Package Details: qt4 4.8.7-31

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Package Base: qt4
Description: A cross-platform application and UI framework
Upstream URL:
Licenses: custom, GPL3, LGPL, FDL
Conflicts: qt
Replaces: qt<=4.8.4
Submitter: arojas
Maintainer: dviktor
Last Packager: dviktor
Votes: 35
Popularity: 4.65
First Submitted: 2019-05-01 11:51
Last Updated: 2019-07-29 18:11

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dviktor commented on 2019-06-18 12:50

Binary version for latest version (4.8.7-31) with PGP signature is available here

eschwartz commented on 2019-05-09 13:24


qt4 was expelled from the official repositories due to

It will not be restored, because software needs to stop using qt4. It's fine for people to still use it via the AUR if they have old software that is not ported, but the proper solution is to get that software ported to qt5.

"It takes a long time to compile" is not a reason to move it to community.


Only Developers and Trusted Users have access to, and we will not be uploading qt4 there. If we wanted qt4, we would upload it to community, but we don't -- we have managed to move every package still being actively maintained in the official repos, over to qt5, and we want to stay that way.


Again, the proper long-term solution is to get software ported over to qt5.

dviktor commented on 2019-05-05 17:49

For those who have problems with ‘std::tr1’ has not been declared error: build in clean chroot with extra-x86_64-build script.

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dviktor commented on 2019-08-14 22:02

@NobodyDBG, @Rumcajs try to build in clean chroot

NobodyDBG commented on 2019-08-02 08:51

Can't build:

make[2]: *** [Makefile.WebKit:1381: .obj/release-static/YarrPattern.o] Fehler 1
In Datei, eingebunden von heap/MarkStack.h:32,
                 von heap/Heap.h:27,
                 von runtime/JSGlobalData.h:33,
                 von interpreter/CallFrame.h:26,
                 von runtime/ArgList.h:25,
                 von runtime/JSObject.h:26,
                 von wtf/DateMath.cpp:79:
./wtf/HashSet.h: In Instanziierung von »std::pair<WTF::HashTableConstIteratorAdapter<WTF::HashTable<typename TraitsArg::TraitType, typename TraitsArg::TraitType, WTF::IdentityExtractor<typename TraitsArg::TraitType>, HashArg, TraitsArg, TraitsArg>, typename TraitsArg::TraitType>, bool> WTF::HashSet<Value, HashFunctions, Traits>::add(const ValueType&) [mit ValueArg = void*; HashArg = WTF::PtrHash<void*>; TraitsArg = WTF::HashTraits<void*>; typename TraitsArg::TraitType = void*; WTF::HashSet<Value, HashFunctions, Traits>::ValueType = void*]«:
heap/MarkStack.h:74:71:   von hier erfordert
./wtf/HashSet.h:191:32: Fehler: »((WTF::HashSet<void*>*)this)->WTF::HashSet<void*>::m_impl.WTF::HashTable<void*, void*, WTF::IdentityExtractor<void*>, WTF::PtrHash<void*>, WTF::HashTraits<void*>, WTF::HashTraits<void*> >::add((* & value))« konnte nicht von »pair<WTF::HashTableIterator<void*, void*, WTF::IdentityExtractor<void*>, WTF::PtrHash<void*>, WTF::HashTraits<void*>, WTF::HashTraits<void*> >,[...]>« nach »pair<WTF::HashTableConstIteratorAdapter<WTF::HashTable<void*, void*, WTF::IdentityExtractor<void*>, WTF::PtrHash<void*>, WTF::HashTraits<void*>, WTF::HashTraits<void*> >, void*>,[...]>« umgewandelt werden
  191 |         return m_impl.add(value);
      |                                ^
      |                                |
      |                                pair<WTF::HashTableIterator<void*, void*, WTF::IdentityExtractor<void*>, WTF::PtrHash<void*>, WTF::HashTraits<void*>, WTF::HashTraits<void*> >,[...]>
make[2]: *** [Makefile.WebKit:2196: .obj/release-static/DateMath.o] Fehler 1
make[2]: Verzeichnis „/tmp/yaourt-tmp-kevin/aur-qt4/src/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.7/src/3rdparty/webkit/Source/JavaScriptCore“ wird verlassen
make[1]: *** [Makefile.WebKit:43: sub-JavaScriptCore-JavaScriptCore-pro-make_default-ordered] Fehler 2
make[1]: Verzeichnis „/tmp/yaourt-tmp-kevin/aur-qt4/src/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.7/src/3rdparty/webkit/Source“ wird verlassen
make: *** [Makefile:747: sub-webkit-make_default-ordered] Fehler 2
==> FEHLER: Ein Fehler geschah in build().
    Breche ab...
==> FEHLER:Makepkg konnte qt4 nicht erstellen.
==> Erstellen von qt4 neu starten?[j/N]
==> -----------------------------------

Rumcajs commented on 2019-07-31 16:29

Build fails, pls provide a binary package, thx.

yarr/YarrPattern.cpp: In member function ‘bool JSC::Yarr::YarrPatternConstructor ::setupAlternativeBeginTerms(JSC::Yarr::PatternAlternative, WTF::Vector<JSC::Yarr::TermChain>, unsigned int, unsigned int)’: yarr/YarrPattern.cpp:869:17: warning: this statement may fall through [-Wimplicit-fallthrough=] 869 | if (term.invert()) | ^~ yarr/YarrPattern.cpp:872:13: note: here 872 | case PatternTerm::TypeParenthesesSubpattern: | ^~~~ make[2]: [Makefile.WebKit:1381: .obj/release-static/YarrPattern.o] Error 1 make[2]: Leaving directory '/tmp/makepkg/qt4/src/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.8.7/src/3rdparty/webkit/Source/JavaScriptCore' make[1]: [Makefile.WebKit:43: sub-JavaScriptCore-JavaScriptCore-pro-make_default-ordered] Error 2

slav commented on 2019-07-31 06:21

@mozo Thanks

dviktor commented on 2019-07-30 09:10


FIY permalink to the latest binary version is in attached post

mozo commented on 2019-07-30 09:04

Here's the latest binary version:

vonWolfens commented on 2019-07-24 13:17

The 'shiboken' package lists qt4 as a dependency but requires the QtXmlPatterns, which are no longer built using the current PKGBUILD, one would need to add the -xmlpatterns option to the ./configure script in PKGBUILD for the correct build.

dviktor commented on 2019-06-19 09:28

@SunDoctor, you could see how to perform clean chroot build here or just try to install binary package from here

SunDoctor commented on 2019-06-19 08:42

@dviktor: i'm not so advanced to make 'clean chroot'. I did it as user with 'makepkg -s'

piedro commented on 2019-06-18 13:10

Thx a lot for the link to the binary!

Cheers, p.