Package Details: llvm-git 10.0.0_r332063.b462cdff05b-1

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Package Base: llvm-git
Description: LLVM development version. includes clang and many other tools
Upstream URL:
Keywords: clang git lld lldb llvm polly
Licenses: custom:Apache 2.0 with LLVM Exception
Conflicts: clang, compiler-rt, lld, lldb, llvm, polly
Provides: aur-llvm-git, clang=10.0.0_r332063.b462cdff05b-1, clang-git=10.0.0_r332063.b462cdff05b-1, compiler-rt=10.0.0_r332063.b462cdff05b-1, compiler-rt-git=10.0.0_r332063.b462cdff05b-1, lld=10.0.0_r332063.b462cdff05b-1, lld-git=10.0.0_r332063.b462cdff05b-1, lldb=10.0.0_r332063.b462cdff05b-1, lldb-git=10.0.0_r332063.b462cdff05b-1, polly=10.0.0_r332063.b462cdff05b-1, polly-git=10.0.0_r332063.b462cdff05b-1
Submitter: yurikoles
Maintainer: Lone_Wolf
Last Packager: Lone_Wolf
Votes: 110
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First Submitted: 2018-12-05 13:56
Last Updated: 2019-11-18 14:13

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Lone_Wolf commented on 2019-04-12 20:41

I've looked good at clang-trunk , llvm-svn, repo llvm/clang packages and think this package is now on route to become a worthy successor to llvm-svn .

  • llvm-libs-git holds the runtime libraries.

    It conflicts with the repo llvm-libs package. I understand how older llvm libs repo packages do it, not sure yet if i agree with the approach.

  • llvm-git

    has llvm , clang, compiler-rt, ocaml & python bindings, polly , lld , lldb . The provides for llvm-svn have been re-added to allow others maintainers to update their packages.

Package now uses a new environment variable to make ninja behave, NINJAFLAGS. If you want to use it adjust the snippet below to your desired values and add it to makepkg.conf.

Incase you are satisfied with ninja defaults you don't need to do anything.

# Add to makepkg.conf
# limit ninja to 20 jobs
# requires special code in PKGBUILD
# see ninja --help for additonal options

llvm check now works, clang check however fails. I suggest to test without nocheck first, if build fails due to test failure add--nocheck .

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Lone_Wolf commented on 2019-11-18 14:14

Confirmed and corrected. There were also other corrections needed because of python 3.8.

Sinistar commented on 2019-11-17 16:47

llvm-ocaml-git needs to be added to pkgname

Lone_Wolf commented on 2019-11-13 15:10

Ocaml support is now (back) in its own sub-package.

akin2silver commented on 2019-11-03 06:32

That looks to have solved my issue, thank you very much :)

Lone_Wolf commented on 2019-11-02 00:37

  • Patch updated to latest version, unfortunately llvm tests now fail due to upstream changes.

  • Cebtenzzre, upon checking I found other files missing.

I added options=('staticlibs ') .

Lone_Wolf commented on 2019-11-01 10:35

That specific fail is due to the enable-SSP-and-PIE-by-default patch . It comes from the extra/clang package and has given that error since the patch was added.

I'll check if it has been changed in extra llvm 9 package.

akin2silver commented on 2019-11-01 07:22

Unsure how to track this one down as the size of this build is way beyond me, any idea's what went on here? I am on Manjaro and just used pacman to do a standard update. This is the only update I am missing.


Testing:  0.. 10.. 20.. 30.. 40.. 50.. 60.. 70.. 80.. 90.. 

Testing Time: 111.95s
Failing Tests (1):
    Clang :: Driver/riscv64-toolchain.c

  Expected Passes    : 16104
  Expected Failures  : 22
  Unsupported Tests  : 95
  Unexpected Failures: 1
FAILED: tools/clang/test/CMakeFiles/check-clang 
cd /var/tmp/pamac-build-lucas/llvm-git/src/_build/tools/clang/test && /usr/bin/python /var/tmp/pamac-build-lucas/llvm-git/src/_build/./bin/llvm-lit -sv --param clang_site_config=/var/tmp/pamac-build-lucas/llvm-git/src/_build/tools/clang/test/ --param USE_Z3_SOLVER=0 /var/tmp/pamac-build-lucas/llvm-git/src/_build/tools/clang/test
ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in check().

Cebtenzzre commented on 2019-10-30 21:53

One library that is missing if staticlibs is not enabled is "/usr/lib/clang/10.0.0/lib/linux/libclang_rt.ubsan_standalone-x86_64.a". I needed that library in order to use -fsanitize=undefined with clang.

Lone_Wolf commented on 2019-10-30 21:26

  • ConfuZzled

I never tested it, but doubt it is a good idea. building mesa-git is fast (typically 1-5 minutes on my system).

  • Cebtenzzre

/usr/lib/clang/10.0.0/lib/linux/ folder from llvm-git package holds compiler-rt runtime files. Could you provide a testcase to show what you're missing ?

Cebtenzzre commented on 2019-10-29 22:51

I needed to add options=('staticlibs') to the PKGBUILD to get the static libraries that are part of compiler-rt. The Arch repo package for compiler-rt sets this option.