Package Details: pacdiffviewer 0.2.1-1

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Package Base: pacdiffviewer
Description: Pacfiles manager.
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Keywords: pacnew pacsave
Licenses: GPL
Conflicts: yaourt
Submitter: Morganamilo
Maintainer: Morganamilo
Last Packager: Morganamilo
Votes: 2
Popularity: 0.000034
First Submitted: 2019-07-02 17:24
Last Updated: 2019-07-05 15:54

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canton7 commented on 2020-12-26 12:54

Currently failing to build:

   Compiling pacdiffviewer v0.2.0 (/home/canton7/.cache/yay/pacdiffviewer/src/pacdiffviewer-0.2.1)
error[E0277]: the trait bound `std::string::String: std::convert::From<&std::string::String>` is not satisfied
  --> src/
36 |     let alpm = Alpm::new(&pacconf.root_dir, &pacconf.db_path)
   |                ^^^^^^^^^ the trait `std::convert::From<&std::string::String>` is not implemented for `std::string::String`
   = help: the following implementations were found:
             <std::string::String as std::convert::From<&'a str>>
             <std::string::String as std::convert::From<std::borrow::Cow<'a, str>>>
             <std::string::String as std::convert::From<std::boxed::Box<str>>>
   = note: required because of the requirements on the impl of `std::convert::Into<std::string::String>` for `&std::string::String`
   = note: required by `alpm::alpm::Alpm::new`

error[E0658]: use of unstable library feature 'range_contains': recently added as per RFC (see issue #32311)
   --> src/
382 |             if range.contains(&(n + 1)) != invert {
    |                      ^^^^^^^^

error: aborting due to 2 previous errors

Some errors occurred: E0277, E0658.
For more information about an error, try `rustc --explain E0277`.
error: Could not compile `pacdiffviewer`.

To learn more, run the command again with --verbose.
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().
error making: pacdiffviewer