Package Details: perl-app-sqitch 1.1.0-4

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Package Base: perl-app-sqitch
Description: Sane database change management
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Licenses: MIT
Submitter: jtojnar
Maintainer: bertogs
Last Packager: bertogs
Votes: 4
Popularity: 0.162674
First Submitted: 2017-03-30 04:14
Last Updated: 2020-12-20 00:49

Latest Comments

TheGoliath commented on 2020-06-24 14:28

Done :)

aliksend commented on 2020-06-24 14:10

Fix required - change cd "$srcdir/$_dist-$pkgver" to cd "$srcdir/$_dist-v$pkgver" Also you must build like

    /usr/bin/perl Build.PL
    ./Build installdeps # this step missing in script, but it cannot be passed automatically

Quatro commented on 2018-11-13 17:26

For anyone having trouble installing this, due to perl-config-gitlike being removed from AUR, you can install it with the following PKGBUILD:

You just need to add this dependency: perl-module-install to it.

On other note: Also, you need to add perl-dbd-pg to sqitch for pg support or it will error out on deploy with:

❯ sqitch deploy db:pg:spacex
DBD::Pg 2.0 required to manage PostgreSQL

Ludonope commented on 2018-07-05 08:24

Trying to install getting following error:

error: target not found: perl-config-gitlike>=1.11

jtojnar commented on 2017-12-24 00:32

@Noah-Huppert: That is a bug in aura, using partial function without checking the list length first.

Noah-Huppert commented on 2017-12-24 00:25

Got an error installing:

sudo aura -Ax perl-app-sqitch         
aura >>= Determining dependencies...
aura: Prelude.head: empty list

jtojnar commented on 2017-10-20 22:17

I just received the following e-mail:

AUR Package deleted: perl-config-gitlike

Alad [1] deleted perl-config-gitlike [2].

You will no longer receive notifications about this package.


lisael commented on 2017-10-08 21:26

Updated to 0.9996

@daurnimator: I've added the missing check deps.

Regarding the man pages, I still get this error, even if the man pages are correctly deployed. I guess I have to read TF man man, learn Perl and Perl packaging or find someone who knows how to fix it.

daurnimator commented on 2017-07-15 10:22

In general the application works; but I think man pages are installed in wrong location or something? Running without args:

$ sqitch
No manual entry for sqitchcommands

Trace begun at /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/App/Sqitch/Command/ line 41
App::Sqitch::Command::help::find_and_show('App::Sqitch::Command::help=HASH(0xf120b8)', 'sqitchcommands', '-exitval', 2) called at /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/App/ line 329
App::Sqitch::_pod2usage('App::Sqitch', 'sqitchcommands') called at /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/App/ line 173
App::Sqitch::go('App::Sqitch') called at /usr/bin/vendor_perl/sqitch line 14

daurnimator commented on 2017-07-15 09:53

Missing dependencies on perl-test-dir, perl-test-file-contents