Package Details: popcorntime 0.3.10-18

Git Clone URL: (read-only, click to copy)
Package Base: popcorntime
Description: Stream movies from torrents. Skip the downloads. Launch, click, watch.
Upstream URL:
Licenses: GPL3
Submitter: ItachiSan
Maintainer: ItachiSan
Last Packager: ItachiSan
Votes: 47
Popularity: 1.17
First Submitted: 2016-03-01 20:36
Last Updated: 2019-06-11 19:37

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ItachiSan commented on 2018-07-24 21:01

You are free to report issues regarding the packaging here: be aware that sometimes the package will fail to build because of outdated upstream and updated dependency, which will require me some time to test and solve the problem; I do also have life stuff, packaging is a free-time activity.

Info regarding the package

The package uses the sources available at:

I am aware of the different clones and branches; I do still believe that this code is acceptable (not affected itself from malware).

As the nw.js toolchain provided by the PopcornTime team can not be proven as non-malware easily, this package uses the official nw.js toolchain provided here:

and uses for additional codecs the prebuilt FFmpeg library provided here:

In addition, the PKGBUILD won't point to the 0.3.10 Git reference but will also include important commits, for e.g. security reasons or providers changes.

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ItachiSan commented on 2019-09-29 11:15

Package got flagged because of a "repo not found" error... Tried to build it, no errors. Unflagged

@Amriptal1456 no worries, package should work with no problem :)

Amritpal1456 commented on 2019-08-22 02:15

warning " > backbone.marionette@3.5.1" has incorrect peer dependency "underscore@~1.8.3".

is this something should i worry about?

sorry i am not good with torrents :)

ItachiSan commented on 2019-08-21 09:25

@xereon for that exists popcorntime-bin.

Amritpal1456 commented on 2019-08-13 13:45

@xereon dude tf, why use that looooong process when you could use just 2 commands to get popcorn time installed without doing the complicated stuff git clone <> cd popcorntime makepkg -si

thats all you have to do install pakages from aur, if following the long process then what is the use of packaging.....

xereon commented on 2019-08-12 19:51

This process worked for me.

   <<< Arch Linux Popcorn-Time Installation >>>

To install Popcorn-Time on Arch linux follow these steps...

  1. Download Popcorn-Time-0.3.10-Linux-64.tar.gz from the following link:

Or you can use this direct link for 64bit version:

  1. Create a new directory in /opt:

    sudo mkdir /opt/popcorntime

  2. Now go to the Downloads directory.

    cd Downloads

  3. Extract the downloaded Popcorn Time files into the newly created /opt/popcorntime directory.

    sudo tar Jxf Popcorn-Time-* -C /opt/popcorntime

  4. Create and edit a new file named popcorntime.desktop by using this command

    sudo nano /usr/share/applications/popcorntime.desktop

Insert the following lines:

[Desktop Entry]
Version = 1.0 
Type = Application 
Terminal = false 
Name = Popcorn Time 
Exec = /usr/bin/Popcorn-Time 
Icon = /opt/popcorntime/src/app/images/icon.png 
Categories = Application; 

Save the file by pressing Ctrl + x then press y and hit Enter

Open your Menu and type popcorntime, right click on the icon then click Add to Panel. On the Add New Item popup window, select Panel 2 then click Add.

The Popcorn Time shortcut will be added to your launcher.

Enjoy your movie :)

Aqa-Ib commented on 2019-05-31 23:42

I like this package more than popconrtime-bin. Thank you very much for it.

ItachiSan commented on 2019-05-16 09:04

@kronikpillow that is a basic Python error; you're running a Python2 script with Python3.

Just execute:

python2 --target_arch=x64

No need for sudo, although I doubt the build is going to work without patching the build script.

kronikpillow commented on 2019-05-15 14:32

so i tried installing did git clone cd nwjs-ffmpeg-prebuilt sudo python --target_arch=x64

and i get a

File "", line 104 print '\n\nShutdown requested... \x1b[0;31;40m' + 'exiting' + '\x1b[0m' ^ SyntaxError: Missing parentheses in call to 'print'. Did you mean print('\n\nShutdown requested... \x1b[0)?

... so maybe this is the reason? codecs for NW.js aren't installed at all

Kaliwaal commented on 2019-05-12 05:39

thanks for the suggestion @ItachiSan,

I will uninstall this one and re-install the now orphaned package. At least it was working fine.


ItachiSan commented on 2019-05-10 16:14

@kronikpillow & @Kaliwaal

  1. As the software works as it should (most of the videos play back fine), I don't see why this package miss something.
  2. The fact that series can't be played back is an issue, not of the packaging (build the software and put it in proper place) but of the software itself. So you can't blame me, even partially.
  3. If you read the pinned comment (I doubt you do, due to the answer), I say the ffmpeg library is pre-built, so it might possibly be an upstream issue.
  4. popcorntime-bin as a package is not maintained from upstream at all; it just repackages the official tarball.
  5. If such package is fine, you might use it meanwhile.
  6. I do AUR packaging in my free time, which I might not have (as for this week)
  7. I still believe the ffmpeg library is the main culprit and will test stuff during the weekend; meanwhile, I still recommend you to open a ticket upstream at the prebuilt ffmpeg library Github repository (just to be clear)