Package Details: spyder-git 5.0.5.r360.gd829e6db6-1

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Package Base: spyder-git
Description: The Scientific Python Development Environment
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Licenses: MIT
Conflicts: spyder, spyder3-git
Provides: spyder
Replaces: spyder3-git
Submitter: willemw
Maintainer: willemw
Last Packager: willemw
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First Submitted: 2015-02-24 08:52
Last Updated: 2021-07-10 14:42

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willemw commented on 2020-08-05 07:20


Some dependencies may need to be downgraded.

Alternatively, try to edit the requirements file ("requirements/conda.txt" in the source files or "requires.txt" in the installed files).

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willemw commented on 2013-06-24 13:17

Updated package (pacman 4.1, python dependencies, ...).

willemw commented on 2013-06-23 07:17

All the python 'depends' and 'optdepends' are now python3 dependencies. These package names should start with 'python2-' and 'pylint' should be 'python2-pylint'.

davidovitch commented on 2013-05-20 14:02

What I haven't figured out yet is to prevent from having the mercurial repo directory (.hg) twice, as now it lives in both src/spyderlib/.hg and spyderlib/.hg. Any ideas, I can't figure it out based on the official guidelines:

flying-sheep commented on 2013-05-18 12:55

fixed it:

davidovitch commented on 2013-04-08 11:43

Since pacman 4.1, I think every -git, -hg, -bzr needs to be updated. It is explained here:

For example, to get the correct version info I updated the PKGBUILD with:

pkgver() {
cd @srcdir/$_hgrepo-build
hg identify -ni | awk 'BEGIN{OFS=".";} {print $2}'

contrebasse commented on 2012-11-09 22:38

It seems that it requires python2-pyzmq:
ImportError: IPython.zmq requires pyzmq >= 2.1.4

big_gie commented on 2012-11-08 17:08

EDIT: Sorry AUR broke the patch.

Here's a pastebin for a diff of a working PKGBUILD:

big_gie commented on 2012-11-08 17:06

Here's a diff to a working PKGBUILD:
--- PKGBUILD.orig 2012-11-08 11:50:03.511586937 -0500
+++ PKGBUILD 2012-11-08 12:05:03.158445735 -0500
@@ -1,43 +1,57 @@
# Maintainer: TDY <>

pkgdesc="Scientific PYthon Development EnviRonment providing MATLAB-like features (formerly pydee)"
arch=('i686' 'x86_64')
-makedepends=('mercurial' 'setuptools')
+depends=('python2-pyqt' 'python2-pyflakes' 'desktop-file-utils' 'python2-pyzmq')
+makedepends=('mercurial' 'setuptools' 'python2-sphinx')
optdepends=('pylint: code analysis'
- 'python-matplotlib: 2D plotting'
- 'python-numpy: N-dimensional arrays'
- 'python-scipy: signal/image processing')
+ 'ipython2: enhanced Python interpreter'
+ 'python2-rope: editor code completion, calltips and go-to-definition'
+ "python2-sphinx: object inspector's rich text mode"
+ 'python2-numpy: N-dimensional arrays'
+ 'python2-scipy: signal/image processing'
+ 'python2-matplotlib: 2D/3D plotting')


build() {
cd "$srcdir"
+ msg "Connecting to Mercurial server...."

- if [[ -d $_hgrepo/.hg ]]; then
- cd $_hgrepo && hg pull -u && cd ..
+ if [[ -d "$_hgrepo" ]]; then
+ cd "$_hgrepo"
+ hg pull -u
+ msg "The local files are updated."
- hg clone $_hgroot/$_hgrepo
+ hg clone "$_hgroot" "$_hgrepo"

- rm -rf $_hgrepo-build
- hg clone $_hgrepo $_hgrepo-build
- cd $_hgrepo-build
+ msg "Mercurial checkout done or server timeout"
+ msg "Starting build..."
+ rm -rf "$srcdir/$_hgrepo-build"
+ cp -r "$srcdir/$_hgrepo" "$srcdir/$_hgrepo-build"
+ cd "$srcdir/$_hgrepo-build"

python2 build

package() {
cd "$srcdir/$_hgrepo-build"
- python2 install --prefix=/usr --root="$pkgdir"
+ python2 install --prefix=/usr --root="$pkgdir" --optimize=1
install -Dm644 $_hgrepo/ \
+ #Icon
+ sed -i -e '$a\Icon=spyder' "$srcdir/$_hgrepo-build"/scripts/spyder.desktop
+ install -D -m644 "$srcdir/$_hgrepo-build"/scripts/spyder.desktop \
+ "${pkgdir}"/usr/share/applications/spyder.desktop
+ install -D -m644 "$srcdir/$_hgrepo-build"/spyderlib/images/spyder.svg "${pkgdir}"/usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps/spyder.svg

cheesinglee commented on 2012-02-24 09:59

Build fails for me because it appears that the hg repository is pulled in twice, and gives up because no changes were added after the second pull.

I commented out the if-clause in build(), and was then able to get it to install.

vit commented on 2010-11-21 12:26

Doesn't compile.
real URL is
pulling from
searching for changes
no changes found
updating to branch default
383 files updated, 0 files merged, 0 files removed, 0 files unresolved
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 16, in <module>
from sphinx import setup_command
ImportError: No module named sphinx

Is it updated for python3?