Package Details: python-poppler-qt5 0.75.0-4

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Package Base: python-poppler-qt5
Description: Python binding to libpoppler-qt5
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Keywords: poppler python qt qt5
Licenses: LGPL
Submitter: venatux
Maintainer: caleb
Last Packager: caleb
Votes: 33
Popularity: 1.02
First Submitted: 2016-02-07 14:04
Last Updated: 2020-05-28 21:57

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caltlgin commented on 2020-12-02 19:51

caleb commented on 2020-02-19 04:59

@Rhinocerous The problem with monkey-patching things downstream like I just did is that it breaks as soon as upstream fixes anything. In this case good and necessary changes to a different package and/or the upstream project will eventually break this one with no warning. Since it might be a packaging issue that breakage will happen even without an upstream release, so it's not like we'll see it when bumping this packages, it will just stop building at some point.

Rhinoceros commented on 2020-02-19 04:31

@caleb Unfortunately I'll be away for the next few weeks as well, so I won't post quite yet. I figure this kind of hack is fine if it works though?

caleb commented on 2020-02-18 09:41

@Rhinocerous Please do (post on the forums) because clearly something outside of this packaging is broken but it's not clear to me what or who to poke to get it fixed. I've added you as a co-maintainer in case you find something out while I'm out of touch, I'll be in and out of internet in the next few weeks. I have a temporary hack (similar to @j_4321's) in place right now, it would be nice to remove it and do a clean build as soon as whatever upstream or peer issue this is get fixed.

caleb commented on 2020-02-18 09:36

@cdemoulins Please don't flag packages as out-of-date that don't have new upstream releases. See the comments for what is wrong with the build here (it has to do with other packages not providing what they claim to).

j_4321 commented on 2020-02-12 08:49

I have tried the solution in the comments of python-poppler-qt5-git and it is working for me. They use

python build_ext --pyqt-sip-dir=/usr/lib/python3.8/site-packages/PyQt5/bindings/

instead of

python build

and this way sip finds QtCoremod.

Rhinoceros commented on 2020-02-10 20:52

Thanks @caleb. That makes sense. Perhaps we could post on the Arch forums?

caleb commented on 2020-02-10 10:04

@Rhinocerous I can confirm I happen to have those dependencies as well (because they are Calibre deps). Looking at the difference between python{,2}-pyqt5 there is a pretty significant looking difference:

python-pyqt5 /usr/lib/python3.8/site-packages/PyQt5/bindings/QtCore/QtCoremod.sip
python2-pyqt5 /usr/share/sip/PyQt5/QtCore/QtCoremod.sip

Honestly I'm not sure what's wrong here, but this is either an upstream bug, an issue with one of those two packages, or a configuration issue with our build. From what I know of Python module building the current way are configured should be correct. Before I add a workaround that does something so non-standard It would be nice to know what / whose issue we are actually patching (and know when the workaround should be removed when it gets fixed elsewhere).

Rhinoceros commented on 2020-02-10 09:56

Thanks @caleb. It's the build failing.

==> Starting build()...
running build
running build_ext
building 'popplerqt5' extension
/usr/bin/sip -I /usr/share/sip -t POPPLER_V0_74_0 -c build/temp.linux-x86_64-3.8 -b build/temp.linux-x86_64-3.8/poppler-qt5.sbf -I /usr/share/sip/PyQt5 -n PyQt5.sip -t Qt_5_14_0 -t WS_X11 poppler-qt5.sip
sip: Unable to find file "QtCore/QtCoremod.sip"
error: command '/usr/bin/sip' failed with exit status 1
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().

I realised that it builds fine on one of my systems and fails on the other. I attempted installing the dependencies that @ubuntourist recommended, and can confirm that after installing python2-pyqt5 (which depends on python2-sip-pyqt5) the package builds fine. I can also confirm that python2-sip-pyqt5 alone is not sufficient to build. Yes, the dependency on a python2 package is odd!

caleb commented on 2020-02-10 07:09

@Rhinoceros Try the current pkgrel. I split the build and install steps instead of having it implicitly build so that we can potentially see where your error is actually coming from.