Package Details: libretro-mame-git 68841.c97e836b22-1

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Package Base: libretro-mame-git
Description: libretro implementation of MAME. (Arcade)
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Licenses: custom:MAME License
Groups: libretro
Submitter: OJaksch
Maintainer: OJaksch
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First Submitted: 2015-10-09 14:44
Last Updated: 2019-10-12 11:14

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OJaksch commented on 2018-08-17 03:48

@urbenlegend: I know what you mean, but cannot comprehend this:

yaourt libretro-mame-git

1 aur/libretro-mame-git 60059.c816514b727-1 [installed] (5) (0,08)

pamac update -a

[...] To build (2):

swiften 4.0.2-1
swift-im 4.0.2-1

The extra 7 in this case arrives when compiling and testing with makepkg; I'm gathering "commits" and "last commit" (60059.c816514b72-1 here) for "pkgver" and after building pkgver is getting a higher/extended version number than before. And this is really weird as this is the other way round at my site: If I leave pkgver that way, all is well. But when I set pkgver to the really seen "last commit", MY aur-helpers are complaining for an update.

Anyway, stay tuned, next update will arrive very soon :)

urbenlegend commented on 2018-08-16 18:24

AUR helpers keep telling me there's an update to this package even though I've already rebuilt it. I see that the installed package version is 60059.c816514b72-1, but the package version in AUR is 60059.c816514b727-1. Is the extra 7 in there throwing things off?

I've tested with both pamac and yay and the problem occurs in both.

OJaksch commented on 2018-04-25 04:48

What does "the core fails to load in retroarch" mean? I just built libretro-mame-git-58182.7250c677e84-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz, fired up retroarch's UI, selected core "Arcade (MAME)" and a game as content and everything worked as expected.

luther349 commented on 2018-04-24 21:46

Mame builds but the core fails to load in retroarch. i fixed this issue just by moving the stuff inside the usr dir to my system usr dir. it still does not show up as installed but retroarch sees it.

OJaksch commented on 2018-03-23 12:26

Fixed by switching to Enverex' suggestion.

OJaksch commented on 2018-03-23 11:47

Damit, you're right. Fails here too with [ERROR] Error(s): /usr/lib/libretro/ undefined symbol: MONITOR_SDL I'll have a look at this.

Dawa commented on 2018-03-23 11:26

Mame builds but the core fails to load in retroarch.

Enverex commented on 2018-03-19 13:49

This fails for me with:

make[2]: *** /var/tmp/makepkg/projects/retro/mame/gmake-linux: No such file or directory. Stop.

But if I built it myself then it works fine, although I'm using a completely different make line:

make OSD="retro" verbose=1 RETRO=1 NOWERROR=1 OS="linux" TARGETOS="linux" CONFIG="libretro" NO_USE_MIDI="1" PTR64=1 TARGET=mame SUBTARGET=arcade

(not a space issue as it's being compiled on-disk)

OJaksch commented on 2016-12-05 17:55

@produnis: You're right, same here. User mbb was wrong with his suggestion.
pkgbuild fixed and updated. Thanks for notifying.
Hint: When using something like yaourt your build may fail. Run makepkg manually then. And take care of hdd/tmpfs free space as building this baby consumes ~4GB.

produnis commented on 2016-12-04 17:54

Compiling 3rdparty/libflac/src/libFLAC/bitmath.c...
In file included from /usr/include/inttypes.h:25:0,
from ../../../../../3rdparty/libflac/include/FLAC/ordinals.h:36,
from ../../../../../3rdparty/libflac/src/libFLAC/include/private/bitmath.h:35,
from ../../../../../3rdparty/libflac/src/libFLAC/bitmath.c:36:
/usr/include/features.h:331:4: Fehler: #warning _FORTIFY_SOURCE requires compiling with optimization (-O) [-Werror=cpp]
# warning _FORTIFY_SOURCE requires compiling with optimization (-O)
make[2]: *** [flac.make:633: ../../../../linux_gcc/obj/x64/Release/3rdparty/libflac/src/libFLAC/bitmath.o] Fehler 1
make[1]: *** [Makefile:46: flac] Fehler 2
make: *** [makefile:1211: linux_x64] Fehler 2

what can I do about that?