Package Details: ttf-win7-fonts 7.1-9

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Description: Microsoft Windows 7 Latin and International TrueType fonts
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Licenses: custom
Conflicts: ttf-ms-fonts, ttf-ms-win8, ttf-tahoma, ttf-vista-fonts, ttf-win7-fonts-autodownload
Provides: ttf-font, ttf-ms-fonts, ttf-tahoma, ttf-vista-fonts
Submitter: mschmoelzer
Maintainer: severach
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First Submitted: 2011-07-16 21:50
Last Updated: 2017-05-04 00:01

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severach commented on 2017-01-12 17:11

The fonts are not automatically downloaded. You must supply them as shown in the message. 仅手动下载

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steadybright commented on 2016-03-04 23:12

That did the trick. thank you.


severach commented on 2016-03-04 21:19

You copied them as root. Use chown to change them to your user name. For me the command looks like this. Adapt as necessary.

chown -R chris:users ttf-win7-fonts/

I could fix the PKGBUILD but it's not desirable to have random files owned by root in your user folder.

steadybright commented on 2016-03-04 21:05

I receive the following error:

==> Starting build()...
chmod: changing permissions of 'arialbd.ttf': Operation not permitted
/usr/bin/makepkg: line 729: logpipe: unbound variable

The files are all set to 777. Here's a partial ls -la output:
-rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 750216 May 19 2014 arialbd.ttf
-rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 562728 May 19 2014 arialbi.ttf
-rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 557004 May 19 2014 ariali.ttf
-rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 773852 May 19 2014 arial.ttf
-rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 119876 Jun 10 2009 ariblk.ttf

Any ideas what's wrong?


severach commented on 2016-03-03 19:17

The only difference I can see is Palatino to Georgia and Courier. Perhaps someone who knows more about font configurations could comment on which of the other differences are preferred.

Example: <dir>/usr/local/winfonts</dir>
Probably not a useful line in Arch Linux.

doskoi commented on 2016-03-03 18:19

Would it not be better to replace the 20-ttf-win7-fonts-latin.conf file by an (optional?) dependency to fontconfig-ttf-ms-fonts?

doskoi commented on 2016-02-06 11:17

Newer font checksums of a fully up to date (as of 2016-02-06) Windows 7 Professional SP1 x86_64 :

#extra sums not yet in the arrays
'1d071ea275a34d2b0308a7bcb8284a5ea3f916e676ba148a4dad75c918d94860' # 1 arial.ttf en-US Version 5.22 Arial
'421cdf9718843cbb6cb45b4854f6e0b291674424508efd9616611ae48cfe27a2' # 2 arialbd.ttf en-US Version 5.22 Arial Bold
'0e0fdb339a08b6e55862e84006d3524e1a116c07e1e51938a59ec67813553002' # 3 ariali.ttf en-US Version 5.22 Arial Italic
'a7c8a1ebc598f1984ec1214afc88fcbbf55ffeed18da33eb4f8b290578acdc2e' # 4 arialbi.ttf en-US Version 5.22 Arial Bold Italic
'b5343cdbefd73fd9cddd0e6d0779d76336e3dd61683e50a5ed031a104de20a53' # 7 cour.ttf en-US Version 5.13 Courier New
'acf1f44a209518a76df17fb35fd6c0494d613d70aef4ccab52e8f7daffca1c44' # 8 courbd.ttf en-US Version 5.13 Courier New Bold
'b02c8a85e12079cd4750385b3c87102039838ef3546ea34bb0175106b8d77289' # 9 couri.ttf en-US Version 5.13 Courier New Italic
'ee94513c6fd0482a8dca4e147689a175ae055e95e41ec87392cde84424828b2c' # 10 courbi.ttf en-US Version 5.13 Courier New Bold Italic
'850d14d1ffa949a4cb2b94b4d105045a6bb6e0c06c94887b53cb193b3a28aed3' # 17 times.ttf en-US Version 5.22 Times New Roman
'781ea55ae0f2c10531ef8c9475fbbdeb64d502050cdca9adc2bf63e587ddee3e' # 18 timesbd.ttf en-US Version 5.22 Times New Roman Bold
'd3b21031a560715c4d397e56c5174ffbaf1c94e643d09ea37bc6264424bf3f84' # 19 timesi.ttf en-US Version 5.22 Times New Roman Italic
'48ae0efba1251a215f6ef5b5f451e2fbab5b07d523eb330dca53fdef5de1b8e8' # 20 timesbi.ttf en-US Version 5.22 Times New Roman Bold Italic
'18bba295099328afa56726198a0b69d3ed74548ac5a6ba6a3ce8abd375b4b0c6' # 31 sylfaen.ttf en-US Version 5.02 Sylfaen
'0d3628edf3d2f2b6e583eec2e8171800c9c5773ec259a7774c923980361cb738' # 33 calibri.ttf en-US Version 5.74 Calibri
'9d7e17a498ac1917bae5cd03f8b47f905fb00c777420e2cc336f77dd5195aa06' # 35 calibrib.ttf en-US Version 5.74 Calibri Bold
'c28b1a2f7f65685882858a6dad3d31519bd64acaa4665c289190c3382db5f835' # 36 calibrii.ttf en-US Version 5.74 Calibri Italic
'8071d1c1731a134a015994f9eb5f7249037a059c1d1e9b97dc818d933bcc82c5' # 38 calibriz.ttf en-US Version 5.74 Calibri Bold Italic
'ff5524832f7b6899f5a10df0f37bf2ff31d7de8d1671891ef7c2d1c2689e37c8' # 39 cambria.ttc en-US Version 5.97 Cambria; Cambria Math
'f244387440d55d70fbe18e3f5d2b3c265adbffcf184a9ded44618a900ccfc77b' # 40 cambriab.ttf en-US Version 5.97 Cambria Bold
'44fc1461cce2d02c8f54495135abee357c78ae118584da5471d815294d01220c' # 41 cambriai.ttf en-US Version 5.97 Cambria Italic
'f5583a61bea5801dbfbde0b700c37c180250d2c073c8ff1df4983253f142ca44' # 42 cambriaz.ttf en-US Version 5.97 Cambria Bold Italic
'2036a839a4c99ac494ae103a69555bbce38eb815ad3bce422c308cc33dcb5b30' # 47 consola.ttf en-US Version 5.24 Consolas
'5471a23f674e09edc271c0829ff6d5e8135bc55e2a544cd6d8d10fd41215154b' # 48 consolab.ttf en-US Version 5.24 Consolas Bold
'beacce7a8f56aab6217f1c26b670a51b879ca56392c3d55a5a6bf13654ea2e62' # 49 consolai.ttf en-US Version 5.24 Consolas Italic
'63ad9676906ad8347a3183b20113b77585f1a6f284d4f703e65682e7c69c20df' # 50 consolaz.ttf en-US Version 5.24 Consolas Bold Italic
'0b5a39493f49e11aca659af70b622b7bb88e348d308c033f2d0fc4794c3289be' # 62 micross.ttf en-US Version 5.21 Microsoft Sans Serif
'8ff8a56987a92d2cddca6a0f18cc9d35213607d91e561e29cce95c54a9e8cf6c' # 67 tahoma.ttf en-US Version 5.21 Tahoma
'383d2832c28fe1dfa981f08bbf1510d8f772e1e7622d7aaca9e4a446a5a9f134' # 68 tahomabd.ttf en-US Version 5.21 Tahoma Bold
'1e1975d9d7cff9ac9ddb197126be3d8202cc8e6cfbbeb1c793ab5240f0e95ea1' # 75 segoeui.ttf en-US Version 5.12 Segoe UI
'a1aa13688858bce5ea32d45c1438e74c77b99ceff5645c2a546bc2ce5a9f8456' # 76 segoeuib.ttf en-US Version 5.12 Segoe UI Bold
'8d97797f633cabf41fa5e854a7683387d6f71a5993d34edfdc363937eb05b25c' # 77 segoeuii.ttf en-US Version 5.12 Segoe UI Italic
'210d410c953811902c5e3b92cbb1f16b243006b80cfb185c2c0dc522486a139f' # 79 segoeuiz.ttf en-US Version 5.12 Segoe UI Bold Italic

