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Description: JPEG XL image format reference implementation (documentation)
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dbermond commented on 2021-07-04 03:25

@ugjdgdto Fixed. Thanks.

ugjdgdto commented on 2021-07-03 01:54

Typo in Line 105: provides=('libjeg-xl-doc') should be provides=('libjpeg-xl-doc')

dbermond commented on 2021-06-03 22:02

@afontenot I can reproduce the issue. I build packages with devtools, which is the tool used to package software on Arch Linux. But devtools is not yet updated with the new makepkg.conf flags, so you caught this error ahead of me. There is a fix for this issue on the upstream git master branch, but it's not suitable to be applied here, so I'm just disabling the _GLIBCXX_ASSERTIONS macro for the time being while there is no new upstream release. Package is now fixed.

afontenot commented on 2021-06-03 20:08

FYI I've reported the problem upstream:

Thanks to @autumnontape for the confirmation and list of failed tests.

afontenot commented on 2021-06-03 19:40

@dbermond I'm pretty sure this is on your end. I do have clang 11.1.0 and I'm using Arch Linux (I wouldn't report a bug here, otherwise).

Are you using the latest makepkg.conf? On 28 March, new options were added to CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS:

I have isolated the problem to building with the -Wp,-D_GLIBCXX_ASSERTIONS option. This will need to be reported upstream so the assertion failures can be fixed. In the mean time, you can fix the build by adding the following to the build() function:


Note that this only works for users with the very latest version of makepkg.conf included with Pacman 6, but I assume any other configuration is unsupported.

Let me know if you still can't reproduce the problem, in which case I'll also pass that on to the upstream maintainers as well.

autumnontape commented on 2021-06-03 19:15

I'm also experiencing test failures with the message "subprocess aborted." I'm using clang 11.1.0 on Arch Linux and building with makepkg. Here's the summary of my test results. I can show you the log file it mentions, too, of course.

95% tests passed, 79 tests failed out of 1498

Total Test time (real) = 144.78 sec

The following tests did not run:
    1312 - GaussBlurTest.SlowTestDirac1D (Disabled)
    1316 - GaussBlurTest.SlowBenchmark (Disabled)

The following tests FAILED:
    565 - ButteraugliTest.Lossless (Subprocess aborted)
    566 - ButteraugliTest.Distmap (Subprocess aborted)
    567 - ButteraugliTest.Distorted (Subprocess aborted)
    568 - ButteraugliTest.Api (Subprocess aborted)
    811 - CompressedImageTest.RGBRoundTrip_1 (Subprocess aborted)
    812 - CompressedImageTest.RGBRoundTrip_1_fast (Subprocess aborted)
    813 - CompressedImageTest.RGBRoundTrip_2 (Subprocess aborted)
    814 - CompressedImageTest.RGBRoundTrip_2_fast (Subprocess aborted)
    1236 - DecodeTest.PixelTestWithICCProfileLossy (Subprocess aborted)
    1237 - DecodeTest.PixelTestOpaqueSrgbLossy (Subprocess aborted)
    1241 - DecodeTest.DCTest (Subprocess aborted)
    1243 - DecodeTest.PreviewTest (Subprocess aborted)
    1257 - EncodeTest.FrameEncodingTest (Subprocess aborted)
    1258 - EncodeTest.EncoderResetTest (Subprocess aborted)
    1259 - EncodeTest.OptionsTest (Subprocess aborted)
    1261 - EncodeTest.JPEGFrameTest (Subprocess aborted)
    1331 - JxlTest.RoundtripSmallD1 (Subprocess aborted)
    1332 - JxlTest.RoundtripOtherTransforms (Subprocess aborted)
    1333 - JxlTest.RoundtripResample2 (Subprocess aborted)
    1334 - JxlTest.RoundtripResample4 (Subprocess aborted)
    1335 - JxlTest.RoundtripResample8 (Subprocess aborted)
    1336 - JxlTest.RoundtripUnalignedD2 (Subprocess aborted)
    1337 - JxlTest.RoundtripMultiGroup (Subprocess aborted)
    1340 - JxlTest.RoundtripD2Consistent (Subprocess aborted)
    1341 - JxlTest.RoundtripLargeConsistent (Subprocess aborted)
    1342 - JxlTest.RoundtripNoGaborishNoAR (Subprocess aborted)
    1343 - JxlTest.RoundtripSmallNoGaborish (Subprocess aborted)
    1344 - JxlTest.RoundtripSmallPatchesAlpha (Subprocess aborted)
    1345 - JxlTest.RoundtripSmallPatches (Subprocess aborted)
    1347 - JxlTest.RoundtripGrayscale (Subprocess aborted)
    1348 - JxlTest.RoundtripAlpha (Subprocess aborted)
    1349 - JxlTest.RoundtripAlphaNonMultipleOf8 (Subprocess aborted)
    1351 - JxlTest.RoundtripLossless8 (Subprocess aborted)
    1352 - JxlTest.RoundtripLosslessNoEncoderFastPath (Subprocess aborted)
    1353 - JxlTest.RoundtripLossless8Falcon (Subprocess aborted)
    1354 - JxlTest.RoundtripLossless8Alpha (Subprocess aborted)
    1355 - JxlTest.RoundtripLossless16Alpha (Subprocess aborted)
    1356 - JxlTest.RoundtripLossless16AlphaNotMisdetectedAs8Bit (Subprocess aborted)
    1357 - JxlTest.RoundtripDots (Subprocess aborted)
    1358 - JxlTest.RoundtripLossless8Gray (Subprocess aborted)
    1359 - JxlTest.RoundtripAnimation (Subprocess aborted)
    1360 - JxlTest.RoundtripLosslessAnimation (Subprocess aborted)
    1362 - JxlTest.RoundtripJpegRecompressionToPixels (Subprocess aborted)
    1363 - JxlTest.RoundtripJpegRecompressionToPixels420 (Subprocess aborted)
    1364 - JxlTest.RoundtripJpegRecompressionToPixels_asymmetric (Subprocess aborted)
    1373 - JxlTest.RoundtripProgressive (Subprocess aborted)
    1378 - ModularTest.RoundtripLosslessGroups128 (Subprocess aborted)
    1379 - ModularTest.RoundtripLosslessGroups512 (Subprocess aborted)
    1380 - ModularTest.RoundtripLosslessGroups1024 (Subprocess aborted)
    1381 - ModularTest.RoundtripLossy (Subprocess aborted)
    1382 - ModularTest.RoundtripLossy16 (Subprocess aborted)
    1404 - PassesTest.RoundtripSmallPasses (Subprocess aborted)
    1405 - PassesTest.RoundtripUnalignedPasses (Subprocess aborted)
    1406 - PassesTest.RoundtripMultiGroupPasses (Subprocess aborted)
    1408 - PassesTest.RoundtripProgressiveConsistent (Subprocess aborted)
    1409 - PassesTest.AllDownsampleFeasible (Subprocess aborted)
    1410 - PassesTest.AllDownsampleFeasibleQProgressive (Subprocess aborted)
    1411 - PassesTest.ProgressiveDownsample2DegradesCorrectlyGrayscale (Subprocess aborted)
    1412 - PassesTest.ProgressiveDownsample2DegradesCorrectly (Subprocess aborted)
    1414 - PassesTest.RoundtripSmallNoGaborishPasses (Subprocess aborted)
    1416 - PatchDictionaryTest.GrayscaleVarDCT (Subprocess aborted)
    1417 - PreviewTest.RoundtripGivenPreview (Subprocess aborted)
    1461 - RoundtripTest.FloatFrameRoundtripTest (Subprocess aborted)
    1462 - RoundtripTest.Uint16FrameRoundtripTest (Subprocess aborted)
    1463 - RoundtripTest.Uint8FrameRoundtripTest (Subprocess aborted)
    1464 - RoundtripTest.TestNonlinearSrgbAsXybEncoded (Subprocess aborted)
    1466 - SpeedTierTestInstantiation/SpeedTierTest.Roundtrip/SpeedTierTestParams{cheetah,/*shrink8=*/true} (Subprocess aborted)
    1467 - SpeedTierTestInstantiation/SpeedTierTest.Roundtrip/SpeedTierTestParams{cheetah,/*shrink8=*/false} (Subprocess aborted)
    1468 - SpeedTierTestInstantiation/SpeedTierTest.Roundtrip/SpeedTierTestParams{falcon,/*shrink8=*/true} (Subprocess aborted)
    1469 - SpeedTierTestInstantiation/SpeedTierTest.Roundtrip/SpeedTierTestParams{falcon,/*shrink8=*/false} (Subprocess aborted)
    1470 - SpeedTierTestInstantiation/SpeedTierTest.Roundtrip/SpeedTierTestParams{hare,/*shrink8=*/true} (Subprocess aborted)
    1471 - SpeedTierTestInstantiation/SpeedTierTest.Roundtrip/SpeedTierTestParams{hare,/*shrink8=*/false} (Subprocess aborted)
    1472 - SpeedTierTestInstantiation/SpeedTierTest.Roundtrip/SpeedTierTestParams{wombat,/*shrink8=*/true} (Subprocess aborted)
    1473 - SpeedTierTestInstantiation/SpeedTierTest.Roundtrip/SpeedTierTestParams{wombat,/*shrink8=*/false} (Subprocess aborted)
    1474 - SpeedTierTestInstantiation/SpeedTierTest.Roundtrip/SpeedTierTestParams{squirrel,/*shrink8=*/true} (Subprocess aborted)
    1475 - SpeedTierTestInstantiation/SpeedTierTest.Roundtrip/SpeedTierTestParams{squirrel,/*shrink8=*/false} (Subprocess aborted)
    1476 - SpeedTierTestInstantiation/SpeedTierTest.Roundtrip/SpeedTierTestParams{kitten,/*shrink8=*/true} (Subprocess aborted)
    1477 - SpeedTierTestInstantiation/SpeedTierTest.Roundtrip/SpeedTierTestParams{kitten,/*shrink8=*/false} (Subprocess aborted)
    1478 - SpeedTierTestInstantiation/SpeedTierTest.Roundtrip/SpeedTierTestParams{tortoise,/*shrink8=*/true} (Subprocess aborted)
Errors while running CTest
Output from these tests are in: /tmp/libjxl/src/build/Testing/Temporary/LastTest.log
Use "--rerun-failed --output-on-failure" to re-run the failed cases verbosely.
make: *** [Makefile:136: test] Error 8
make: Leaving directory '/tmp/libjxl/src/build'
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in check().

dbermond commented on 2021-06-03 14:32

@afontenot Package is building fine, without problems on the tests. Tested with clang 11.1.0 and clang 12.0.0. Make sure that you are using Arch Linux (and not an Arch derivative) and makepkg (and not an AUR helper). The upstream recommended build method is by invoking cmake, as you can see on their readme file. And even if it wasn't, the upstream software has a build system which is cmake, so there is no need to call a long script ( that has 1325 lines of code just to build this.

afontenot commented on 2021-06-03 13:52

I'm getting test failures that prevent me from building this package, about 80 "subprocess aborted" e.g. from "CompressedImageTest.RGBRoundTrip_1". I haven't been able to narrow down the cause, but it's not libjxl's fault I don't think, building it using their instructions works fine (after patching openexr):

git clone && cd libjxl
git checkout 9e9bce8
git submodule update --init --recursive
patch -d . -Np1 -i "010-libjxl-openexr-fix.patch"
./ release

No failures. I assume I could just rewrite the PKGBUILD to use the official build method, but you probably have a reason for doing it differently.

lastrosade commented on 2021-06-02 14:38

There is a patch for the issue with openext-3.0: But instead of replacing OpenEXR::Int64 we replace ExrInt64

JDAturbo commented on 2021-03-08 15:51

Ok, so the problem was, I compiled highway with -flto. While it compiled fine, libjpeg-xl couldn't find it.