Package Details: perl-wx 0.9932-3

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Package Base: perl-wx
Description: Interface to the wxWidgets cross-platform GUI toolkit
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Licenses: GPL, PerlArtistic
Submitter: None
Maintainer: yochananmarqos
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First Submitted: 2007-09-20 07:29
Last Updated: 2021-11-08 16:06

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dracorp commented on 2016-03-31 20:17

I didn't know that there is problem with installing xorg-server-xvfb, sorry.

swiftgeek commented on 2016-03-31 09:17

This is a weird change, i proposed
if [[ -z "$DISPLAY" || -x /usr/bin/xvfb-run ]]; then
To use use xvfb-run if it has to be used or prefer that if available - not to force everywhere
Only missing DISPLAY is explicitly requiring xvfb-run

tancrackers commented on 2016-03-31 09:10

I didn't have this package installed:

So when I let yaourt install the missing dependency, it didn't just install xorg-server-xvfb from the main repos; it tried to build it from the aur:

==> Retrieving PKGBUILD and local sources...
receiving file list ... done

sent 160 bytes received 44,667 bytes 17,930.80 bytes/sec
total size is 44,025 speedup is 0.98
==> Edit PKGBUILD ? [y/N] ("A" to abort)
==> ------------------------------------
==> n

==> WARNING: This PKGBUILD describes a split package.
==> Specific package options are unknown
==> xorg-server dependencies:
- mesa-libgl (package found) [makedepend]
- xf86driproto (package found) [makedepend]
- xcmiscproto (package found) [makedepend]
- xtrans (package found) [makedepend]
- bigreqsproto (package found) [makedepend]
- presentproto (package found) [makedepend]
- resourceproto (package found) [makedepend]
- dmxproto (package found) [makedepend]
- libdmx (package found) [makedepend]
- xorg-util-macros (package found) [makedepend]
- glproto (package found) [makedepend]
- dri2proto (package found) [makedepend]
- dri3proto (package found) [makedepend]
However, I exited yaourt, pacman -S xorg-server-xvfb, and was able to update perll-wx with no problem. Did I encounter a yaourt problem? Or is it a pkgbuild error here?

WizardStan commented on 2016-03-23 11:35

re: works just fine with wxgtk 3.0: I did that first, compiled everything via makepkg in order as required, got the bad plan problem. Removed everything and tried with yaourt, same problem.

It was then that I removed wxgtk 3.0 and installed 2.8 and went ahead with modifying the build process as others had suggested, only now I'm getting stuck because it fails to compile looking for wx-3.0 and I don't know how to change that.

I then went back to 3.0, completely removing 2.8 again, just to be sure, and every way of installing still yields "bad plan". It didn't occur to me to just disable the check, but you're absolutely right, it installed just fine and as near as I can tell everything works perfectly. Perhaps that's a reasonable solution? If so many people are having problems, and the problem is just in the test, perhaps just remove it? Or at least some kind of comment on failure to rerun with --nocheck and hope for the best?

swiftgeek commented on 2016-03-23 03:00

@WizardStan: perl-aliex-wxwidget is choosing wxgtk version, though using arch's wxgtk2.8 requires some additional quirks in alien PKGBUILD as wxgtk2.8 isn't replacement for wxgtk package (See PKGBUILD/its git history for those quirks)
Also ffs, it works just fine with wxgtk 3.0.x so just recompile packages in order.
About Bad Plan: first thing to try is to disable checks and install anyway, though i recompiled this package against 3.0.x and no issue has happened

@dracorp: those windows are still annoying, would it be ok to change that line to:
if [ -z "$DISPLAY" ] || [ -x /usr/bin/xvfb-run ]; then

WizardStan commented on 2016-03-23 02:32

I'm still getting the same "Bad plan" error as people talk about below using the current PKGBUILD. I've then tried removing wxgtk and installing wxgtk2.8, modifying the PKGBUILD for both this and perl-alien-wxwidget as recommended but while perl-alien-wxwidget installs without issue, I'm getting "fatal error: wx/defs.h: No such file or directory" when compiling perl-wx which seems to be from the fact that, despite wxgtk2.8 is installed and 3.0 is not, the Makefile is still being generated with "-I/usr/include/wx-3.0" and I've no idea how to change that.

dracorp commented on 2016-01-10 10:22

I've correct the PKGDBUILD, now it's built.
I need to improve all my Perl PKGBUILD and apply similar changes.

sushipriest commented on 2015-11-27 23:26

The bug with wxgtk can easily be identified during build a bit sooner, I got this warning and knew what to do:
Warning: Mismatch between the program and library build versions detected.
The library used 3.0 (wchar_t,compiler with C++ ABI 1008,wx containers,compatible with 2.8),
and your program used 3.0 (wchar_t,compiler with C++ ABI 1009,wx containers,compatible with 2.8).

Solution for those who are too lazy to scroll down:
yaourt -R wxgtk && yaourt -S wxgtk2.8

swiftgeek commented on 2015-10-12 00:27

@phyks Everything is explained thoroughly in log

phyks commented on 2015-10-10 13:42

Build fails during the check() step, with the following output: