Package Details: hikari 1:2.2.2-1

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Package Base: hikari
Description: Stacking Wayland compositor with additional tiling capabilities, heavily inspired by the Calm Window manager (cwm)
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Licenses: custom
Submitter: psnszsn
Maintainer: psnszsn
Last Packager: psnszsn
Votes: 8
Popularity: 0.65
First Submitted: 2020-03-13 19:52
Last Updated: 2020-10-22 15:48

Latest Comments

TrialnError commented on 2020-12-23 19:31

Why downgrade? Just rebuild this package, Katsuki.

Katsuki commented on 2020-12-20 12:57

"hikari: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

I updated my system and updated to version 7. How to install older version of this library?

deko commented on 2020-07-20 14:54

It seems that hikari doesn't need suid to run on archlinux, and WITHOUT_SUID=YES should be added to bmake install.

trzkril commented on 2020-06-02 13:30

Building in a chroot environment fails, suggesting that wayland-protocols should be added to makedepends.

 Starting build()...
bmake: "/build/hikari/src/hikari-2.0.0/Makefile" line 59: warning: "pkg-config --variable pkgdatadir wayland-protocols" returned non-zero status
Package wayland-protocols was not found in the pkg-config search path.
Perhaps you should add the directory containing `wayland-protocols.pc'
to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable
Package 'wayland-protocols', required by 'wlroots', not found
bmake: "/build/hikari/src/hikari-2.0.0/Makefile" line 102: warning: "pkg-config --cflags wlroots" returned non-zero status
wayland-scanner server-header /stable/xdg-shell/xdg-shell.xml xdg-shell-protocol.h
Could not open input file: No such file or directory
*** Error code 1

bmake: stopped in /build/hikari/src/hikari-2.0.0
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().

psnszsn commented on 2020-06-01 19:49

@TrialnError: Thanks! I fixed it as per your suggestion.

TrialnError commented on 2020-06-01 18:21

After testing a bit, the install line needs to look like this:

bmake DESTDIR="${pkgdir}" PREFIX=/usr ETC_PREFIX=/ install

Edit: One thing that still seems off to me is the placement of the wallpaper. In my opinion it should be /usr/share/hikari/background and not /usr/share/backgrounds/hikari. But maybe it is a canonical path. Dunno. It bothers me not that much if this wrongly placed or not.

TrialnError commented on 2020-06-01 18:11

Apparantly the changes to the build-system made their way into 2.0 which produces the following result:

└── hikari
    ├── etc
    │   └── etc
    │       ├── hikari
    │       │   └── hikari.conf
    │       └── pam.d
    │           └── hikari-unlocker
    └── usr
        ├── bin
        │   ├── hikari
        │   └── hikari-unlocker
        └── share
            ├── backgrounds
            │   └── hikari
            │       └── hikari_wallpaper.png
            ├── man
            │   └── man1
            │       └── hikari.1.gz
            └── wayland-sessions
                └── hikari.desktop

The files in /etc are placed in the wrong spot with an extra etc directory. Looking at the changes there is DESTDIR support and now it should suffice to simply set PREFIX. Will test it locally and report back.

TrialnError commented on 2020-04-10 10:07

Oh? Did I get tricked by a feature of darcs? :D Well, okay. Thanks for letting me know :)

psnszsn commented on 2020-04-09 14:22

@TrialnError: 1.0.2 does not have layer-shell support. According to the author it is going to be part of 1.1.0 (probably by the end of the month).

TrialnError commented on 2020-04-08 18:50

Could maybe WITH_LAYERSHELL=YES added to support apps which rely on the layer-shell protocol? 1.0.2 added support for this.

Best regards