Package Details: python-xgboost-git r3762.a2042b68-1

Git Clone URL: (read-only)
Package Base: xgboost-git
Description: XGBoost Python 3 wrapper
Upstream URL:
Licenses: Apache
Conflicts: python-xgboost
Provides: python-xgboost
Submitter: jyantis
Maintainer: ixaphire
Last Packager: ixaphire
Votes: 9
Popularity: 0.000080
First Submitted: 2015-01-09 00:13
Last Updated: 2019-06-12 21:29

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ixaphire commented on 2018-08-09 12:39

Should be fixed now, ty

p90 commented on 2018-08-09 10:05

Hi, is this package broken for anyone else?

For quite some time I get this then trying to update: ==> Beginne prepare()... Submodul 'cub' ( für Pfad 'cub' in die Konfiguration eingetragen. Submodul 'dmlc-core' ( für Pfad 'dmlc-core' in die Konfiguration eingetragen. Submodul 'rabit' ( für Pfad 'rabit' in die Konfiguration eingetragen. Klone nach '/tmp/makepkg/xgboost-git/src/xgboost/cub' ... Klone nach '/tmp/makepkg/xgboost-git/src/xgboost/dmlc-core' ... Fertig. Klone nach '/tmp/makepkg/xgboost-git/src/xgboost/rabit' ... Fertig. Submodul-Pfad: 'cub': 'b20808b1b04ec3d6a625e51fbc1eb76f337754ad' ausgecheckt Submodul-Pfad: 'dmlc-core': 'f2afdc7788ee8ed6fd06cc095b6838d4ce61bb5a' ausgecheckt Submodul-Pfad: 'rabit': '87143deb4c0a34302f727ba35497e3380b2cced8' ausgecheckt patching file python-package/ Hunk #1 FAILED at 5. Hunk #2 succeeded at 43 (offset 7 lines). 1 out of 2 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file python-package/ patching file python-package/xgboost/ Hunk #1 succeeded at 21 with fuzz 1. ==> FEHLER: Ein Fehler geschah in prepare(). Breche ab... 2018-08-09 12:02:53,733 - wrappers - makepkg - ERROR - makepkg query ['makepkg', '-cf', '--noconfirm'] failed in directory /home/p91/.cache/aurman/xgboost-git

Is that because of a problem with this package or because I broke something on my system?

ixaphire commented on 2017-12-01 14:43

What command do you run, dwalz?

dwalz commented on 2017-12-01 07:27

ok I don't know why this fails ...

dwalz commented on 2017-12-01 07:26

:: resolving dependencies...
:: no results found for xgboost (dependency tree: python-xgboost-git xgboost)

Shouldn't it be xgboost-git?

ixaphire commented on 2017-10-11 00:15

> Is GPU support enabled?
Unfortunately, no.

383IGLkvPl commented on 2017-10-09 23:05

Is GPU support enabled?

stephencox commented on 2017-02-18 18:07

My git config had autocrlf set...

ixaphire commented on 2017-01-20 20:06

That's very strange, PKGBUILD doesn't contain CRLF, and checksums are correct. What commands do you run to get this output? It should be something like git clone /tmp/xgboost && cd /tmp/xgboost && makepkg.
Btw, python_no_libs.patch couldn't be applied to the latest version of xgboost, I've fixed it just now.

stephencox commented on 2017-01-20 16:46

I first get the following:

:: Checking xgboost-git integrity...
==> ERROR: PKGBUILD contains CRLF characters and cannot be sourced.

==> ERROR: An unknown error has occurred. Exiting...
:: failed to verify xgboost-git integrity

The I get:

-> Updating rabit git repo...
Fetching origin
-> Found python_no_libs.patch
==> Validating source files with sha256sums...
xgboost ... Skipped
dmlc-core ... Skipped
rabit ... Skipped
python_no_libs.patch ... FAILED
==> ERROR: One or more files did not pass the validity check!