Package Details: ganache 1.1.0-1

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Package Base: ganache
Description: A local Ethereum blockchain
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Licenses: MIT
Provides: ganache
Submitter: wzrdtales
Maintainer: None
Last Packager: wzrdtales
Votes: 1
Popularity: 0.009369
First Submitted: 2018-03-01 15:11
Last Updated: 2018-04-17 13:56

Latest Comments

wzrdtales commented on 2018-04-21 11:57

Let me take step back, since this got so much response right now, I will spend some time to clarify my points, as they were not completely understood or just picked up in the wrong way, while I could have communicated more clear and should have I admit, being myself a bit too harsh. However I am still low on time, so I will keep this short for now and will come back to you at a later time.

Comprehensible, my biggest fault was to expect that the user repository is actually an user repository. It is not, actually it is an moderated open repository, so essentially different. I'm fine with that though.

kewl commented on 2018-04-21 07:04

This is an interesting exchange! from my independent standpoint:

  • I don't expect the AUR and Arch policies to be "nice", Arch is the best also because it is strict. Be nice and let people do what they like and this will end up in a big mess which will lose in quality or even disappear, there are countless examples.

  • While coderobe is rough around the edges but only towards the quality of the PKGBUILD, the user attacks him publicly "you are toxic". He does not even hesitate to potentially extend it to hundreds of people, to the community... I expect a TU who reviews dozens of packages a day to be direct and efficient, to be able to accept criticism himself if need be without starting to cry. Again this is a question of applying standards and eventually survival of the project.

  • Hosting is not free, like it or not the AUR is not there to offer some free services to individual users. A guy gets into your private property and starts having a shower, you tell him "hey man you have 5 minutes to cleanup your mess and get out", he replies "don't you see I'm busy, you're toxic! I hope the rest of the people living in this house are not as toxic as your are". I let you decide who's rude.

  • The user requests coderobe to be polite and constructive, he sets his rules of communication "if you want me to answer to you, provide at least some helpful input...". Why would coderobe even need to be constructive? TUs mission is not to provide individual trainings. His time would be better spent in enriching the wiki so that everybody can benefit from it.

  • There are plenty of friendly distros around, you can even build your own to be sure that everybody is nice with you. I prefer a rock solid system maintained by people who are competent and strict. If you think you can achieve the same while being welcoming and pleasant to everybody and providing some free file hosting on top, go for it! (note that if you use an Arch engine, you are cheating).

  • You are a talented developper, experienced about open source, know how a community should function. Same, go for it, companies are throwing billions a year to hire the best people and make user focused systems, there are thousands of communities around, what are you doing here giving lessons to Arch TUs?

  • I maybe myself breaching some rules and Mr Schwartz is going to suspend my account for inappropriate post, this is his call, I am not at home, his job is to use his judgment to maintain a complex system and it is not easy. I can complain, insult the community and format my drive in rage, who cares, Arch is bigger than this.

eschwartz commented on 2018-04-20 17:10

rubs eyes, blinks, puts on Trusted User hat

I don't care for your "deadline", not that you should or could set me any deadline anyway: Again I'm not due you anything. When I contribute anything to you, it is firstly to solve something for myself and what I do for me and not anyone else and second of all no one has any obligation to force anything upon on me.

You're literally saying that to one of the people (coderobe, a fellow Trusted User) in charge of moderation of packages, who does indeed have the right to set you a deadline. But from the sound of it, you think the AUR is your personal property and you can do whatever you want without following rules.

So I guess you'd prefer if I took administrative action and uninvited you from our community by suspending your account?

beest commented on 2018-04-20 16:39

All because your package was called "garbage"? Bless your heart.

This package violates two obvious AUR submission rules and several good practices for PKGBUILDs. Packages breaking AUR rules are considered "garbage" that the TUs have to clean up when the users won't. Any user has the right to call you out on it, but when a TU does it you especially aren't entitled to ill-advised diatribes about "community" while you flout community guidelines.

Good luck!

wzrdtales commented on 2018-04-20 14:59

First time you're being at least constructive. That is a plus for this time.

However, just delete the package, I don't care, and I do not plan to be part of such a toxic community anyway. I'm still due you nothing, and currently I have enough work on other projects, so I don't care for your "deadline", not that you should or could set me any deadline anyway: Again I'm not due you anything. When I contribute anything to you, it is firstly to solve something for myself and what I do for me and not anyone else and second of all no one has any obligation to force anything upon on me. And this is rude and unrespectful, I do expect more from open source communities and most are not as toxic as this one seems to be here. Improving on stuff should be done as a general effort of working together and not going in and say "PLEASE DO THIS" or anything else like that. Either you provide constructive feedback, like, as said props for this, you finally did in your last answer, or you do it on your own and actually contribute yourself. If you do the former, you will have to wait, as long as it takes.

Do not expect an answer from me here again, as said, I do not have the time for this currently and if I do alter this and implement your suggestions, this will happen at a later time, but not right now. This answer solely exists to make this clear.


coderobe commented on 2018-04-20 14:44

I had given you over a week, and the orphan request will be on hold for another 11 days.

Your PKGBUILD currently has a couple of issues that should be taken care of:

  • packages implicitly provide themself, your provides is redundant
  • you're missing the checksum for the (static) appimagekit-Ganache.desktop
  • currently, there's no need for _pkgver (dupe of pkgver). only introduce new variables when required
  • this is not a -bin package, yet it uses the build artifact from github releases. the source is available
  • you're avoiding using the system libraries by shipping the appimage, this is bad practice
  • you've set arch to any, even though the binary you're installing is x86_64 specific
  • you're not installing the license, see

I'd suggest you read, and

wzrdtales commented on 2018-04-17 12:54

Quote from "coderobe":

"coderobe [1] filed a orphan request for ganache [2]:

PKGBUILD is absolute garbage (binary package & installing appimage executable to system even though source is available); Maintainer unresponsive"

Wow, I hope the rest of the community is not as toxic as you are. People are busy sometimes, it is ok to bug and hit people up again, but you're straightforward toxic. I do owe you absolutely nothing, so I will deny to communicate with you, given this behaviour. I am open for input, but this is ranting and yelling, not being constructive. Thanks for your input anyway though.

coderobe commented on 2018-04-06 22:52

Please build the package from source and install it without packaging as appimage. Binary packages should use the -bin suffix and installing appimages as system programs defeats the whole point of them anyways.