Package Details: linux-xanmod-lts 5.4.89-1

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Package Base: linux-xanmod-lts
Description: The Linux kernel and modules with Xanmod patches
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Licenses: GPL2
Submitter: figue
Maintainer: figue (figuepluto, jfigueras)
Last Packager: figue
Votes: 9
Popularity: 0.71
First Submitted: 2017-11-22 02:00
Last Updated: 2021-01-13 08:23

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figue commented on 2018-12-15 22:40

Please, check new release. You have now several variables to enable/disable features.


## The following variables can be customized at build time. Use env or export to change at your wish
##   Example: env _microarchitecture=25 use_numa=n use_tracers=n use_pds=n makepkg -sc
## Look inside '' to choose your microarchitecture
## Valid numbers between: 0 to 25
## Default is: 0 => generic
## Good option if your package is for one machine: 22 => native
## Disable NUMA since most users do not have multiple processors. Breaks CUDA/NvEnc.
## Archlinux and Xanmod enable it by default.
## Set variable "use_numa" to: n to disable (possibly increase performance)
##                             y to enable  (stock default)
if [ -z ${use_numa+x} ]; then
## For performance you can disable FUNCTION_TRACER/GRAPH_TRACER. Limits debugging and analyzing of the kernel.
## Stock Archlinux and Xanmod have this enabled. 
## Set variable "use_tracers" to: n to disable (possibly increase performance)
##                                y to enable  (stock default)
if [ -z ${use_tracers+x} ]; then
## Enable PDS CPU scheduler by default
## Set variable "use_pds" to: n to disable (stock Xanmod)

Personally I'm running now xanmod kernel compiled with this:

env _tracers=0 _numa=0 _pds=1 makepkg -s

Also, you can now put a file in your local repo to build this package with a custom config. You have to call this file myconfig.


  # Put the file "myconfig" at the package folder to use this feature
  if [ -f "${startdir}/myconfig" ]; then
    msg2 "Using user CUSTOM config..."
    cp -f "${startdir}"/myconfig .config

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figue commented on 2020-12-10 16:48

Thanks! 7db8b4a74002

Scimmia commented on 2020-12-10 16:42

Please see the warning here:

figue commented on 2020-05-17 14:21

@TheGoliath check xanmod releases here before flagging out-of-date:


longspear commented on 2020-04-05 16:08

@figue, thanks for updating to 5.4.

figue commented on 2020-04-04 14:23

@enihcam thanks. I've pushed yesterday linux-xanmod-lts49. It doesn't require any maintenance for now. If upstream make a new version is as simple as bump version. That's it.

Thanks again for your suggestions to improve all my packages.

enihcam commented on 2020-04-04 01:22

perfect package! I don't think you will need to package the previous version as linux-xanmod-lts49. 4.9 is deprecated and not showing up in xanmod official page. People who are addicted to 4.9 can just block the upgrade in pacman.conf or switch to other AUR kernels. Also, to maintain a lot of AUR packages would distract you, I'm guessing. :)

shierji commented on 2020-04-03 11:22

Thanks A Lot!

figue commented on 2020-04-03 08:45

Package changed to branch 5.4. Latest commit description doesn't reflect that (sorry about that). Please check that all is ok. Will try to push the old package to a new AUR package (linux-xanmod-lts49) for backup reasons. Probably in some point it will be deleted if upstream doesn't merge new patches.

enihcam commented on 2020-04-02 00:44

Hi! When will linux-xanmod-lts move to 5.4.x? linux-xanmod is edge version now. I'm looking for a stable but still modern kernel.

figue commented on 2020-02-14 23:23

@Markospox you can set all CFLAGS you want, but probably the easiest you can do is to use tuning options already present in package. I personally use:

_microarchitecture=19 use_numa=n use_tracers=n use_ns=y _localmodcfg=y makepkg

Set your microarchitecture to native (22) or exactly for your CPU (execute this to know what you have: gcc -c -Q -march=native --help=target | grep march | head -1 | awk '{print $2}'). All is documented in PKGBUILD and

In flags posted in Phoronix, compilation is for generic CPUs (mtune=generic), so you will gain a bit speed tunning microarchitecture. Also if you want a specific package, install modprobed-db (see archlinux wiki how to use) and that way you only build needed modules for your system. If not, don't use _localmodcfg