Package Details: radium 6.9.72-1

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Package Base: radium
Description: A graphical music editor. A next generation tracker.
Upstream URL:
Licenses: GPL2
Groups: pro-audio
Submitter: speps
Maintainer: KenjiTakahashi (Teteros)
Last Packager: Teteros
Votes: 18
Popularity: 0.23
First Submitted: 2013-05-22 03:41
Last Updated: 2021-05-17 20:45

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Teteros commented on 2018-06-02 20:26

[MY PKGBUILD] radium 5.6.7 => radium 5.7.0


Teteros commented on 2018-05-18 13:14

[MY PKGBUILD] radium 5.6.5 => radium 5.6.7

  • Updated use-system-vstsdk.patch upstream ref aaad1dd
Build & Install

llvm40 binaries provided in last comment if anyone has troubled building them

git clone radium && cd $_; makepkg -si

Teteros commented on 2018-05-10 10:09

[MY PKGBUILD] radium 5.4.4 => radium 5.6.5

  • Added libtirpc as dependency as glibc no longer provides rtc.h needed by libpd. Used sed in this patch to avoid needing to unpack libpd in the PKGBUILD.

  • Fixed use-system-vstsdk.patch due to changes in upstream. Likely this will need to be checked again next radium update as there's vstsdk changes due in master.

  • LLVM...

LLVM39 has been dropped from community, AUR version does not compile (at time of edit).

LLVM40 currently compiles if tests are disabled. It takes a long to build so you can use my packages below if you trust them:

curl -OL -o && unzip -j $_ -d ${_%.*} && sudo pacman -U $_/llvm40-*.tar.xz

Teteros commented on 2018-01-12 07:32

@j5lx I made a diff against the binary distribution of radium and the entire styles folder is included there.

I wanted to bring this package a bit closer to the official bin package because some features like pure-data (already fixed) and faustdev were missing files, preventing them from functioning properly.

If you're confident we can leave the other few files in styles out feel free to do so, I've played a bit with faust and noticed no problems with just the .lib files imported into the package, though the bin package of radium includes a bit of source files not needed to run it indeed.

5.4.6 is already out, you may want to bump the ver to the newest since radium updates so frequently :)

J5lx commented on 2018-01-11 20:43

I wonder why you changed it to copy the entire Styles folder rather than just *.qss but still went for *.lib for the libraries. LGTM otherwise, I’ll try to find a moment to test and merge your changes tomorrow or on the weekend.

Teteros commented on 2018-01-07 02:10

[AUR PKGBUILD] radium 5.4.2 => radium 5.4.4


Clone: git clone radium


Edits: More information on some comments and checksum update for the radium version bump.

My suggestions for this package:

1) Use llvm40 from AUR instead of llvm39 from Extra. This is because llvm39 conflicts with llvm, this creates problems on some machines. LLVM 4.0.1 is the last known version to work with radium's faust.

For instance on AMD, mesa's gallium/radeon driver requires LLVM on runtime, not only for make/compile. This means installing any other llvm than system llvm (that mesa is linked with) will cause errors on startup of any OpenGL or Vulkan application on systems that use Gallium accel.

(This explains my radium startup issues earlier which j5lx could not reproduce as my hardware uses the radeon driver.)

It seems to be a known issue and the llvm-dev mailing list has recommended either hacking the build script or linking LLVM statically:

Since llvm40 (AUR) is packaged so that it does not conflict with system llvm and llvm40-libs packages the dynamic .so as well as static .a libs, I've decided to use the latter approach.

radium and faust were patched to statically link to llvm40-libs, using llvm-config-4.0 Patch File: use-llvm40-static-libs.patch

The downside is that llvm40 needs to be compiled, which takes a while. Fortunately this is a one-time thing since newer LLVM versions are in extra.

I've looked into building radium without the faustdev instrument (so radium does not link to LLVM), but some kind of llvm is still needed to compile faust2 (which builds faust instruments for radium) Might as well compile with llvm if you need it to build I think.

