Package Details: gnudatalanguage 0.9.9-2

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Package Base: gnudatalanguage
Description: An IDL (Interactive Data Language) compatible incremental compiler (ie. runs IDL programs)
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Licenses: GPL
Submitter: Snowman
Maintainer: jankoh
Last Packager: jankoh
Votes: 18
Popularity: 0.000620
First Submitted: 2005-10-19 19:37
Last Updated: 2019-11-07 21:02

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dwysocki commented on 2015-08-26 01:37

Trying to install gives me the error

Dependency `netcdf-cxx-legacy' of `gnudatalanguage' does not exist.

It seems the `netcdf-cxx-legacy' AUR package has been deleted.

Styx85 commented on 2015-05-29 08:17

There is a patch floating around ironing out the incompatibility with plplot 5.11

ckoresko commented on 2015-04-27 00:52

After building and installing the current plplot, this package built and installed cleanly.

Styx85 commented on 2015-03-17 17:42

Recently a build script was published on the GDL Mailing-List, maybe it helps with using gnudatalanguage-cvs.


James-T commented on 2015-03-08 18:26

A quick heads up on GDL /plplot issues.

This release of gdl will not build agains plplot-git as the library names have changed (I have entered a bug report upstream as a new plplot release is expected soon). I believe that this is at the root of most of ckoresko's issues.

At present it won't help to use gnudatalanguage-cvs (hope that will change soon).

ckoresko commented on 2015-02-21 06:01

Building gnudatalanguage is currently a tricky. Here's how to do it (as of today, as best I can remember). Hope this is useful to somebody.

The pslib package is a dependency for gnudatalanguage. It built cleanly for me, but wouldn't install -- it complained that it couldn't satisfy a dependency for perlxml. This package appears not to exist in the repos. I edited the PKGBUILD and made pslib depend on 'perl-xml-libxml' and 'libxml-perl' instead. Not sure if that's right, but it got pslib installed.

The plplot package won't build because of an upstream issue that trips up cmake. plplot-git may work. Instead of using it directly, I extracted the file cmake/modules/pkg-config.cmake from it and put that in place of the one in the regular plplot 5.10.0 tarball (expand the tarball, replace the file, re-create the tarball). Then I used 'md5sum' to get the md5 and put that in place of the existing one in the PKGBUILD file. With that, a 'make -s' should successfully build plplot.

Incidentally, plplot has an issue with Python: it finds python3 instead of python2.7, and its test for numpy isn't compatible with python3, so Python support gets disabled. I haven't found a way to resolve that, but it's probably an upstream issue and it doesn't affect gnudatalanguage as far as I can tell.

And the old issue that requires changing plplot_config.h to config.h in /usr/include/plplot/plConfig.h (at line 48 IIRC) before building gnudatalanguage still applies.

The gnudatalanguage package fails to find the installed plplot and prints a suggestion to set -DPLPLOTDIR=DIR, which is insufficient to cure the issue. The solution is to add the following to the cmake options in the PKGBUILD:
-DPLPLOTDIR=/usr/include -DPLPLOTCXX_LIBRARY=/usr/lib/ -DPLPLOT_LIBRARY=/usr/lib/ \

Also, it was necessary to change plstream::wid to plstream::width in gdlgstream.cpp line 55 (this file is in gdl-0.9.5.tar.gz. This means expanding the tarball, editing that file, recreating the tarball, running md5sum against it, and updating the md5 value in the gnudatalanguage PKGBUILD to agree with it.

At this point, doing 'make -s' in the gnudatalanguage directory should work. Once built, the package installs cleanly and the program appears to run fine.

During the build I got a warning that my PLplot was too old and that some functionality would be disabled. I ignored that. Probably it's seeing 5.10 as 5.1 or something like that.

McNoggins commented on 2015-02-16 14:46

An optional dependency could be added for extra/graphicsmagick

archlenovo commented on 2014-10-18 16:33

@James-T: Thank you for updating, it's working good. I think it was a problem with plplot itself. Since HAVE_CONFIG_H has been changed to PLPLOT_HAVE_CONFIG_H in plConfig.h, the problem is solved.

James-T commented on 2014-10-18 14:11

Updated to 0.9.5 -- please note plplot needs to be updated first.

James-T commented on 2014-10-17 20:00

To update a bit further: the

#include <plplot_config.h>

line should be excluded, other than when building plplot itself. gnudatalanguage is propagating HAVE_CONFIG_H, to the plplot include files with the result that the file is included when nothing should be included.

I'm not quote sure which upstream is at fault here -- I've sent a message to plplot devel to see if the folks there have any clues for a proper fix.