Package Details: ghc7.8-bin 7.8.4-1

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Package Base: ghc7.8-bin
Description: The Glasgow Haskell Compiler
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Licenses: custom
Conflicts: ghc7.8
Provides: ghc7.8, haskell7.8-array=, haskell7.8-base=, haskell7.8-bin-package-db=, haskell7.8-binary=, haskell7.8-bytestring=, haskell7.8-cabal=, haskell7.8-containers=, haskell7.8-deepseq=, haskell7.8-directory=, haskell7.8-filepath=, haskell7.8-ghc-prim=, haskell7.8-haskeline=, haskell7.8-haskell2010=, haskell7.8-haskell98=, haskell7.8-hoopl=, haskell7.8-hpc=, haskell7.8-integer-gmp=, haskell7.8-old-locale=, haskell7.8-old-time=, haskell7.8-pretty=, haskell7.8-process=, haskell7.8-template-haskell=, haskell7.8-terminfo=, haskell7.8-time=1.4.2, haskell7.8-transformers=, haskell7.8-unix=, haskell7.8-xhtml=3000.2.1
Replaces: haskell7.8-array, haskell7.8-base, haskell7.8-bin-package-db, haskell7.8-binary, haskell7.8-bytestring, haskell7.8-cabal, haskell7.8-containers, haskell7.8-deepseq, haskell7.8-directory, haskell7.8-filepath, haskell7.8-ghc-prim, haskell7.8-haskeline, haskell7.8-haskell2010, haskell7.8-haskell98, haskell7.8-hoopl, haskell7.8-hpc, haskell7.8-integer-gmp, haskell7.8-old-locale, haskell7.8-old-time, haskell7.8-pretty, haskell7.8-process, haskell7.8-template-haskell, haskell7.8-terminfo, haskell7.8-time, haskell7.8-transformers, haskell7.8-unix, haskell7.8-xhtml
Submitter: d4l3k
Maintainer: d4l3k
Last Packager: d4l3k
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First Submitted: 2015-10-27 01:51
Last Updated: 2015-12-16 00:53

Latest Comments

rudy.matela commented on 2015-12-16 13:14

Hi @d4l3k,

In other news, I discovered a bug in your ghc7.8-bin package (inherited from my legacy GHC packages). If you start installing things via cabal, you might bump into it. To easily reproduce it:

$ ghc-pkg-7.8 check
... missing file ...
... missing file ...

It turns out ghc-pkg-7.8 thinks the documentation is installed in another directory. This bug is very simple to solve, in two steps:

1. In build(), add `--docdir=/usr/share/doc/ghc-7.8` to `./configure` flags

2. In package(), remove the line that moves /usr/share/doc/ghc to /usr/share/doc/ghc-7.8

The above changes make ghc-pkg-7.8 search for the docs in the right places as it makes ghc installer aware of where we want the docs to be. This has already been fixed in my other legacy GHC packages: ghc-7.4, ghc-7.4-bin, ghc-7.6, ghc-7.6-bin, ghc-7.8. You can take a look if you want.

rudy.matela commented on 2015-12-16 13:07


Thanks for the prompt reply. I have just uploaded the source-compiled ghc7.8 package. If you want, you can try it out. It does not depend on libtinfo, as when you compile, it links with the latest version of ncurses.


d4l3k commented on 2015-12-16 00:56


I renamed the package. I originally meant to have it named with the -bin, but accidentally forgot it in the PKGBUILD and then got distracted by other things.

Thanks for putting together the ghc7.6 package, it really helped me learn more about the AUR and making this package!

rudy.matela commented on 2015-12-15 23:27

Hello @d4l3k,

Thanks for providing this package. I'm the author of AUR's ghc7.6 package. I ended up needing GHC 7.8 and just created a source package for it (and used your ghc7.8-bin package to compile it).

Would you mind renaming this package to ghc7.8-bin, so that I can upload a ghc7.8 package that compiles from source? I mean, in the same fasion I did with ghc7.6 and ghc7.6-bin:
- ghc7.8-bin provides the binary version of ghc7.8
- ghc7.8 provides the source compiled version of ghc7.8
Of course, only if you think this is OK! If not, that's fine :-).

In case of yes, to do that, you can simply change the following lines:


Then run `mksrcinfo` and push to AUR.

Thank you again for taking the time to provide this package on AUR!