Package Details: libgtop11dotnet 2019.04-1

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Package Base: libgtop11dotnet
Description: PKCS11 driver for the Gemalto Cryptocard token
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Licenses: custom:Apple Public Source License
Submitter: swiftscythe
Maintainer: toto
Last Packager: toto
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First Submitted: 2014-11-04 14:37
Last Updated: 2019-10-12 23:52

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toto commented on 2021-10-31 10:52

Hi @hargathor,

I've used this package to use a smart card to initiate an encrypted connection to some web services. I followed the wiki article on smart card.

Without further investigation on your problem I can say it is related to the boost libraries installed on your system.

Greetings toto

hargathor commented on 2021-10-28 09:33


How do you use this driver ? pscs_scan see my card

ATR: 3B 7F 96 00 00 80 31 80 65 B0 84 56 51 10 12 0F FE 82 90 00
+ TS = 3B --> Direct Convention
+ T0 = 7F, Y(1): 0111, K: 15 (historical bytes)
  TA(1) = 96 --> Fi=512, Di=32, 16 cycles/ETU
    250000 bits/s at 4 MHz, fMax for Fi = 5 MHz => 312500 bits/s
  TB(1) = 00 --> VPP is not electrically connected
  TC(1) = 00 --> Extra guard time: 0
+ Historical bytes: 80 31 80 65 B0 84 56 51 10 12 0F FE 82 90 00
  Category indicator byte: 80 (compact TLV data object)
    Tag: 3, len: 1 (card service data byte)
      Card service data byte: 80
        - Application selection: by full DF name
        - EF.DIR and EF.ATR access services: by GET RECORD(s) command
        - Card with MF
    Tag: 6, len: 5 (pre-issuing data)
      Data: B0 84 56 51 10
    Tag: 1, len: 2 (country code, ISO 3166-1)
      Country code: 0F FE
    Tag: 8, len: 2 (status indicator)
      SW: 9000

Possibly identified card (using /usr/share/pcsc/smartcard_list.txt):
3B 7F 96 00 00 80 31 80 65 B0 84 56 51 10 12 0F FE 82 90 00
3B 7F .. 00 00 80 31 80 65 B0 .. .. .. .. 12 0F FE 82 90 00
        IDPrime MD 8840, 3840, 3810, 840 and 830 Cards T=0

but I have issue using it with pkcs11-tool or opensc-tool

pkcs11-tool --module=/usr/lib/ -v -T
Available slots:
Slot 0 (0x0): (GetSlotInfo failed, CKR_TOKEN_NOT_PRESENT)
pkcs11-tool: /usr/include/boost/thread/pthread/mutex.hpp:70: void boost::mutex::unlock(): Assertion `!posix::pthread_mutex_unlock(&m)' failed.
zsh: abort (core dumped)  pkcs11-tool --module=/usr/lib/ -v -T

cowile commented on 2020-04-19 06:54

Hello @toto,

How do I use this driver? opensc -n says my card is unsupported and so I am searching for the correct driver.

pscs_scan identifies my card as

3B 7F .. 00 00 80 31 80 65 B0 .. .. .. .. 12 0F FE 82 90 00
        IDPrime MD 8840, 3840, 3810, 840 and 830 Cards T=0

toto commented on 2019-04-09 16:06

Hi @lordchaos, I have fixed some issues in the original github repository to build it on Linux. And I've also modified the PKGBUILD of this package to build the (although it throws some errors). So my next step is to submit my changes (or adopt this repository if neccessary).

lordchaos commented on 2019-03-20 16:12


What's the current state of this package? Because it certainly doesn't work.

jlesev commented on 2018-08-05 18:27


thanks for your comments, i was able to build it. (grabbed source from somewhere, but is the same as the mentioned in a comment here)

here are the used PKGBUILD and "patch"

cat ~/packages/libgtop11dotnet/PKGBUILD

Contributor: Andrea Squeri

pkgname=libgtop11dotnet pkgver= pkgrel=1 pkgdesc='PKCS11 driver for the Gemalto Cryptocard token' arch=('i686' 'x86_64') url="" license=('custom') depends=('boost-libs' 'pcsclite' 'p11-kit' 'pcsc-tools' 'opensc' 'openct' 'openvpn' 'ccid' 'engine_pkcs11' 'pkcs11-helper') makedepends=('gcc5' 'boost') source=("${pkgname}_${pkgver}.tar.gz" "boost-array.patch") md5sums=('0d2ac6dc267377a5c3fad0117d8d5a6d' '797b3aab1c1218bbf3629aaeadff3394')

prepare () { cd ${srcdir}/${pkgname}-${pkgver} patch -Np1 -i ${srcdir}/boost-array.patch }

build() { cd ${srcdir}/${pkgname}-${pkgver} export CFLAGS="-march=native -O2" export CXXFLAGS="-march=native -O2 -std=c++03" export CC=/usr/bin/gcc-5 export CXX=/usr/bin/g++-5

