Package Details: matterhorn 50200.8.0-3

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Package Base: matterhorn
Description: A terminal-based chat client for MatterMost
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Licenses: BSD
Submitter: amaloz
Maintainer: amaloz
Last Packager: amaloz
Votes: 4
Popularity: 0.71
First Submitted: 2017-05-31 16:55
Last Updated: 2020-04-02 18:02

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amaloz commented on 2019-10-25 23:30

Not sure how to separate out the building from the downloading in cabal new-build, so I can fix this by moving everything to prepare().

As for the 'invalid or corrupt package', I'll need a little more context there, as I can't reproduce.

xored commented on 2019-10-25 23:12

I get 'invalid or corrupt package' during the installation.

matterhorn-bin is broken too, as commented

dreieck commented on 2019-10-01 09:43

Needs internet connetion during build(). Please make sure that build() does not need internet, by dealing with all download in the source-array and in prepare().

==> Starting build()...
Downloading the latest package list from
Downloading  basement-0.0.11

amaloz commented on 2019-03-29 16:49

I think you need to install ghc8.2, which is available in the AUR.

jasondaigo commented on 2019-03-20 16:57

i cannot build this or the other matterhorn packages currently

error: target not found: ghc8.2 ==> ERROR: 'pacman' failed to install missing dependencies. :: Unable to build ghc8.2 - makepkg exited with code: 8

amaloz commented on 2018-09-24 19:02

Hmm, I've run into things like this before with cabal and had to manually remove those packages that ghc-pkg check complains about. But I'm no cabal expert so there might be a better way that I'm unaware of.

In the worst case, you could try the matterhorn-bin package, which uses pre-built binaries so should work fine.

Ppjet6 commented on 2018-09-21 23:21

Hi there, thanks for the package!

I am unable to build, I get the following issue, any idea if there's anything I need to do?

Configuring library for timezone-olson-0.1.9..
Preprocessing library for timezone-olson-0.1.9..
Building library for timezone-olson-0.1.9..
[1 of 4] Compiling Data.Time.LocalTime.TimeZone.Olson.Types ( Data/Time/LocalTime/TimeZone/Olson/Types.hs, dist/build/Data/Time/LocalTime/TimeZone/Olson/Types.o )
[2 of 4] Compiling Data.Time.LocalTime.TimeZone.Olson.Render ( Data/Time/LocalTime/TimeZone/Olson/Render.hs, dist/build/Data/Time/LocalTime/TimeZone/Olson/Render.o )
[3 of 4] Compiling Data.Time.LocalTime.TimeZone.Olson.Parse ( Data/Time/LocalTime/TimeZone/Olson/Parse.hs, dist/build/Data/Time/LocalTime/TimeZone/Olson/Parse.o )

Data/Time/LocalTime/TimeZone/Olson/Parse.hs:50:1: error:
    Could not find module ‘Control.Exception.Extensible’
    There are files missing in the ‘extensible-exceptions-’ package,
    try running 'ghc-pkg check'.
    Use -v to see a list of the files searched for.
50 | import Control.Exception.Extensible (try, throw, Exception, ErrorCall)
   | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
cabal: Failed to build timezone-olson-0.1.9 (which is required by
test:test_messages from matterhorn-40901.0.0 and exe:matterhorn from

Also I noticed cabal is using ~/.cache, I wonder if that's a cabal issue or if the package is missing some xdg magic.

amaloz commented on 2018-08-17 00:59

I've been unable to build generally without the static versions of ghc and cabal, so I've made those explicit makedepends requirements.

languitar commented on 2018-08-16 13:31

This lacks community/haskell-tasty-quickcheck as a build dependency

ohboy commented on 2018-08-15 07:35

I have following build failure with the latest version:

The program 'ghc' version >=6.11 is required but it could not be found