcsa...

zman0900 commented on 2018-06-01 01:32

Is dvb descrambling a commonly used feature? We have ATSC where I live so I have no idea. I'm guessing no, so I have disabled it too allow builds to work without libdvbcsa. It is an AUR library and I don't want to make everyone build it if most don't use it. Please let me know it this should be enabled for everyone instead.

anthonytex commented on 2018-05-19 14:41

@Dabbeljoe it should work with ffmpeg 4(just recompiled). Have you rebuild this Package after updating to ffmpeg 4? if not tvheadend won't start because your binary is linked to an older version of libav shared library that is 6. it should work with any libavfilter ">=6.47.100" (ffmpeg >=3.2) as written in "configure" but of course if you don't recompile your package tvheadend will look for the "old" library. There is also an issue with the last version of gcc as written in comments below (if you are going to recompile the package)

Dabbeljoe commented on 2018-05-19 14:02

ffmpeg upgrade to 4.0 broke this package for me, because of missing

I solved it by installing

djemil commented on 2018-05-18 01:16


DocMAX commented on 2018-05-13 19:43

djemil: same here

djemil commented on 2018-05-12 19:17

$ makepkg ==> Making package: tvheadend-git 4.3.r1252.g595fd174f-1 (Sat May 12 20:15:20 CET 2018) ==> Checking runtime dependencies... ==> Checking buildtime dependencies... ==> Retrieving sources... -> Updating tvheadend-git git repo... Fetching origin -> Updating dvb-scan-tables git repo... Fetching origin ==> Validating source files with md5sums... tvheadend-git ... Skipped dvb-scan-tables ... Skipped ==> Extracting sources... -> Creating working copy of tvheadend git repo... Reset branch 'makepkg' -> Creating working copy of dtv-scan-tables git repo... Reset branch 'makepkg' ==> Starting prepare()... ==> Starting pkgver()... ==> Starting build()... Checking support/features checking for cc execinfo.h ... ok checking for cc -mmmx ... ok checking for cc -msse2 ... ok checking for cc -Wunused-result ... ok checking for cc getloadavg ... ok checking for cc atomic32 ... ok checking for cc atomic64 ... ok checking for cc atomic_time_t ... ok checking for cc atomic_ptr ... ok checking for cc bitops64 ... ok checking for cc lockowner ... ok checking for cc qsort_r ... ok checking for cc stime ... ok checking for cc gmtoff ... ok checking for cc recvmmsg ... ok checking for cc sendmmsg ... ok checking for cc libiconv ... ok ^ using external iconv library checking for cc ifnames ... ok checking for cc cclang_threadsan ... fail checking for py module gzip ... ok checking for pkg-config ... ok checking for xgettext ... ok checking for msgmerge ... ok checking for gzip ... ok checking for bzip2 ... ok checking for pkg openssl ... ok (detected 1.1.0h) checking for cc linux/dvb/version.h ... ok checking for pkg zlib ... ok (detected 1.2.11) checking for pkg libpcre2-8 ... ok (detected 10.31) checking for pkg liburiparser ... ok (detected 0.8.5) checking for pkg avahi-client ... ok (detected 0.7) checking for pkg libavfilter >=6.47.100 ... ok (detected 6.107.100) checking for pkg libswresample >=2.1.100 ... ok (detected 2.9.100) checking for pkg libavresample >=3.0.0 ... ok (detected 3.7.0) checking for pkg libswscale >=4.1.100 ... ok (detected 4.8.100) checking for pkg libavformat >=57.41.100 ... ok (detected 57.83.100) checking for pkg libavcodec >=57.48.101 ... ok (detected 57.107.100) checking for pkg libavutil >=55.28.100 ... ok (detected 55.78.100) checking for pkg libva >=0.38.0 ... ok (detected 1.1.0) checking for pkg libva-x11 >=0.38.0 ... ok (detected 1.1.0) checking for pkg libva-drm >=0.38.0 ... ok (detected 1.1.0) checking for cc sys/inotify.h ... ok checking for cc inotify_init1 ... ok checking for cc dvbcsa/dvbcsa.h ... ok checking for cc -ldvbcsa ... ok fetching dvb-scan files ... ok checking for cc epoll_create1 ... ok checking for pkg dbus-1 ... ok (detected 1.12.8)

Compiler: Using C compiler: cc Using C flags: -march=x86-64 -mtune=generic -O2 -pipe -fstack-protector-strong -fno-plt Using LD flags: -Wl,-O1,--sort-common,--as-needed,-z,relro,-z,now -ldvbcsa Build for arch: x86_64

Binaries: Using PYTHON: python3 Using GZIP: gzip Using BZIP2: bzip2

Options: pie yes ccdebug no cardclient yes cwc yes cccam yes capmt yes constcw yes linuxdvb yes satip_server yes satip_client yes hdhomerun_client no hdhomerun_static no iptv yes tsfile yes dvbscan yes timeshift yes trace yes imagecache yes avahi yes zlib yes libav yes ffmpeg_static no libx264 yes libx264_static no libx265 yes libx265_static no libvpx yes libvpx_static no libtheora yes libtheora_static no libvorbis yes libvorbis_static no libfdkaac no libfdkaac_static no libopus yes libopus_static yes nvenc no vaapi yes mmal no omx no inotify yes epoll yes pcre no pcre2 yes uriparser yes ccache no tvhcsa yes bundle no pngquant no kqueue no dbus_1 yes android no gtimer_check no slow_memoryinfo no libsystemd_daemon no bintray_cache yes ddci yes cclang_threadsan no gperftools no execinfo yes mmx yes sse2 yes W_unused_result yes getloadavg yes atomic32 yes atomic64 yes atomic_time_t yes atomic_ptr yes bitops64 yes lockowner yes qsort_r yes stime yes gmtoff yes recvmmsg yes sendmmsg yes libiconv yes ifnames yes py_gzip yes bin_pkg_config yes bin_xgettext yes bin_msgmerge yes bin_gzip yes bin_bzip2 yes ssl yes linuxdvbapi yes linuxdvb_ca yes upnp yes hwaccels yes inotify_h yes inotify_init1 yes dvbcsa yes epoll_create1 yes mpegts yes mpegts_dvb yes

