Package Details: golden-cheetah-git v3.6.DEV2101.r160.99f73bdba-1

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Package Base: golden-cheetah-git
Description: Cycling Power Analysis Software. We believe that cyclists and triathletes should be able to download their power data to the computer of their choice, analyze it in whatever way they see fit, and share their methods of analysis with others.
Upstream URL:
Keywords: bike cheetah cycling gc golden
Licenses: GPL
Conflicts: golden-cheetah, golden-cheetah-dev, golden-cheetah-rc
Submitter: maxammann
Maintainer: maxammann
Last Packager: maxammann
Votes: 13
Popularity: 0.29
First Submitted: 2015-12-21 17:18
Last Updated: 2021-06-06 19:03

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jlaunay commented on 2021-07-22 23:16

Have to add the following in prepare() to enable R (for charts)

sed -i '/GC_WANT_R$/s/^#//g' $srcdir/gcconfig.pri

"Download chart" is missing in "view" menu, I have to add this to enable CloudDB but I get a 404 error

sed -i '/^#CloudDB/s/^#//g' $srcdir/gcconfig.pri

maxammann commented on 2021-06-06 19:03

Removed it, thanks :)

oxidative commented on 2021-06-06 18:07

Btw the missing <limits> header patch is now in upstream, it's no longer needed (and actually makes the build fail now).

maxammann commented on 2021-06-04 08:56

Applied the patch! Thank you :)

People like you keep this alive!

oxidative commented on 2021-06-03 00:36

Had two new build issues with the current git version:

sip.h: no such file or directory

I fixed this by installing sip4 instead of sip as makedep.

Another error: Metrics/BlinnSolver.cpp:47:40: Fehler: »numeric_limits« ist kein Element von »std«

I've added a patch to include the missing <limits> header in BlinnSolver.cpp.

From bdc5d1fc42bca9ac0d833975a436e9c9e9ebc347 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: oxidative
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2021 02:25:28 +0200
Subject: [PATCH] replaced sip with sip4 makedep. Also fixed compiler error by
 adding missing <limits> header for std::numeric_limits

 PKGBUILD                                      | 14 +++++++----
 ...nclude-limits-for-std-numeric_limits.patch | 24 +++++++++++++++++++
 2 files changed, 34 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 add-missing-include-limits-for-std-numeric_limits.patch

diff --git a/PKGBUILD b/PKGBUILD
index 23aab02..74e6d47 100644
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
 # Maintainer: Ammann Max <>
 pkgdesc="Cycling Power Analysis Software. We believe that cyclists and triathletes should be able to download their power data to the
 computer of their choice, analyze it in whatever way they see fit, and share their methods of
@@ -8,15 +8,20 @@ analysis with others."
 arch=('i686' 'x86_64')
-makedepends=(bison flex 'gcc' 'make' 'qt5-tools' sip pkgconf)
+makedepends=(bison flex 'gcc' 'make' 'qt5-tools' sip4 pkgconf)
 depends=('qt5-base' 'qt5-svg' qt5-location qt5-declarative qt5-webchannel qt5-webengine qt5-sensors qt5-serialport qt5-webkit qt5-multimedia qt5-script qt5-connectivity qt5-charts vlc gsl)
 optdepends=('vlc' 'srmio' 'libftd2xx' 'libkml' 'libical' 'libusb-compat' 'libsamplerate')
 options=('!strip' '!buildflags' 'staticlibs')
 conflicts=('golden-cheetah-rc' 'golden-cheetah-dev' 'golden-cheetah')
 GoldenCheetah.desktop gc.png gcconfig.pri
-sha256sums=(SKIP 6c4f56ba53f2deadec5b16efdecd1311653c2dca2c0378f951672a9b7186f09d e12471b7864adc877c34cd4cfb23451cae7648b9c8109f400f1af883d4c8cd4e 2959d5570f271feec4de6277fb45208d987d20645185adf069e189dd32ba66b0 b98d4667711d1af37d439619de576352dc06321340da0834723cb7f258fdcab3)
+'' add-missing-include-limits-for-std-numeric_limits.patch)
+            '6c4f56ba53f2deadec5b16efdecd1311653c2dca2c0378f951672a9b7186f09d'
+            'e12471b7864adc877c34cd4cfb23451cae7648b9c8109f400f1af883d4c8cd4e'
+            '2959d5570f271feec4de6277fb45208d987d20645185adf069e189dd32ba66b0'
+            'b98d4667711d1af37d439619de576352dc06321340da0834723cb7f258fdcab3'
+            'fa9a6b200efaeda0a4cda31782e5c4d4bd96ba919b2c07e4ace81a61b0cc054a')