doskoi commented on 2016-02-06 05:20

It doesn't find any fonts located in the same directory as the PKGBUILD file if the makepkg BUILDDIR variable is set (e.g., BUILDDIR=/tmp/makepkg).

severach commented on 2015-11-17 22:21

The fonts can't be downloaded automatically. Please obtain them from one of the sources listed in the PKGBUILD. If you have a running Windows 7 you can use the supplied copy scripts to extract out the exact fonts you need.

Anonymous comment on 2015-11-17 14:40

Missing 81 fonts!! Please update your PKGBUILD

==> Beginne build()...
Unable to find 81 font(s)
arial.ttf arialbd.ttf ariali.ttf arialbi.ttf comic.ttf comicbd.ttf cour.ttf courbd.ttf couri.ttf courbi.ttf gabriola.ttf georgia.ttf georgiab.ttf georgiai.ttf georgiaz.ttf impact.ttf times.ttf timesbd.ttf timesi.ttf timesbi.ttf trebuc.ttf trebucbd.ttf trebucit.ttf trebucbi.ttf verdana.ttf verdanab.ttf verdanai.ttf verdanaz.ttf webdings.ttf wingding.ttf sylfaen.ttf symbol.ttf calibri.ttf calibril.ttf calibrib.ttf calibrii.ttf calibrili.ttf calibriz.ttf cambria.ttc cambriab.ttf cambriai.ttf cambriaz.ttf candara.ttf candarab.ttf candarai.ttf candaraz.ttf consola.ttf consolab.ttf consolai.ttf consolaz.ttf constan.ttf constanb.ttf constani.ttf constanz.ttf corbel.ttf corbelb.ttf corbeli.ttf corbelz.ttf lucon.ttf ariblk.ttf l_10646.ttf micross.ttf pala.ttf palab.ttf palai.ttf palabi.ttf tahoma.ttf tahomabd.ttf framd.ttf framdit.ttf segoepr.ttf segoeprb.ttf segoesc.ttf segoescb.ttf segoeui.ttf segoeuib.ttf segoeuii.ttf segoeuil.ttf segoeuiz.ttf seguisb.ttf seguisym.ttf
See the the supplied _COPY scripts for easy ways to get the fonts from Windows.
Extra fonts: *.tt[fc]

Any missing files must be supplied and editing of the PKGBUILD may be required.
Edit the PKGBUILD for instructions and changes.
The necessity for user intervention makes this PKGBUILD not compatible with
1 step package installers like packer.
==> FEHLER: Ein Fehler geschah in build().
Breche ab...

severach commented on 2015-08-21 04:20

My font PKGBUILD are all designed to work together. Edit the ttf-office-2007-fonts PKGBUILD for instructions to disable the Windows fonts. That will allow it to install with all the big Windows fonts packages so you can operate with a complete set of fonts. Refresh your PKGBUILD if you don't see the instructions at the top.

This PKGBUILD also provides all the international fonts. Edit the PKGBUILD for instructions to enable these fonts and for other options.