Packages: openssl 1.1.0h zlib 1.2.11 libpcre2-8 10.31 liburiparser 0.8.5 avahi-client 0.7 libavfilter 6.107.100 libswresample 2.9.100 libavresample 3.7.0 libswscale 4.8.100 libavformat 57.83.100 libavcodec 57.107.100 libavutil 55.78.100 libva 1.1.0 libva-x11 1.1.0 libva-drm 1.1.0 dbus-1 1.12.8

Installation paths: Prefix: /usr Binaries: ${prefix}/bin Libraries: ${prefix}/lib Data files: ${prefix}/share Man pages: /usr/share/man/man1

Final Binary: /tmp/aur-tvheadend-git/src/tvheadend-git/build.linux/tvheadend

Tvheadend Data Directory: /usr/share/tvheadend

make -f Makefile.webui LANGUAGES="ach ady ar bg cs da de en_US en_GB es et fa fi fr he hr hu it ko lv lt nl no pl pt ro ru sl sk sq sv tr uk zh zh-Hans" all make[1]: Entering directory '/tmp/aur-tvheadend-git/src/tvheadend-git' make -f Makefile.webui WEBUI=std compile-std make[2]: Entering directory '/tmp/aur-tvheadend-git/src/tvheadend-git' src/webui/static/tvh.js.gz.tmp 1343700 src/webui/static/tvh.js.gz.tmp2 1067211 src/webui/static/tvh.js.gz 287885 src/webui/static/ 172827 src/webui/static/ 138125 src/webui/static/ 22109 src/webui/static/tvh.gray.css.gz.tmp 172292 src/webui/static/tvh.gray.css.gz.tmp2 137590 src/webui/static/tvh.gray.css.gz 22115 src/webui/static/tvh.access.css.gz.tmp 175540 src/webui/static/tvh.access.css.gz.tmp2 140076 src/webui/static/tvh.access.css.gz 22674 src/webui/static/tvh-tv.js.gz.tmp 749487 src/webui/static/tvh-tv.js.gz.tmp2 739368 src/webui/static/tvh-tv.js.gz 206260 src/webui/static/tvh-tv.css.gz.tmp 3442 src/webui/static/tvh-tv.css.gz.tmp2 2585 src/webui/static/tvh-tv.css.gz 834 Building src/webui/static/intl/tvh.ach.js.gz Building src/webui/static/intl/tvh.ady.js.gz Building src/webui/static/intl/ Building src/webui/static/intl/ Building src/webui/static/intl/tvh.cs.js.gz Building src/webui/static/intl/tvh.da.js.gz Building src/webui/static/intl/ Building src/webui/static/intl/tvh.en_US.js.gz Building src/webui/static/intl/tvh.en_GB.js.gz Building src/webui/static/intl/ Building src/webui/static/intl/ Building src/webui/static/intl/tvh.fa.js.gz Building src/webui/static/intl/ Building src/webui/static/intl/ Building src/webui/static/intl/tvh.he.js.gz Building src/webui/static/intl/ Building src/webui/static/intl/ Building src/webui/static/intl/ Building src/webui/static/intl/tvh.ko.js.gz Building src/webui/static/intl/ Building src/webui/static/intl/ Building src/webui/static/intl/ Building src/webui/static/intl/ Building src/webui/static/intl/ Building src/webui/static/intl/ Building src/webui/static/intl/ Building src/webui/static/intl/ Building src/webui/static/intl/ Building src/webui/static/intl/ Building src/webui/static/intl/tvh.sq.js.gz Building src/webui/static/intl/ Building src/webui/static/intl/ Building src/webui/static/intl/ Building src/webui/static/intl/tvh.zh.js.gz Building src/webui/static/intl/tvh.zh-Hans.js.gz WEBUI std finished make[2]: Leaving directory '/tmp/aur-tvheadend-git/src/tvheadend-git' make -f Makefile.webui WEBUI=debug compile-debug make[2]: Entering directory '/tmp/aur-tvheadend-git/src/tvheadend-git' WEBUI debug finished make[2]: Leaving directory '/tmp/aur-tvheadend-git/src/tvheadend-git' make[1]: Leaving directory '/tmp/aur-tvheadend-git/src/tvheadend-git' CC src/uuid.o CC src/main.o CC src/tvhlog.o CC src/tprofile.o CC src/idnode.o CC src/prop.o CC src/proplib.o CC src/utils.o CC src/wrappers.o src/wrappers.c: In function ‘tvhthread_create’: src/wrappers.c:200:3: error: ‘strncpy’ output truncated before terminating nul copying 4 bytes from a string of the same length [-Werror=stringop-truncation] strncpy(ts->name, "tvh:", 4); ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ cc1: all warnings being treated as errors make: *** [Makefile:704: /tmp/aur-tvheadend-git/src/tvheadend-git/build.linux/src/wrappers.o] Error 1 ==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build(). Aborting...

anthonytex commented on 2018-04-26 20:01

Yes i agree with @Wild_Penguin: pleas @zman0900 add libdvbcsa as dependency: it is now mandatory as old ffdecsa code was completly removed: Sees: And

Wild_Penguin commented on 2018-04-25 08:46

Please add libdvbcsa as a dependency!