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Description: Keyboard and mouse sharing solution. Synergy allows you to share one mouse and keyboard between multiple computers. Work seamlessly across Windows, macOS and Linux.
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First Submitted: 2017-08-25 15:39
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jaap commented on 2019-10-05 12:15

Hey guys, sorry for not really maintaining this package. Synergy 2 is never going to become a real product, this version is not supported anymore. Although you can of course still use it if you have the license and everything works for you. This will be the last update I will do to this package, as it is the last update.

From unofficial sources I have heard that everyone who owns a valid synergy2 license will get a valid license for the next major release.

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kiralex commented on 2018-01-17 06:28

This is how I fixed synergy2. First I generated a .Xauthority in my home :

$ xauth generate :0 . trusted
$ xauth add ${HOST}:0 . $(xxd -l 16 -p /dev/urandom)
$ xauth list
$ ls -la .Xauthority

then I added two lines in synergy service (/etc/systemd/system/, inside [Service] section :


Note: replace my_user_name by your user.

Then I reload systemctl services and I started synergy service :

# systemctl daemon-reload
# systemctl restart synergy

Hope this will help. This shoud be done automatically in the PKGBUILD I think

ignorespam commented on 2018-01-12 16:55

When I run the 'synergy-confg', I am receiving a debug error:

QApplication: invalid style override passed, ignoring it.

"[ Config ] " "[2018-01-12T08:53:00] debug: install dir: /usr/bin"

"[ Config ] " "[2018-01-12T08:53:00] info: log filename: /var/log/synergy/synergy-combined.log"

QObject::startTimer: Timers cannot have negative intervals

"[ Config ] " "[2018-01-12T08:53:00] warning: version check disabled, skipping"

"[ Config ] " "[2018-01-12T08:53:00] debug: connecting to background service"

"[ Config ] " "[2018-01-12T08:53:00] debug: connected to background service"

"[ Config ] " "[2018-01-12T08:53:00] debug: sending uid to service: 1000"

"[ Config ] " "[2018-01-12T08:53:00] debug: saying hello to background service"

qrc:/ActivationPage.qml:65:21: QML Image: Binding loop detected for property "sourceSize.height"

qrc:/ActivationPage.qml:65:21: QML Image: Error decoding: qrc:/res/image/symless-signin-button.svg: Unsupported image format

"[ Config ] " "[2018-01-12T08:53:01] warning: version check disabled, skipping"

"" "[ Service ] [2018-01-12T08:53:00] debug: setting core uid from rpc: 1000"

"" "[ Service ] [2018-01-12T08:53:00] debug: saying hello to config ui"

"[ Config ] " "[2018-01-12T08:53:01] debug: service cloud connection error"

"" "[ Service ] [2018-01-12T08:53:00] debug: retrying websocket connection now"

"" "[ Service ] [2018-01-12T08:53:00] debug: connecting websocket:"

"" "[ Service ] [2018-01-12T08:53:01] error: websocket handshake error 3: WebSocket upgrade handshake failed"

"" "[ Service ] [2018-01-12T08:53:01] error: websocket handshake response 400: Bad Request"

"" "[ Service ] [2018-01-12T08:53:01] debug: clearing last profile snapshot"

"[ Config ] " "[2018-01-12T08:53:01] debug: service cloud connection error"

"" "[ Service ] [2018-01-12T08:53:01] debug: retrying websocket connection in 9s"

"[ Config ] " "[2018-01-12T08:53:01] debug: current version is update to date"

BifbofII commented on 2018-01-07 15:25

After some trial and error I got the synergy.service working by adding the line Export=XAUTHORITY=/path/to/.Xauthority to the [Service] section. Probably that could be implemented in a way that this is automatically done during installation? For me the file was in my useres home directory...

conrad784 commented on 2018-01-05 10:44

@jaap I think no package on Arch should enable its service automatically. Do you mind removing this function in your post_install?

Sasasu commented on 2018-01-04 15:16

I think we should patch synergy.service.

jaap commented on 2017-12-30 17:11

this is the beta channel, please update to the stable channel ( for only the stable updates, the new betas will probably come in late January.

jaap commented on 2017-12-30 17:09

trusin, I have changed the .install file to only execute that part after installation. I don't want to change the user experience. danalec, as for your problem. this is already in the .install file so I cant do anything about it.

trustin commented on 2017-12-30 02:47

Could you please remove this line from post_install():

    systemctl enable synergy.service >/dev/null || true

I disabled the service and it's resurrected whenever I upgrade/reinstall the package. All other daemon packages I know do not enable a service automatically.

jaap commented on 2017-12-22 14:05

thanks to jprater you can now download the .deb directly from synergy instead of having to setup a dropbox mirror.

jtyr commented on 2017-11-28 23:39

Please change the source URL to what's on the official Download page:

Using private Dropbox to store publicly available files feels very fishy.