 pkgver() {
   cd "${srcdir}/golden-cheetah"
@@ -26,6 +31,7 @@ pkgver() {
 prepare() {
   cd "${srcdir}/golden-cheetah/"
   patch --forward --strip=1 --input="${srcdir}/3628.patch"
+  patch --forward --strip=1 --input="${srcdir}/add-missing-include-limits-for-std-numeric_limits.patch"

 build() {
diff --git a/add-missing-include-limits-for-std-numeric_limits.patch b/add-missing-include-limits-for-std-numeric_limits.patch
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..c8a1b60
--- /dev/null
+++ b/add-missing-include-limits-for-std-numeric_limits.patch
@@ -0,0 +1,24 @@
+From c2ce52367b265f9e7b259457c7fd164e14ffb9e3 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
+From: oxidative
+Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2021 02:09:54 +0200
+Subject: [PATCH] added missing include <limits> for std::numeric_limits
+ src/Metrics/BlinnSolver.cpp | 1 +
+ 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)
+diff --git a/src/Metrics/BlinnSolver.cpp b/src/Metrics/BlinnSolver.cpp
+index 59f5e5bf9..b424d4687 100644
+--- a/src/Metrics/BlinnSolver.cpp
++++ b/src/Metrics/BlinnSolver.cpp
+@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@
+ #include <cmath>
+ #include <algorithm>
++#include <limits>
+ #include "BlinnSolver.h"
+ int GetExponent(double a) {

maxammann commented on 2020-12-11 11:42


oxidative commented on 2020-12-09 01:51

This package started failing to build for me since bison was updated to 3.7 with the following error message: fatal error: No such file or directory

There is an upstream pull request for this ( however a dev has indicated that this is not going to be merged anytime soon since this does not affect their CI:

18.04 uses bison 3.04, 20.04 is 3.5-- bottom line here is that for the most part, and for some time to come, this is pretty much a non-issue

Thus I have integrated the pull request as patch into the package and it solves the build issue for me. Here are my modification to the PGKBUILD:

diff --git a/PKGBUILD b/PKGBUILD
index d240ef7..bb798c7 100644
@@ -14,14 +14,23 @@ optdepends=('vlc' 'srmio' 'libftd2xx' 'libkml' 'libical' 'libusb-compat' 'libsam
 options=('!strip' '!buildflags' 'staticlibs')
 conflicts=('golden-cheetah-rc' 'golden-cheetah-dev' 'golden-cheetah')
-GoldenCheetah.desktop gc.png gcconfig.pri)
-md5sums=('SKIP' af5e5a4376ee82ccfb69aa455b35a2d9 e1fb382b4a7316da1ffd435e45e50c4a 'SKIP')
+GoldenCheetah.desktop gc.png gcconfig.pri '')
+         'af5e5a4376ee82ccfb69aa455b35a2d9'
+         'e1fb382b4a7316da1ffd435e45e50c4a'
+         'cd5e1b1ab5e891d82f18fb33d3c6d34d'
+         '08222368b11f4fe8ef7f57ae0384a9da')

 pkgver() {
   cd "${srcdir}/golden-cheetah"
   printf "%s" "$(git describe --long --tags | sed 's/\([^-]*-\)g/r\1/;s/-/./g')"

+prepare() {
+  cd "${srcdir}/golden-cheetah/"
+  patch --forward --strip=1 --input="${srcdir}/3628.patch"
 build() {
   cd "${srcdir}/golden-cheetah/"

micwoj92 commented on 2020-10-09 12:27

Also following that logic it should also include binutils in makedepends for stripping package and maybe even more.

micwoj92 commented on 2020-10-09 12:24

Without these dependencies the PKGBUILD would be smaller, you will say that couple bytes is nothing, but if every of 60k+ packages would list those it would make noticeable difference.

maxammann commented on 2020-10-09 12:02

@micwoj92 oke I found the section in the wiki:

But I still don't get it why that is a problem. If users don't have it installed for some weird reason then it will still work. This also makes clear that golden-cheetah requires flex and bison for example.

I think this discussion is more about taste than practical reasons, so I suggest to just leave it as it is. Are there practical reasons?