Package Details: fontmatrix 0.6.0-8

Git Clone URL: (read-only)
Package Base: fontmatrix
Description: Font manager for Linux
Upstream URL:
Licenses: GPL
Submitter: michalm
Maintainer: oberon2007
Last Packager: oberon2007
Votes: 135
Popularity: 0.409988
First Submitted: 2008-01-21 20:01
Last Updated: 2018-05-24 22:50

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oberon2007 commented on 2018-05-24 15:54

Builds without problem for me, @sergey.orloff

sergey.orloff commented on 2018-05-24 15:29

[ 79%] Building CXX object src/CMakeFiles/fontmatrix.dir/moc_dumpdialog.cxx.o In file included from /usr/include/c++/8.1.0/bits/stl_construct.h:61, from /usr/include/c++/8.1.0/bits/stl_tempbuf.h:60, from /usr/include/c++/8.1.0/bits/stl_algo.h:62, from /usr/include/c++/8.1.0/algorithm:62, from /usr/include/qt4/QtCore/qglobal.h:68, from /usr/include/qt4/QtCore/qatomic.h:45, from /usr/include/qt4/QtCore/qvariant.h:45, from /usr/include/qt4/QtCore/QVariant:1, from /build/fontmatrix/src/fontmatrix-0.6.0/build/src/ui_dumpdialog.h:12, from /build/fontmatrix/src/fontmatrix-0.6.0/build/src/../../src/dumpdialog.h:16, from /build/fontmatrix/src/fontmatrix-0.6.0/build/src/moc_dumpdialog.cxx:9: /usr/include/c++/8.1.0/ext/alloc_traits.h:61:5: ошибка: «typeded» does not name a type; did you mean «typeof»? typedef typename _Base_type::size_type size_type; ^~~~~~~ typeof make[2]: [src/CMakeFiles/fontmatrix.dir/build.make:1252: src/CMakeFiles/fontmatrix.dir/moc_dumpdialog.cxx.o] Ошибка 1 make[1]: [CMakeFiles/Makefile2:238: src/CMakeFiles/fontmatrix.dir/all] Ошибка 2 make: *** [Makefile:152: all] Ошибка 2 ==> ОШИБКА: Произошел сбой в build(). Прерывание...

oberon2007 commented on 2017-03-03 23:04

@krakn the tag points to an 8 year old commit ;) So ... back to last available git.

oberon2007 commented on 2017-03-03 23:01

Thank you, @anne, the PKGBUILD was a mess, sorry for that! ;)
Fixed now.

anne commented on 2017-03-03 22:23

makepkg failed because $_git was not defined. I added to PKGBUILD:
but I suspect this isn't the best possible fix. It did enable me
to compile the package, though.

devopsdeluxe commented on 2017-02-20 14:22

An official tag has been made:

devopsdeluxe commented on 2016-12-07 18:32


oberon2007 commented on 2016-12-07 11:22

Fixed the package. There hasn't been any substancial change in the code since years so I guess we can consider the last available commit stable even when they won't tag a new release. I've urged them again to do so in any case... ;)

devopsdeluxe commented on 2016-08-08 19:08

Opened a question upstream for possibly tagging a more recent source.

In the meantime: works just fine.

JohnRobson commented on 2016-06-02 02:01

[ 79%] Building CXX object src/CMakeFiles/fontmatrix.dir/fmshaper.cpp.o
[ 80%] Building CXX object src/CMakeFiles/fontmatrix.dir/icushaper.cpp.o
[ 80%] Building CXX object src/CMakeFiles/fontmatrix.dir/moc_aboutwidget.cxx.o
/tmp/yaourt-tmp-us/aur-fontmatrix/src/fontmatrix-0.6.0-Source/src/icushaper.cpp: In constructor ‘IcuShaper::IcuShaper(FMOtf*, QString)’:
/tmp/yaourt-tmp-us/aur-fontmatrix/src/fontmatrix-0.6.0-Source/src/icushaper.cpp:28:34: error: invalid new-expression of abstract class type ‘IcuFontImpl’
icuFont = new IcuFontImpl ( otf );
In file included from /tmp/yaourt-tmp-us/aur-fontmatrix/src/fontmatrix-0.6.0-Source/src/icushaper.cpp:14:0:
/tmp/yaourt-tmp-us/aur-fontmatrix/src/fontmatrix-0.6.0-Source/src/icushaper.h:23:7: note: because the following virtual functions are pure within ‘IcuFontImpl’:
class IcuFontImpl : public LEFontInstance
In file included from /tmp/yaourt-tmp-us/aur-fontmatrix/src/fontmatrix-0.6.0-Source/src/icushaper.h:20:0,
from /tmp/yaourt-tmp-us/aur-fontmatrix/src/fontmatrix-0.6.0-Source/src/icushaper.cpp:14:
/usr/include/layout/LEFontInstance.h:165:25: note: virtual const void* icu_57::LEFontInstance::getFontTable(LETag, size_t&) const
virtual const void* getFontTable(LETag tableTag, size_t &length) const = 0;
src/CMakeFiles/fontmatrix.dir/build.make:2001: recipe for target 'src/CMakeFiles/fontmatrix.dir/icushaper.cpp.o' failed
make[2]: *** [src/CMakeFiles/fontmatrix.dir/icushaper.cpp.o] Error 1
make[2]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
CMakeFiles/Makefile2:237: recipe for target 'src/CMakeFiles/fontmatrix.dir/all' failed
make[1]: *** [src/CMakeFiles/fontmatrix.dir/all] Error 2
Makefile:149: recipe for target 'all' failed
make: *** [all] Error 2
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().
==> ERROR: Makepkg was unable to build fontmatrix.