Package Details: libgccjit 11.1.0-1

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Package Base: libgccjit
Description: Just-In-Time Compilation using GCC.
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Licenses: GPL3
Submitter: rubdos
Maintainer: flatwhatson (ZenTauro)
Last Packager: flatwhatson
Votes: 25
Popularity: 1.30
First Submitted: 2015-10-20 13:34
Last Updated: 2021-05-17 10:16

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flatwhatson commented on 2021-05-17 22:01

NOTE: This package depends on gcc-libs=11.1.0, which presents a problem when upgrading from gcc-10.2.0.

The straightforward solution is to remove libgccjit and its dependees, update gcc, then rebuild and reinstall libgccjit and its dependees:

pacman -Rcs libgccjit
pacman -Syu
cd libgccjit && makepkg -si
# repeat for emacs-git etc.

You may be able to skip the uninstall step using --nodeps or --assume-installed flags. Obviously if using an AUR helper then your build/install commands will be a little different.

If the build is failing and you would like some help, please run makepkg --log and upload the entire build log somewhere. Pasting the last few lines of "make" output is useless, the actual error is usually far above in the log.

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iwaka commented on 2020-09-24 15:29

Having the same issue as yin. cp is denied permission and the install halts.

yin commented on 2020-09-24 12:51

It builds on my Manjaro system with no issues, but on my Arch system it won't because of that cp permission denied. What's happening?

Edit: Alright, just copied the package built from Manjaro to Arch and installed it...

yin commented on 2020-09-24 08:37

seems cp is having some permission issues? ../../gcc-10.2.0/gcc permission is drwxr-xr-x 21 yin yin, and gcc-ar.c is -rw-r--r-- 1 yin yin for reference.

/libbacktrace.a ../libiberty/pic/libiberty.a ../libdecnumber/libdecnumber.a
cp ../../gcc-10.2.0/gcc/gcc-ar.c gcc-nm.c
make[2]: cp: Permission denied
make[2]: *** [Makefile:2193: gcc-nm.c] Error 127
make[2]: Leaving directory '/home/yin/.cache/yay/libgccjit/src/libgccjit-build/gcc'
make[1]: *** [Makefile:4372: all-gcc] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/yin/.cache/yay/libgccjit/src/libgccjit-build'
make: *** [Makefile:940: all] Error 2
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().
error making: libgccjit

flatwhatson commented on 2020-08-30 21:49

@vgivanovic The dependency of libgccjit on gcc-libs is enough to prevent the problem. Pacman won't upgrade a package when something depends on the old version.

nanny commented on 2020-08-30 21:03

@vgivanovic, the dependencies are correct as is. Making libgccjit an optional dependency of gcc-libs would not be semantically correct. If you (or anyone) notices that gcc-libs is upgraded but libgccjit is not, flag the libgccjit package as out of date. Then wait for the maintainer to update the libgccjit, or download the PKGBUILD and do it manually as I explained below.

vgivanovic commented on 2020-08-30 20:52

I'm not sure where this bug[sic] report belongs: gcc-libs or libgccjit.

If there is a version mismatch between gcc-libs and libgccjit, the version of Emacs which uses native compilation of Elisp freaks out and either generates zero length *.eln files or crashes or both.

I see that libgccjit has a dependency on gcc-libs, but not the other way around. But, I wouldn't think making libgccjit a dependency of gcc-libs is the right thing to do because not everyone uses libgccjit. Is that what "optional dependencies" is for? If libgccjit exists, then the version of gcc-libs must match the version of libgccjit, or the later, an AUR package, needs to be upgraded.

rubdos commented on 2020-08-25 07:16

Full disclosure: flatwhatson is now co-maintainer of this package. I had not used libgccjit myself in a while, so if everything goes well after this (which I expect, I mainly cannot find the right button) I would make them owner.

nanny commented on 2020-08-24 13:18

To fix, download PKGBUILD (yay -G libgccjit), edit the gcc versions at the top to 10.2, update the sha sum to the one found here on line 3:

nivekuil commented on 2020-08-24 11:22

It looks like if the gcc version gets ahead of this package, emacs-native-comp will not only refuse to build, but also start crashing with no other changes.

Thaodan commented on 2020-08-23 11:22

Please add libgcc=$pkgver to the dependencies.