Package Details: freecad-linkstage3-git asm3.0.9.1.r44.gf670d46f2-1

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Package Base: freecad-linkstage3-git
Description: A general purpose 3D CAD modeler - LinkStage3 dev branch, git checkout
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Licenses: LGPL
Conflicts: freecad
Submitter: Salamandar
Maintainer: Salamandar
Last Packager: Salamandar
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First Submitted: 2018-09-21 13:54
Last Updated: 2019-03-18 18:55

Latest Comments

remspoor commented on 2019-05-18 16:56

I get this error.

Error on file "/tmp/yay/freecad-linkstage3-git/src/freecad-linkstage3-git.desktop": No such file or directory
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in package().
Error making: freecad-linkstage3-git

But even after copying 'freecad.desktop' and 'freecad.xml' from the original package, i get this:

install: cannot stat 'src/Gui/Icons/freecad-icon-16.png': No such file or directory

Which can be resolved by adding this '${srcdir}/${_gitname}/' at the 2 install lines

Salamandar commented on 2018-10-17 09:23

I'm on it today, expect a new revision.

kristaba commented on 2018-10-16 15:46

There is another issue with this package, related to the location of .so files. It causes all native modules (the starting GUI, Part workbench...) to fail, with an import error visible in the console.

I am not sure of the quality of my fix, but succeeded to have it to work by changing the following in PKGBUILD (build function):

    -DBUILD_QT5=ON \
    -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX='/usr/lib/freecad' \
-   -DCMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR='/usr/lib' \
+   -DCMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR='/usr/lib/freecad/lib' \
    -DCMAKE_INSTALL_DOCDIR='/usr/share/freecad/doc' \
    -DCMAKE_INSTALL_DATADIR='/usr/share/freecad' \

kristaba commented on 2018-10-16 15:40

@vollassitoni69 I ran into this issue today, it is caused by one of the provided patches in the AUR being already fixed upstream. A temporary fix would be either to remove the part concerning the CMakeLists.txt in the file temporary_fixes.patch.

Another possible (dirty) fix is to edit the PKGBUILD, by replacing (currently at line 85):

    patch -Np1 -i "${srcdir}/temporary_fixes.patch"

by something like

    patch -Np1 -i "${srcdir}/temporary_fixes.patch" || echo patch failure ignored

vollassitoni69 commented on 2018-10-15 22:10

Hi, I'm having some trouble building this when installing freecad-assembly3-git:

==> Starting prepare()...
patching file CMakeLists.txt
Reversed (or previously applied) patch detected!  Skipping patch.
1 out of 1 hunk ignored -- saving rejects to file CMakeLists.txt.rej
patching file src/Gui/View3DInventorViewer.cpp
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in prepare().
Error making: freecad-linkstage3-git

The contents of ~/.cache/yay/freecad_linkstage3_git/src/FreeCad/CMakeLists.txt.rej are

--- CMakeLists.txt
+++ CMakeLists.txt
@@ -734,7 +734,7 @@ endif()
-                find_file(MpidotH mpi.h PATHS ${OPENMPI_INCLUDE_DIRS} NO_DEFAULT_PATH)
+                find_file(MpidotH mpi.h PATHS ${OPENMPI_INCLUDE_DIRS})
                 if(NOT MpidotH)
                     message( WARNING "mpi.h was not found. Check for error above.")

Sorry if this is not very helpful, I'm pretty new to the Linux world :) Thanks!

Salamandar commented on 2018-09-21 14:46

This package is still a WIP ;) It shouldn't ask for phonon-qt4, or maybe through dependencies…

Kunda commented on 2018-09-21 14:28

I'm trying to track down why the install is asking for phonon-qt4 and not phonon-qt5 ?