./configure --prefix=/usr/ --enable-system-boost
make all-am


package() { cd ${srcdir}/${pkgname}-${pkgver} make DESTDIR=${pkgdir} install-exec-am }

cat ~/packages/libgtop11dotnet/boost-array.patch

libgtop11dotnet- 2011-05-19 14:53:52.000000000 +0300 --- libgtop11dotnet- 2018-08-05 20:58:37.229870070 +0300 ** 25,31 ***

#include <boost serialization="" serialization.hpp=""> #include <boost serialization="" shared_ptr.hpp=""> ! #include <boost array.hpp="" serialization=""> #include <boost array.hpp=""> #include <boost shared_ptr.hpp=""> #include <string> --- 25,31 ----</string></boost></boost></boost></boost></boost>

#include <boost serialization="" serialization.hpp=""> #include <boost serialization="" shared_ptr.hpp=""> ! #include <boost boost_array.hpp="" serialization=""> #include <boost array.hpp=""> #include <boost shared_ptr.hpp=""> #include <string></string></boost></boost></boost></boost></boost>

phkelley commented on 2018-07-22 12:28

I wanted to share the two things I did to get this package to build successfully on Ubuntu 18.04. The errors look the same so perhaps those of you in the Arch community can use these fixes as well.

  1. The code needs to be built with this added to CXXFLAGS: -std=c++03. I am not sure how to do this at ./configure time; I just added it to the generated Makefile afterwards.
  2. The only remaining error after that is the one that @terusus below hit related to serialization. Here, the problem is in MiniDriverContainerMapFile.hpp, where it says on line 28 #include <boost array.hpp="" serialization="">. This should be changed to #include <boost boost_array.hpp="" serialization=""> instead. I believe that in C++11 they added an std::array type and now the boost/serialization/array.hpp file contains the serialize logic for std::array instead. The serialize logic for the older boost::array (which I guess is largely deprecated now) is over in boost_array.hpp now.</boost></boost>

I hope this helps someone out!

ssehovic commented on 2018-06-16 21:25

I am having the same error as @terusus and have nod idea how to solve it.

terusus commented on 2018-03-25 13:41

gcc5: configure: error: C++ compiler cannot create executables

latest gcc for in MiniDriverContainer.cpp: /usr/include/c++/7.3.1/bits/locale_conv.h: In member function ‘std::cxx11::wstring_convert<_Codecvt, _Elem, _Wide_alloc, _Byte_alloc>::wide_string std::cxx11::wstring_convert<_Codecvt, _Elem, _Wide_alloc, _Byte_alloc>::from_bytes(const char, const char)’: /usr/include/c++/7.3.1/bits/locale_conv.h:253:45: error: expected primary-expression before ‘,’ token if (str_codecvt_in(first, last, out, _M_cvt, _M_state, ^ /usr/include/c++/7.3.1/bits/locale_conv.h:255:4: error: return-statement with no value, in function returning ‘std::cxx11::wstring_convert<_Codecvt, _Elem, _Wide_alloc, _Byte_alloc>::wide_string’ [-fpermissive] return out; ^~~~~~ /usr/include/c++/7.3.1/bits/locale_conv.h: In member function ‘std::cxx11::wstring_convert<_Codecvt, _Elem, _Wide_alloc, _Byte_alloc>::byte_string std::cxx11::wstring_convert<_Codecvt, _Elem, _Wide_alloc, _Byte_alloc>::to_bytes(const _Elem, const _Elem)’: /usr/include/c++/7.3.1/bits/locale_conv.h:289:46: error: expected primary-expression before ‘,’ token if (str_codecvt_out(first, last, out, _M_cvt, _M_state, ^ /usr/include/c++/7.3.1/bits/locale_conv.h:291:4: error: return-statement with no value, in function returning ‘std::cxx11::wstring_convert<_Codecvt, _Elem, _Wide_alloc, _Byte_alloc>::byte_string’ [-fpermissive] return out; ^~~~~~ /usr/include/c++/7.3.1/bits/locale_conv.h: In member function ‘typename std::wbuffer_convert<_Codecvt, _Elem, _Tr>::_Wide_streambuf::int_type std::wbuffer_convert<_Codecvt, _Elem, _Tr>::overflow(typename std::wbuffer_convert<_Codecvt, _Elem, _Tr>::_Wide_streambuf::int_type)’: /usr/include/c++/7.3.1/bits/locale_conv.h:385:34: error: expected primary-expression before ‘,’ token else if (!_Tr::eq_int_type(__out, _Tr::eof())) ^ make: *** [Makefile:524: MiniDriverContainer.lo] Error 1 ==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build(). Aborting...

latest gcc for in MiniDriver.cpp: MiniDriver.cpp:269:19: required from here /usr/include/boost/serialization/access.hpp:116:11: error: ‘class boost::array<minidrivercontainer, 15="">’ has no member named ‘serialize’ (This is super weird because MiniDriverContainer has friended the serialization and has a serialize method...)</minidrivercontainer,>

Any ideas?

Argenet commented on 2017-03-29 20:27


The source can be taken from:
See the last item below: libgtop11dotnet_2.2.0.12.orig.tar.gz (544.9 KiB)
Or use a direct link:
I tried it and it compiles just fine. The checksum also matches.


If there's no current owner for this package, I could maintain it.
Can you grant me permissions for that?