Package Details: logitechmediaserver 7.9.2.arch2-1

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Package Base: logitechmediaserver
Description: Slimserver for Logitech Squeezebox players. This server is also called Logitech Media Server. (Release-Version, if you prefer bleeding edge consider using logitechmediaserver-git instead)
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Keywords: logitech slimserver squeezebox
Licenses: GPL, custom
Submitter: vesath
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Votes: 68
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First Submitted: 2011-11-03 06:54
Last Updated: 2018-08-07 10:19

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Renophaston commented on 2019-06-16 04:18

Have you rebuilt the logitechmediaserver package? It's working for me here on Linux 5.1.9-arch1-1-ARCH (x86_64) with perl 5.30.0-2 and logitechmediaserver 7.9.2.arch2-1, as far as I can tell.

gps1539 commented on 2019-06-15 22:17

Same issue for me. I see that perl was upgraded to 5.30 (was 5.28), however after downgrading to perl 5.28 I see from systemctl status "The following modules failed to load: DBI EV XML::Parser::Expat HTML::Parser JSON::XS Digest::SHA1 YAML::>oad: DBI EV XML::Parser::Expat HTML::Parser JSON::XS Digest::SHA1 YAML::XS Sub::Name"

Looks like other packages will need to be downgraded.

niki0815 commented on 2019-06-15 19:01

logitechmediaserver-7.9.2.arch2-1 with Arch Linux 5.1.9-arch1-1-ARCH is not running anymore. After the todays pacman updates, logitech media server does not start up and shows the following error:

Jun 15 20:51:16 music-multiroom systemd[1]: Started Logitech Media Server Daemon.

Jun 15 20:51:16 music-multiroom[357]: Scan.c: loadable library and perl binaries are mismatched (got handshake key 0xce00080, needed 0xcd00080)

Jun 15 20:51:16 music-multiroom systemd[1]: logitechmediaserver.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE

Jun 15 20:51:16 music-multiroom systemd[1]: logitechmediaserver.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.

Does anyone know what to do?

morrisar47 commented on 2019-06-08 23:43

Alas, I spoke too soon. While I was able to start the service and listen to music, the web display no longer updates. Back to kernel 5.0.10.

morrisar47 commented on 2019-06-08 23:35

to follow up on my previous comment

I replaced line 248 in /opt/logitechmediaserver/Slim/Web/

$peer = inet_ntoa($peer); with $peer = unpack('N',$peer);

and it appears to be working agian

morrisar47 commented on 2019-05-21 14:04

I'm running logitechmediaserver (7.9.2.arch2-1) on a cubietruck.

The program fails with kernel versions 5.1.X for linux-armv7

Reverting to kernel 5.0.10-1 allows the media server to run normally. The error message is

May 21 06:13:34 machine[320]: [19-05-21 06:13:32.5580] Slim::Networking::IO::Select::ANON (131) Error: Select task failed calling Slim::W
eb::HTTP::acceptHTTP: Bad arg length for Socket::inet_ntoa, length is 16, should be 4 at /opt/logitechmediaserver/Slim/Web/ line 248.

diode commented on 2018-12-01 15:26

I get the following error message:

... ==> Extracting sources... -> Extracting slimserver-7.9.2.arch2.tar.gz with bsdtar -> Extracting slimserver-vendor-7.9.2.arch2.tar.gz with bsdtar ==> Starting prepare()... cp: preserving permissions for '_PRESERVE/URI': Operation not permitted ==> ERROR: A failure occurred in prepare(). Aborting...

System: Odroid C1 (ARMv7), fresh installed ArchlinuxARM Process: tar -xvzf logitechmediaserver.tar.gz cd logitechmediaserver makepkg

mnd999 commented on 2018-09-16 09:52

On ARM I get:

cp: will not overwrite just-created '/home/mark/logitechmediaserver/pkg/logitechmediaserver/opt/logitechmediaserver/CPAN/perllocal.pod' with 'CPAN/build/5.28/lib/perl5/armv7l-linux-thread-multi/perllocal.pod'
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in package().

Solved, the clean doesn't work properly. I had to manually delete /home/mark/logitechmediaserver/src/slimserver-vendor-7.9.2.arch2/CPAN/build/5.26 commented on 2018-08-07 10:30

I've updated to the latest GIT-Version and removed the upper limit for perl for now. Perl upgrades didn't break much since Perl 5.22 to 5.24 so I hope this makes upgrading a little easier for everyone.

The dependency perl-net-upnp is removed, I've returned to the LMS-packed version. The package has to be rebuilt after upgrading perl of course... Hope it works for you :)

Renophaston commented on 2018-08-06 19:49

I can confirm that upgrading perl doesn't seem to break anything on my machine (x86_64), and I'll comment again if I find anything broken.

For what it's worth, I never uninstalled this package: I edited the LMS PKGBUILD, built+installed it, then upgraded perl... and then rebuilt+installed LMS again just in case.