A faust binary could be provided into the AUR package here, that is build with compatible LLVM, but I think that goes against AUR guidelines (build from source when possible)

2) Include .lib files from the faust distribution in package() Currently faustdev instrument can't even initialize without music.lib since that's the default line used in faustdev when it's added.

You can't do much without importing any .lib in faust either, as most signal processing functions are in the faust libraries for you to use in your synth/DSP.

.lib files from faust2/architecture should be bundled in the package (included in my PKGBUILD on gist)

urldog commented on 2017-09-16 12:55

This is what I'm getting now:

AUR Packages (1) radium-4.9.14-1
Repo Packages (2) lld-4.0.1-5 llvm-4.0.1-5

Repo Download Size: 23.25 MiB
Repo Installed Size: 156.95 MiB

:: Proceed with installation? [Y/n] y
:: Retrieving package(s)...
:: radium build files are up-to-date -- skipping
[sudo] password for quesada:
:: Checking radium integrity...
==> Making package: radium 4.9.14-1 (Sa 16. Sep 14:53:45 CEST 2017)
==> Retrieving sources...
-> Found 4.9.14.tar.gz
-> Found radium
-> Found use-system-libxcb.patch
-> Found use-system-vstsdk.patch
-> Found use-new-cxx11-abi.patch
==> Validating source files with md5sums...
4.9.14.tar.gz ... FAILED
radium ... Passed
use-system-libxcb.patch ... Passed
use-system-vstsdk.patch ... Passed
use-new-cxx11-abi.patch ... Passed
==> ERROR: One or more files did not t pass the validity check!
:: failed to verify radium integrity

Any idea why?

KenjiTakahashi commented on 2017-08-07 02:59

@Teteros: Thanks a lot for working on this! Especially for the faust/LLVM fix this time, I honestly couldn't make much sense of this problem ;-].

I've also changed to use a wrapper instead of a patch. Although that patch did what it was expected to, I don't understand the "else commented out" thing. But one less patch is one less patch. I only removed the LD_LIBRARY_PATH bit, there's no /opt/radium/lib dir in our distribution, so it didn't do anything.

Added pure-data dir, too.

Again, thanks for looking into all this.

Teteros commented on 2017-08-03 06:49

To add to the last comment, pure-data dir is missing from libpd-master in packages. Needs to be installed to /opt/radium/packages/libpd-master/pure-data

Otherwise pure data crashes when added in the mixer.

Teteros commented on 2017-08-02 03:39

@j5lx Hello again, issues for this to compile on latest git have been resolved.
You may upgrade the package when 4.9.13 is released.
The required patches are on my gist:


1) (Pull Req Merged, in master) LLVM 4.0.1 fix.

2) (Fixed, in master) Invalid Makefile target.

3) (New patch, use-new-cxx11-abi.patch) See above issue. I believe for compatibility with new gcc versions Kjetil has explicitly set D_GLIBCXX_USE_CXX11_ABI=0 in CXXFLAGS which makes gcc use the old CXX ABI. However this causes the faust package to not compile for us because LLVM in Arch repos has been build with the new ABI as per default in GCC5+. I've set the existing flags =0 in this patch, but more may be need to be set in later builds.

4) (Updated, use-system-libxcb.patch and use-system-vstsdk.patch) Patches were rejected due to file changes in upstream.

PKGBUILD Suggestion:

Kjetil looked through our patches (!) and suggested the empty lib paths patch shouldn't be emptied like done in dont-empty-qt-library-paths.patch as the "else" clause becomes commented out.

I suggest we instead go with the wrapper approach like done in radium's binary release.

One way...

Remove the empty-qt-library-paths.patch and unsource/remove patch in PKGBUILD
Include my from gist

Change the install command in the PKGBUILD to
install -Dm755 "${srcdir}/" "${pkgdir}/usr/bin/radium"

This will remove the need for that patch and will run radium with arguments using the radium lib in /opt and system qt5-plugins.