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Package Base: servo-git
Description: Parallel Browser Project: web browser written in Rust
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Keywords: browser engine rust
Licenses: MPL
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Provides: servo
Submitter: beatgammit
Maintainer: farseerfc (lilac)
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First Submitted: 2013-08-16 05:23
Last Updated: 2019-10-19 11:21

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jnbek commented on 2017-04-20 00:22

OK, so far, this will NOT build on the system installed Rust/Cargo. It throws errors about 'feature can not be enabled on the Stable release'. I'll keep messing with it to see if I can make any headway, but I'm not making any promises. If any one wants to try, see
This file will need to be copied to the ./servo directory as .servobuild after the initial git clone is completed. Obviously if anyone has any success getting it built, feel free to email me a patch and I'll get it implemented. The goal is to have this use the system rust/cargo and use the --release build for better performance, with a cpl variables to uncomment if you want the --dev build or to use the bundled rust/cargo versions.

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leidola commented on 2014-12-01 14:19

Does anybody have an idea, why the package fails using yaourt or aura with the following error, but works when building it manually with makepkg?

Compiling encoding v0.2.0 (
Compiling gl_generator v0.0.1 (
Build failed, waiting for other jobs to finish...
Failed to run custom build command for `rustuv v0.0.1 (`
Process didn't exit successfully: `make -C build` (status=2)
--- stdout
make: Entering directory '/home/oleid/.cargo/git/checkouts/green-rs-b9cfdf70c4e4296e/servo/librustuv/build'
(cd libuv && python ./ -f make -Dtarget_arch=x64 \
-D ninja \
-DOS=linux \
-Goutput_dir=/tmp/yaourt-tmp-oleid/aur-servo-git/src/servo/target/native/rustuv-31b2f01c9f5360db/libuv --generator-output /tmp/yaourt-tmp-oleid/aur-servo-git/src/servo/target/native/rustuv-31b2f01c9f5360db/libuv)
Makefile:50: recipe for target '/tmp/yaourt-tmp-oleid/aur-servo-git/src/servo/target/native/rustuv-31b2f01c9f5360db/libuv/Makefile' failed
make: Leaving directory '/home/oleid/.cargo/git/checkouts/green-rs-b9cfdf70c4e4296e/servo/librustuv/build'

--- stderr
File "./", line 51
print 'Error running GYP'
SyntaxError: Missing parentheses in call to 'print'
make: *** [/tmp/yaourt-tmp-oleid/aur-servo-git/src/servo/target/native/rustuv-31b2f01c9f5360db/libuv/Makefile] Error 1
Obviously, the wrong python version is used.

onodera commented on 2014-11-09 18:19

Hi, cmake is missing as a build dependency.

beatgammit commented on 2014-09-08 17:26

@klusark - Sorry for the long delay, I've disowned the package. Go ahead and take it over.

I was hoping to revisit this once the cargo patch[1] lands, but I don't have a lot of time now.

[1] -

klusark commented on 2014-06-09 04:55

I created an updated pkgbuild

@beatgammit, I can take over the package if you want.

beatgammit commented on 2014-05-28 01:12

@Jonhoo - Not really, this is actually my first git-based PKGBUILD. I'll fix it up soon.

@m4b - Good catch, I'll add that to the dependencies.

@Kudlaty - Sadly no, it takes a long time to compile, so I'm not too motivated to track down the errors. I'll make sure to post here when it is working. Hopefully soon!

If anyone wants to maintain this, just let me know and I'll orphan it. I do plan on getting it working.

Jonhoo commented on 2014-05-24 13:27

Any particular reason why you're not using the built-in support in makepkg for git sources [1]?


m4b commented on 2014-05-07 19:55

this requires autoconf; the says it requires autconf2.13 but this package will not ./configure without autoconf installed.

Kudlaty commented on 2014-04-09 06:28

is it working now?

beatgammit commented on 2014-03-18 02:53

Yes, this PKGBUILD is mostly broken. I'm working on that, but it takes ~30 min to build on my laptop, so it's slow going. I'll hopefully have an update soon that is usable.

Pyfisch commented on 2014-03-02 09:40

I tried to install it. But it did not work. There are really many missing dependencies, I installed some, but it still does not work.

I have a relativly new installation of Arch.